Apple rumored to be testing Touch on Display screen tech for next iPhone

Apple rumored to be testing Touch on Display screen tech for next iPhone

Apple is rumored to be testing a new screen technology for the next iPhone, manufactured by Innolux, called “Touch on Display”. It's said to be both thin a durable, and could potentially fix problems that have been associated with the current in-cell technology, namely buggy touch responsiveness when swiping at extreme angles. This according to The China Times.

The current in-cell displays are manufactured by a number of companies, including Japan Display and Sharp Display. In-cell display was one of the new features of the iPhone 5, and made it possible for Apple to decrease the thickness of the device.

If Apple is looking to replace it, they’ll want to find a panel that allows them to keep the iPhone as thin as it is now. Not much is known about the next iPhone, which Apple is currently testing, but more information is sure to crop up before it launches sometime this year.

Source: The China Times, via MacRumors

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Apple rumored to be testing Touch on Display screen tech for next iPhone


They should use better tech and quit worrying about being super thin. They could have made it only a little thinner than the 4s and put a larger battery among other things in it.

You are 100% correct. They could have even made it as thick as the 3GS and have a decent sized battery. The race to thinness is foolish if battery life just keeps getting worse and worse.

My battery life is Better with lte on all the time. Bad settings in iOS is what was killing my battery life. No more problems I have half battery life when I go to bed often.

I would like it if they had a iPhone and an iPhone Pro. Let the Pro be bigger (like the MacBook Pro) with a better battery and better multitasking capabilities (like web os, cards). Now that I would pay more for.

This can't come soon enough. The iPhone 5's touchscreen sensitivity is a step back from the 4S... Very frustrating especially when typing