Apple releases new iPhone 5s ad, makes 'Dreams' come true

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 5s called 'Dreams'. While mobile devices are mainly viewed as personal toys as well as mobile phones, this new video shows how the iPhone 5s is utilized in numerous professional and personal situations, including both medical and fire-fighter careers, to aid said folk with their life changing work.

Dreams is part of Apple's current "You're more powerful than you think" series of ads that previously included excellent Parenthood, the musically unfortunate Strength, and the original Powerful commercials. The song used in Dreams is When I Grow Up by Jennifer O'Connor. Here are the apps and accessories that make an appearance:

What do you make of the Dream ad for the iPhone 5s? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Apple releases new iPhone 5s ad, makes 'Dreams' come true


Great advert. The more I use my iPhone the more I discover that I haven't even begun to use it to its full potential. I like how this advert shows the phone's abilities, which extend far above the basics of communication and organisation.

I like this type of advertising. IMO its "softer" then some tactics used, but also very powerful. I like that they use accessories that can extend the uses for your phone. It helps see that there are more "tools" that can be used with your device.

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I like that they are still pushing the iPhone 5s so close to the end of its cycle, ensuring many irate new customers when the 6 is announced.

Woww... Our iPhones are so much capable of doing great things! I am loving it..

Samsung - Pls get your act together and make some educational ads rather than being kiddish!

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To be fair, most of these things can be done with any smartphone, not just an iPhone

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The iPhone "JUST WORKS". Sure their are other devices that can do similiar things, but I found I don't have to "tinker" with my iPhone 5s to get things done on an everyday basis in the real world.

I love the fact that apple doesn't waste it's time talking about how bad one company is (coughs samsung) and just focuses on how powerful their device is. And to the person who commented about how happy they are to see apple still promoting their product right before the new one comes out, I TOTALLY agree with you!!!

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