Apple launches 'Powerful' new iPhone 5s ad

Apple has released a new iPhone 5s ad called "Powerful". It's set to the song Gigantic by the Pixies, the ad highlights the iPhone 5s' utility with several kinds of musical instruments and vocals, as a connected controller for lighting, gaming, and rocket launching, for slow motion video, videography, live translation, blood pressure measurement, and finishes with the line — "You're more powerful than you think".

It's a good ad, not as intense as Verse and a lot more fun. It's the kind of ad that once again shows people what's possible with the iPhone and with App Store apps. It's the kind of ad that sells.

How do you like it?

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Reader comments

Apple launches 'Powerful' new iPhone 5s ad


The iPhone has always be a great musicians tool for me with a good guitar (and bass) tuning app (Guitar Toolkit) since I had the 3G. I just can't figure out the meaning of this ad. If it were for a new larger screen iPhone 6, "Gigantic" would have far more meaning if the large screen models are more than simple rumors.

Currently, I still rock the original iPhone 5 and love it just as much as the day I got my hands on the original when it was truly something different.

Sure Apple is in between product cycles now and wanting to drum up sales (see what I did there?) trying to retain interest post the launch of the Galaxy S5 and other tough competition.

I do hope the ads work as I invest a few more shares in Apple and hope for the best. I love my iPhone 5 but my large hands still struggle with the narrow keyboard and held on it's side, you have little view of what's going on where you're typing.

Just my thoughts. I'm no troll or intend to bait phone wars, I just feel Apple is sending the wrong message at the wrong time. I don't have an alternative idea, just thinking about the ad itself.

What i got out of it that its small but It can do big things so its gigantic. Im like you I love macs and iphones ipads but I have an android device simply because of the screen. The Iphones screen is nice but I cant type without it being uncomfortable, just hoping that the iphone 6 is a least 4.7 inches and i will be happy.

I think that it shows how Apple truly utilizes it's technology to really enhance lives, instead of bloating it with pretty useless features as a marketing gimmick.

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Lol shows off its features? HA Apple falls to the gs5 in every possible category. Lol shows off features of technology Lol silly hipster

I saw the ad last-night and I must say that I liked it. The reason being that it showed off what the iPhone can do and that of course is 'Rock'. The Verse ad's evoked a different emotion ("O captain, my captain")to be exact. On a side note: I am trying to visualize how to combine Robin Williams' speech over this ad.

I don't see it as a "powerful" ad. Yes, it shows what can be done with an iPhone but with the exception of two apps, AmpliTube and Luminair, the apps shown are cross platform with their own Android versions. It was nice, but it didn't give me a reason to choose another iPhone over say an S5 or HTC One or OnePlus One.

It would really be nice if somewhere they would say "apps x y and z were used in commercial a" so that you could easily find the apps shown in the commercial to try them out or use them.

I think the ad in combination with the song is an answer to big screen phones: iPhone is gigantic and big through its power, not its size. And the app that counts the pulses, directly addressed to Galaxy S5....

This is nice, but I like more of the exciting and fun ads. These are to serious and maybe gear more toward the older consumer.

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What's the app at the beginning, when the girl is strapping the phone to her hand? She uses her fingers on it like an instrument.

launching model rockets with an iphone is only a problem waiting to happen.
nothing like a switch wired directly to the ignitor.

but who cares? the people who market all this lifestyle crap tells us that we are not living life to the fullest or that we need a smart phone in order to be creative etc. too much crap to list blah blah blah blah HTC style , don't for get that monthly payment as you get your free obamacare