Apple makes it official: iPhone 5S event is on for September 10

Apple makes it official: iPhone 5s event is on for September 10

Apple has sent out media invitations for a September 10 event in Cupertino reading "let's brighten everyone's day"

Apple has just sent out invitations to their next iPhone event, officially scheduled for September 10, 2013. On the agenda should be the widely anticipated iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, perhaps with some iPods thrown in for good measure. iPads won't be on the agenda. Jim Dalrymple of The Loop:

Apple on Tuesday sent out invites for a special event to be held on September 10, 2013 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. According to the invitation I received today, the event will start at 10:00 am PT.

That's just one week from today. The invitation contains colored circles, filled and unfilled, and says only "Let's brighten everyone's day". Make of that what you will. One thing's clear - it's go time!

Source: The Loop

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Apple makes it official: iPhone 5S event is on for September 10


It's disappointing that numerous colors is what's highlighting this event. Considering most people put cases on their phone, and the competition is doing some interesting things, I guess hoping for something "wow" is too much to ask. I'm not against the colors, just was hoping Apple wouldn't highlight this feature as a big thing.

i wouldnt expect anything too WOW. We already know what in IOS7 (snooze) and with all the leaked images and stuff, i doubt the 5s will be anything more than a slightly updated 5 (but look exactly the same)..... wake me when its over.

iOS 7 isn't a snooze. And so what if it has updates specs? it'll be great. But you are an aApple hate just fuck off. No one wants you here.

Not have auto-correct.
An improved version of auto-correct.
Voice & Data sametime (I'm on Verizon)
Not an pain in the butt to put my own ringtones on it
Make Google services/apps a default setting
Bigger (3,000 mHz +) battery

Sounds like you need an Android phone. They are pretty great I recommend them. I have used AutoCorrect on the iPhone it is fine. I can use voice and data but I am not on Verizon.

I agree with the ringtones and the battery.

The default apps would be cool too, but I am sure you can imagine how that goes against Apple´s philosophy, as much as changing the keyboard does. If you want that level of customisation, there is one OS that offers that, it´s called Android. It works on a completely different model and seems to fit your needs.

NFC, well Apple seems to be leaning to a possibly better technology.

At the end of the day, the majority of your wants can be met quite well on another platform, and I don´t think Apple would want to go there. Imagine the genius bar when some granddad mistakenly changes his keyboard and doesn´t understand why it doesn´t work properly. Apple tries to cater to everyone, and usually falls short with people wants to tinker.

I think I'd be feeling a bit frustrated about not receiving an invite at this point if I was Rene.

Wow, this is really exciting! Apple is going to introduce their brand new technology that Android has already had for years. They sure are innovative! No wonder Android has 80% market share worldwide and that number just increased. Seriously though, you sheep enjoy your new i-toy.

Yet just today it was announced that iOS has increased its market share by 7.8% in the US compared to May-July 2012. Increased to 43.4% market share while releasing ZERO new devices during the May-July period. Meanwhile Android dropped 7.6% respectively while releasing the S4, HTC One, and it's countless crap devices that run the OS.
LOL... All of SIX devices Apple has ever released account for 43.4% of marketshare compared to Androids (hundreds). HA get a clue moron.

I understand this. However I do not care about worldwide. Iphones are not even sold on numerous world carriers like Japan's largest carrier NTT DoCoMo. Again, 6 variations of a device vs literally hundreds upon hundreds. Hell even a a phone out of a cracker jack box will be some variation of android so I wouldn't go being too proud of those numbers. And.....the isheep label is cute. Meanwhile, people all around are bumping their samsungs together because they bought into the hype. They tilt their head like a lost dog when you mention the words 'root' or 'rom'...but they can proudly say "hey check this out, I can bump my phone against yours to share a pic" lol

Who needs Samsungs 'bump' when iOS will have 'Airshare' where users can share with multiple users :D

Are you serious with this comment?
1. "I do not care about worldwide". Is there anything else to add to that? USA is not the world and if iPhones are not sold on numerous world carriers that is not any of the other manufacturer's problem. Also, when one does a world analysis, one can not exclude certain regions for calculations percentages and ratios just because your beloved iPhone is not sold there.
2. "6 varions of a device vs literally hundreds upon hundreds". I'm not sure about the literal part of hundreds upon hundreds. And again, there were different strategies used here which rendered different results. Apple chose to be the manufacturer and developer and not license the software to anyone else. That's how you get only 6 variations. And Google with Android went another route. It was Apple's choice to go that route, no one forced them and it has worked great for quite a while.
3. " even a a phone out of a cracker jack box will be some variation of android so I wouldn't go being too proud of those numbers". That's the beauty which you're missing. These manufacturers are proud and happy they don't have to pay astronomical fees to Apple to put in cracker jack box phone. Android community is proud of those numbers, and from my part, they could put Android in everything they want including a device to flush my toilet. At least it could give me options in the process and multiple variations of the said device.
4. Last but not least, users of Android do not have the necessity to root and use custom roms to the same extend iOs users need to. If an iOs user roots and is all happy because he/she can now use the phone how they want, oh well, kudos to them. I'm just glad I didn't have to go through the headache.

Absolutely serious:
1. I will absolutely put focus on US figures. Why? Because it is an even playing field that's why. Alabama can play a team like South Dakota St. and win 77-7 in college football. But it's the game against Georia that will show where they truly stand in the ranks. Why would I put emphasis on 'world wide' figures the poor are scurrying to buy the cheap androids...something Apple doesn't sell. Get it?
2. Ok, sorry, let's remove the word 'literal' and just say hundreds. Hell it doesn't matter....lets say 50! No one is talking about the 'route' apple or google took. That is irrelevent. What is your point?
3. Oh really, so you are proud that majority of your beloved android devices are still running Gingerbread? Have fun with that. Be proud of that. There is no beauty being missed here. If you enjoy watered down products then have at it.
4. Please save me from this rediculousness. The S4 forums for example are littered with people having to disable sensors, change launchers, disable animations, etc just to reduce lag and extend battery life. If that is using the phone how a person 'wants' then that is just as pathetic. Not to mention the fact that believe it or not, not everyone cares about a widget or live wallpaper. I've owned the GNexus, S3, S4, Rezound, and Note 2. I've seen the 'customization' and openness that android users brag about. And after all of the tinkering wears off, you are left with a device MAYBE you will get an OS update on with certainly no guarantee of timeliness. But you have fun with that.

Don't worry finn his username explains all he's just a Schmuck coming to ruin our fun and excitement because he knows the 5S is going to sell more in opening weekend than of any of his precious Android "flagship devices."

Also to the point where Apple chose to manufacture the hardware and develop the software, I'm glad they did cause it makes for a vastly better user experience compared the fragmented mess of Android updates. In the next couple of weeks over 90% of iOS users will be able to update to iOS 7 simultaneously unlike how finn pointed many of you Android users are lucky to get updates 4-5 months possibly longer after Google announces it, so have fun with Android and we'll be happy with our iPhones.

not to mention... bloatware!!! Android is a bloatware infestation, even with the 'golden child' devices like the Galaxy and One. The only break to this is if you shell-out several hundred dollars for a device straight from Google, or you root and flash your phone with some third-party ROM. But hey, let's not let those factors get in the way of things, Jack. Who cares if most people just want their device to... dare I say... "just work", right out of the box.

Ha forgot about the bloatware. I read the article on the Verizon HTC One last night on AC and holy crap that thing has 21 preloaded Verizon apps. Sheesh! Yeah I think I'll take my bloat free and carrier unbranded iPhone over that junk any day!

Wow you definitely have waaay too much time on your hands, must be an American thing oh well, I'll take variety over 6 options thank you if I want a massive screen, or massive battery or 20mp camera or a frigging toaster I'd like to be able to get it not wait till someone decides they are going advertise it as innovative (here's looking at ios 7) or wait lemme see.. "Samsung makes inferior phones because they are plastic, Apple would never do that..." last time I checked polycarbonate was still plastic man you sheep are funny. Off to the slaughter you go!

I decided to comment that answer, because you are forgetting something important, focusing only on U.S. especially on the supposed IPhone 5C is a big mistake, because, from what all the articles around the web says, this IPhone 5C has been created because, and only because of the Asian market, where the original Iphone is just too expensive for most people living there, this most probably means, that without Asian, and particulary Chinese market, IPhone 5C wouldn't/won't exist, Apple already said it officially, they need the Chinese market to grow.

Dude the iPhone is a high-end smartphone. The best of its kind (apple phones). I get you saying that the iPhone is king in the U.S. I don't think anyone can argue that. BUT in terms of flagship on flagship, the iPhone isn't even close. The HTC One and Samsung GS4 are the kings of the world of smartphones right now. They both run Jelly Bean. Gingerbread had some features that iOS 6 introduced last year so... yeah that's kind of a bad look for apple not android.

The Sony Xperia Z is a better phone than the iPhone 5, not to even mention the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The Galaxy S4 absolutely destroys the iPhone 5 on features, screen size and quality, and camera. The HTC One also destroys the iPhone on all the aforementioned except maybe camera in anything other than low-light. But where the S4 falls short in build quality to the iPhone the HTC One surpasses it. Yes, the HTC One is built better and even prettier than the iPhone 5.

Android crushes iOS. It's been 2-3 years ahead for a while now. iOS 6 got the pano picture mode that android had had for a year and a half. The iOS 7 multitasking is a straight rip-off of android's multitasking/app switching. The iOS 7 command center should have arrived in iOS 5!!! come on man do you want me to continue? Also you talk crap about S-Beam on Samsung phones and praise Apple's high and mighty airdrop feature yet what you fail to realize is that you need both Wi-Fi AND Bluetooth to use airdrop. Yes that's right if you have just one or the other you can't share crap with your fellow iUsers. S-Beam uses Wi-Fi but I can always use Android Beam which ONLY uses NFC. Can your iPhone do tha... oh wait the iPhone doesn't even HAVE NFC, and neither will the 5S.

I'll give that to apple that they do send out timely updates to as many different models as possible. But I can assure you my 4.3 S4's features are good for at least another 3 major iOS releases. Hey you guys might get true multitasking and a kill all button in iOS 10 or maybe iOS 11!!! Who knows, you'll wait... I'm sure of it... Lag? hahahaha my S4's never lagged on me. They just need to go into developer options and disable useless animation scales. My S4 runs just as smoothly as my old iPhone 5 only difference is I can do so much more with it. It doesn't even lag when I'm using Multi-window, something the iPhone has never, could never, and will never do.

Oh and one more thing, and I know this applies to you, I love watching my iPhone owning friends scrambling for their chargers or begging the one person who brought the super-specialized charger for the iPhone 5 so they can charge their puny dying batteries. I just smile and look at my GS4 then I notice "oh my it's running a little low as well" then I simply turn it off pop off the "flimsy" plastic back take out the battery and put my freshly charged spare battery in. Then I pop the "crappy" plastic back again and I've got 100% charge again, all in a process that takes about 25-30 seconds. Now I don't care how fast Apple say their new "all-digital" lightning connector can charge your iPhone, it's not gonna go from 2%-100% in 30 seconds. Have fun in line later this month though, I'll just be here playing with my still-more-advanced-than-the-iPhone-7 Galaxy S4.

I guess we know why this guy calls himself Mr. Shmuck!! What does it matter what route each company chose. There are still way more Android Devices to choose from compared to iPhones. Imagine what the market share would look like if Apple had the same business model. It wouldn't even be a competition. I love how android users knock apple for building the hardware and software! That is the main reason iPhones are so much better than fragmented Androids,

Hahaha you don't even know the origin of your own phone. Apple builds the hardware?!?!?! hahahahahaha, if Samsung decided to throw a little bitch fit like apple did when the GS3 started killing the iPhone and cut all ties with Apple, they would be royally screwed. Samsung builds your precious iPhone's chip. If you own anything from iPhone 4 until now, that's a Samsung A5 or 6 chip. Samsung also supplies the screen because you know they're apple so fuck the market-standard gorilla glass.

You're right it wouldn't be close, because no one would buy anything other than the flagship. The reason apple are so popular is because of their amazing marketing department. Why is their marketing department so much better than everyone else? Because they only have to contend with 2 or 3 devices at a time! I'd love to see apple try to advertise 50 different iPhones.

Oh and apple are only top dog in the US. You might want to get out a bit more.

I couldn't have said it any better. You are 100% correct. I had an iPhone 4 and absolutely hated it. What a piece of junk. I laughed when I found out that I couldn't even change their crappy keyboard. But that's how Hitler, I mean Steve Jobs wanted it. These Apple sheep should move to North Korea since they don't like to have choices. Apple is no different. And as far as the bloatware goes, at least you have the option to disable it. I tried doing that on my iPhone and it turns out, you have no choice. Apple is the modern day Nazi and the sheep love them. You guys stick to your old, outdated technology while the rest of the world enjoys a phone that they can tailor to their likings. And please don't compare any high end android to any iPhone because it's nowhere near the quality or overall experience. Apples days are slowly fading away while Google is going strong and staying innovative. Sorry but the truth hurts.

When you come up with some truth I will listen. In the meantime, enjoy your laggy device that is either made of plastic or just a knockoff piece of junk sold at any local Big Lots store next to the $79 tablets. But I do love all of the ugly carrier branding and bloatware. You can disable it, but it is still there lol. And as for choice, thank god you have it. Because your amoled screens are oversaturated cartoon displays, your pentile technology sucks, your stock keyboards, text apps, etc lack and lets face it.....nothing says individuality like a custom widget and live wall paper LOL!! Nice apps too. Obviously the developers give you guys about five seconds of thought on the minute.
You crack me up. Did you hear an eleven year old use the term sheep and decide to copy it? Did you punch the poor kid and yell 'no tag back'. Did he call you a name and you replied 'I know you are but what am I'. Grow up you sackless fanboy.

Hey man, I'm truly sorry. Had I known you were mentally handicapped, I would've just left it alone. Seriously though, your brainless, spineless comments carry no weight. But you right, at least you can customize your iPhone. I've seen tons of different color cases you can put on it. Lol

And you really want to go there about the screen?? Come on man, you need to be honest with yourself. I'm sending this from my Note 2 with a Super AMOLED 5.5" display, ARMCortex A-9 Quad-core processor, 48gb of storage total, a 3100 mAh battery and 2gb of Ram. That coupled with CleanROM Ace 4.9 custom Rom that's incredibly fast. Feel free to hate all you want because haters keep me motivated!

You're calling us the haters!? Really we didn't just go over to Android Central and spew a bunch of vitriol like you on the new KitKat announcement.

I'm sorry that you felt the need to come over to iMore and troll on a blog post about the new iPhone announcement but it seems to me you are the hater.

"And you really want to go there about the screen?? Come on man, you need to be honest with yourself. I'm sending this from my Note 2 with a Super AMOLED 5.5" display, ARMCortex A-9 Quad-core processor, 48gb of storage total, a 3100 mAh battery and 2gb of Ram. That coupled with CleanROM Ace 4.9 custom Rom that's incredibly fast. Feel free to hate all you want because haters keep me motivated!" See you need all those super high-end specs to properly run Samsung's abomination of Android that is TouchWhiz, oh wait what is that? You're not running TouchWhiz but actually a custom rom that you had to flash after rooting your phone just so it would work properly! Oh I'm sorry that you had to go through all that trouble just to remove some carrier bloatware and features you don't need while we can just boot up our phones and go.

Please don't even tell me that Maps, iMessage, Safari etc is bloatware, you're in denial if you think it is, reality check it's baked into the OS unlike all of those unremovable carrier apps. Safari is a much better browser than Chrome.

Seems like you need a break, so back to Android Central and take off a bite of that kitkat bar.

Call me when iPhone gets a decent display that isn't a horrendously stupid resolution that nothing else on the market has or will ever even think about putting out. Also don't forget to order plenty of flimsy and shitty $30 lightning cables because if the one you have right now stops working properly you'll be properly fucked.

Me I can just connect my "shitty" plastic phone to any other phone's charger and enjoy myself a nice cup of joe while I wait to be at 100% again. Do you even know what pentile means? Apple doesn't have it so probably not. I love how you tried to slam android phone screens when crappy android phones from '09 have bigger displays than your petite little iPhone 5. Oh and as for cartoony amoled, you're iphone is about to get VERY cartoony. iOS 7's color palette looks like a 5 year-old and a raver who's popped one too many pills were the heads of the color design team.

And your last jumble of nonsensically retard dribble is quite amusing. Are you perhaps trying your hand at stream-of-consciousness fiction? Because that made literally no sense and did not pertain to the subject at all.

Sorry to tell you Apple's days are nowhere near being over, and I actually mean sadly. I made the switch to android and wow.. it has been eye-opening to say the least. I finally feel like I'm using a SMARTphone. Haha I love how the iSheep keep using bloatware as an argument. iPhones have plenty of bloatware except that these people can't see it becasue it carries the apple brand with it. Passbook and Newsstand are two things with no use whatsoever. What good is an app that stores your loyalty and gift cards if it is on a phone that doesn't even have the technological capabilities to properly use it. The letterboxing on the iPhone 5's pics is maddening. That's because the screen is bigger they say and it's a widescreen ratio. My GS4 has a screen that can gobble up the whole iPhone 5 and yet I get fullscreen gorgeous photographs. I have antishake, I've got a plethora of options in the camera at my disposal, and NO I don't need a retarded instagram sized picture mode dubbed "Square" to add filters!

The 5S is coming oooooh!!! woooow!! I'll bet it still won't be a 1080p Full HD display the chip will still have 2 cores, they'll NEVER add a kill all switch to their now upated yet still outdated "multi-tasking", the iphone 5C will be made of plastic yet still have no removable battery or expandable storage because if they add that to the 5C and not the 5S everyone will scramble for the 5C and the 5S will be a major fail.

Calling an iPhone "my phone" is an oxymoron considering it's from a brand that hoards control of your device, allows no customization whatsoever "ooooh check out my iPhone I've got a different wallpaper than you and my grid has the same f'ing icons in a different order than you!!", will not even look at you and destroy your expensive applecare warranty is you so much as think of trying to customize through jailbreaking, and only pushes out new features roughly 2-3 years after everyone else has had them. Honestly apple fanboys and girls, your little arguments are pretty pathetic.

Apple tries to refrain from persecuting Jewish people.

If you don't like Apple, fine. But that's an extreme amount of hate directed towards a tech company.

Ps. WTF are you doing on a site about Apple products if you hate them?

While true, how many of those android phones are the free or ultra-cheap kind? Until the iphone 5cheap, iphones were usually expensive and beyond the means of some.

Personally, I think ios 7 is ugly. Android also has issues such as app quality. BB10 has app shortage and I am starting to dislike the unified_everything_HUB. I have yet to get a windows phone, though having used one I wasn't impressed.

Basically, every phone OS has something wrong with it. Having said that, it is simply an exercise in seeing what deficiencies you can live with.

iPhone is the only one of its kind! It only ever been a flagship! So it really is quite stupid to compare iPhone to a crap android that was released to be free on a 2-year contract.

The highest volume Android phones in the US are Samsung's Galaxy line, which are just as expensive if not more so than the iPhone (which also has a free on contract version, in case you had forgotten).

Also, everywhere else in the world where phones are not subsidized on contract, the iPhone is losing to similarly priced Androids.

I won't argue with the fact that the iPhone 5 is a high end flagship, but the days of it being unique, revolutionary, or "one of a kind" are long gone.

Hahaha there is no galaxy that is more expensive than an iPhone although if we priced based on features the GS3 should've cost double the iPhone 5 and the GS4 should cost triple. The iPhone is also the most expensive of any phone when getting it off-contract. Outpricing every comparable storage model of the Galaxy S and Note lines by $50.

Also that free on-contract is the very outdated iPhone 4 (well actually come to think of it every iPhone is outdated compared to the leading flagship phones.) AND this particular iPhone 4 is basically a castrated iPhone 4 with the usual storage

I don't know, but about 56,000,000 iPhone 5's have been sold. No Android phone is even close to that.

That is the most brainless comment so far, congrats moron. It's nobody's fault but Apples for having one flavor to choose from. Now an intelligent comment would compare the number of iPhones sold last quarter to the number of Android phones. After all, we're talking about an OS here. But since you are a little "slow" I'll be nice and break it down for you. Last year, there were 2.5 androids shipped for every iPhone shipped. This year that number has almost doubled to a 4 to 1 ratio. Do you see a trend here? If you own an iPhone, first of all, that's your own fault and second, yes you are the minority.

You get mighty brave behind a keyboard, that's for sure. If you didn't feel threatened by Apple, you wouldn't be on here spewing nonsense. Take your little plastic phone that will be lucky to get any updates after 6 months, and go home.
BTW, in the U.S.(which is where we live), the iPhone is about to catch Android in marketshare. They have increased by 7.6%, while Android has dropped 7.6%, and have done it with no new phone, whereas Android has released the S4 and HTC One. Later this month, Apple will probably set another record. Android will never see the day that 1 phone sells 56,000,000.

I will preface this by saying android and ios both have there pros and cons. But saying iphone is about to catch android. Apple will probably set another record isn't a very good way to win an argument. And one cannot argue the fact that Apple tends to lag is there features. Panoramic pictures was in android for a year before ios. NFC still isn't. Not to mention a lot of the features in ios now where once apps or jailbreak mods. And before I get blasted about being an android fanboy. I own both for work and pleasure.

Calm down Chris man Jeez!
iPhone is a device yes? Android is an OS yes. Your comparing apples with apples right, an intellgent comment would. You're comparing a device on the one hand with the software that powers it it on the other?
If iPhones outsell Galaxies or whatever so what?
Compare market for market for another angle too. BMW outsells Rolls Royce, the BMs have far more choice using a lot of the same components, it doesn't make them any better or worse.

Why are you so angry?

With iPhone, I know what I am getting. With Android, no so much. Is that phone running the latest Android os? Sure is sir, Gingerbread. Nope try again, cupcake?, nope you are going backward. Oh yea, it's running Jellybean. Nope, still wrong answer. That is the only problem. There are so many brands running Android os, it is not always the latest, and not all can be updated to the latest. I do not look at sales, I buy what I know I can trust to work, not bloated with crapware, and have carrier images plastered all over it.

Sent from the iMore App

I've always wondered why this fragmentation can't be fixed in the way that virtually all the consumer PCs you see are usually shipped with pretty much the latest windows.
Why can't all the phones have the latest Android?

same reason iPhone 3GS is not getting iOS 7. Old and cheap androids don't have the processing power to run the latest version of the OS.

Honestly I've owned both and android is miles ahead of iOS. It's not even close, when you're the one that pushes out the OS and you only push it out for 3-4 different phones, you should have enough time and sanity to bring the best features into your OS for each phone AND still innovate to stay ahead of the market. Apple have done the opposite, they were the leaders in innovation until the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. After that it's been downhill from iOS 5 onwards with few features being added.

That doesn't make any sense at all - did you even read back your post?
HP for example will make their PC run on the OS available at the time, the same is not true of Android manufacturers.
I've used, not owned, both and Android is NOT miles ahead of iOS. It has more features granted but iOS is a smoother, (not necessailry better), experience.
If you only develop for 3 or 4 phones chances are you have a smaller pool of resources to develop from, why does this translate to better and more innovation?
Think of the number of mfrs worldwide developing for Android - a much greater number of brains all looking at things with diversity and from a different angle than Apple. I don't thnk they've done too badly.
Honestly you have the supposed 'software and hardware integration' but seriously that only runs so far.

Yes I have, did you read my post correctly? You're trying to use the HP example as if it's the same thing. You said it right there HP will make their PC run the latest version. A PC is much more powerful and finely tuned than a smartphone. Also I'd like to see someone try to run Windows 7 on an old 2004 HP computer and see how that works out for you.

Secondly my point wasn't that Apple have more or less brains working on innovation there. I'm merely stating that they have less to contend with. Do you know why android phones get so few updates? Or why they're so late in getting them. It's because Google release the new Android for dozens of phones of several different brands with different carriers. Apple are releasing the new iOS for 3 different phones. Well 4 now that the 5S is coming soon, but that's besides the point here. What is really different from iPhone 4 to 4S or 4S to 5? An elongated screen is about all I can think about. If a shit tier phone can run it, then the minor spec bump that is the next model should be able to handle it with ease.

This is why apple iOS runs so smoothly because no control over it leaves apple headquarters and only 4 different models are ever running it. Yet apple make no effort to innovate given the monstrous budget they have to hire the best and brightest young inventors. Their amazing app store is not being used to its full potential because productivity apps like calendar, messaging, todo apps can't be set as defaults.

So do apple really give that little of a fuck about their customers that they decide that 2 years is a nice amount amounts time to wait to get other features that have been available to users of other OS's?

You must be joking. How much control do you think they relinquish when the yhave to get someone else to build processors and hardware?
I don't see your point about HP. I would expect a new computer, phone, washing machine or whatever to run the latest OS available to it at the time it is sold. I wouldn't expect my calculator to Run Windows 8.1

You patronising arsehole, if you have nothing sensible to add to the debate I suggest you keep your mouth shut.

So I see you haven't returned to reply hmm, shocking! So just saw the Android 4.4 KitKat announcement bahaha enjoy that cause you won't see it on a device other than Nexus for a year.

Android has that much not because of innovation but rather because there are so many POS Android devices out there. YOU are the blind now run along little Android sheep.

Haha how can we be sheep when Google doesn't control every aspect of our phones? We don't bow to an almighty fucking fruit deciding when and if we get new features already available to others.

We don't stand in line outside a retail store for days to get our hands on the same crap we've already been using for 3 and a half years. We don't gawk at "amazing new features" that are copied from other OS's without having given any credit to the originators. We don't sit around wishing we could change that crappy stock calendar app to the awesome one we just downloaded. We don't sit around hoping we'll finally get a true upgrade only to be let down once again and line up begrudgingly for the same shit for another 2 years. Yay apple! For they are the titans of industry, the innovative geniuses, and... as their 1984 themed ad once stated, the ones who "think differently"

You should really take a look at this article little iSheep. I'll bet you thought Steve Jobs and apple actually invented the mouse, and the fully touchscreen smartphone, and the tablet as we know it didn't you?

Who's the sheep now? ;)

I googled iOS 7 invite in images and its there, it makes a nice wallpaper

Sent from the iMore App

I wonder if it's Tim Cook's fault that basically everything of this keynote got leaked weeks ahead, or perhaps Apple will surprise everybody and show something completely different on Sept 10, and mock the people that expected cheap and multicolor iPhones.

Coloured phones are obvious. But what about those hollow circles? Don't they look like they could suggest a ringed home button, like a bezel around a fingerprint reader? The colours and the rings hint at the two new products.

The poato is their new round and thick smart protective case which makes the iphone almost bullet proof. The 5c will not inclued the poato and will be sold separately for around 100$. Essentially what it does is make the iphones look like a big, round, fat poato. Hense the name... Poato.

Damn. Nothing worse than swooping in to drop a clever trolling comment only to mess up the spelling and kill the attempt. I heard they are giving away free spellcheck with every non-apple device....

No , not serious. Just wondering how CHEAP it will be ? If its supposed to attract more consumers who pay less, what price are we talking about ? If its $99 with a 2 year contracts, WHO would buy that, when you can get a 4s for FREE and 5 will probably go down to $99 after September 20th.

If rumors are true the iPhone 5 is going to be discontinued. They are supposivly keeping the 4s, 5c, and the 5s. Wouldn't be suprised if they got rid of all 3.5 inch phones and just had the 5c and 5s.

still to pricey if you ask me. Cause even off contract, you would have to pay monthly to someone for data etc to use it, so why not pay $400 to get a real sold 5s thats not cheap plastic :)

There's no way you'll get a 5S for $400 off contract. The 16GB 5 right now is $649 off contract from Apple.

Seems like it'll be the same form factor as the 5, which is disappointing and the reason I stayed with my trusty 4S (still going strong). LTE capability just isn't that important to me. Might be waiting for the 6, though I wonder if they'll ever make another physical change. Hope I'm wrong.

i'm with you. at least for now. it may change later but now i'm ok with the 4s. i'd like lte but even then i could probably get a iphone 5 for cheaper to get it.

Honestly of all the iPhone users the only ones I respect are the owners of the 4 and 4S. Still going strong with phones every bit as good as the 5.

I felt like apple was spitting in the face of its consumers when it changed the charging port and it wasn't to micro USB.

I really hope for something "WOW"....but....if not.....i will still buy Iphone 5s. To tell the truth, android is very ugly and works like a crap compared to ios. Also the build quality of android phones (except Htc one) is mediocre.

P.S Is Imore invited this year or apple is arrogant as always?

I don't think Android is ugly, it is very customizable. I do not like the way it operates for the most part though. Overall I like the way BB10 works most of all, minus the HUB, as well as how iOS works on the larger screen of the iPad. I like not having to use the physical home button and being able to use just gestures.

I think you should hold your breath and wait for anything that is a WOW factor to come from Apple. We'll all recognize you as the little blue boy over in the corner. Crapple isn't capable anymore of wow'ing anybody. And if you think Android is ugly, have you seen iOS7? Good God that is horrible. And sadly, you can't change it unlike an android. Sorry man, it is what it is.

Ios7 compared to Android is like beauty and the beast. I have also Samsung S4 and i like ONLY the screen. Iphone IS and FEELS more solid and also Ios is MORE robust so...don't cry. Life is to short to cry for android on apple blog. Im not very happy with Apple after Steve Jobs death because i miss the WoW factor and also a bigger is still the best and is at least 3 years ahead Android. Now go and eat that Kit Kat.

Yep, whatever apple decides for the iUser is what's best for the iUser, and they're completely ok with that, which is very sad.

If you don't like how android looks you can just download one of the hundreds of launchers from the play store, but I guess they'll never learn. See you around AC sometime Chris looks like you and me are the only ones with some sense around here.

not upgrading so i'm kinda meh on it. I'll be surprised only if we see something drastically different, or an actual new product line. with all the phone leaks i'm guessing the big stuff is out there already.

To liberally paraphrase an old Vietnam anti-war poster slogan -
"Suppose They Gave An Announcement and Nobody Cared?"

Dubious as to whether I would upgrade. Though of course having a cheaper full price replacement if my iPhone 5 was lost or stolen is desirable. I wouldn't lose sleep over the lack of metal back or sides, in fact it would mean that I would not have to buy a case and could have a color choice as well.

Now if they launched a larger screen then I may jump the gun and pay full out of contract price for one with a bigger screen since my eyesight has become dramatically worse this past couple of years. Nothing a big magnifying lens and a white cane can't fix though.

For those upgrading, enjoy your phone.

Haha, you wish! The Nazi's over at Crapple say that your phone should not be over 4". Hitler, aka Steve Jobs, even said that himself. So since he knew what was best for you, keep following Apple like the rest of the sheep. What's the saying, "ignorance is bliss". No wonder you guys are happy with your iPhone, you don't know any better.

Lol, so true, Apple fans truly are brainless ... How innovative it would be aswell if Apple released the iPhone in different colours, nobody on Android has ever done that have they ... I wonder what Jailbreak tweaks and Android features they've stolen this time and implemented as groundbreaking features?

Is it weird that the feature I'm looking forward to the most is the flashlight? It's so damn time consuming to unlock my phone, open an app, and tap a button on the screen just to see in the dark!

Yes, that's why I said I'm looking forward to it. Currently I have to use a separate app, but once iOS 7 comes out, I can turn on the flashlight from the lock screen.

No one is forced to buy an iPhone. That Apple sells as many as they do despite its limited selection of models speaks volumes. The iPhone tops user satisfaction polls year after year. For some people, that's more important than a particular spec or feature where an Android phone might excel.