Apple sells record 9 million iPhones on opening weekend

Apple has announced its opening weekend iPhone sales numbers today, with the total standing at a record 9 million units of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sold in the first three days.

“This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”

There may this year have been two phones launching simultaneously for the first time in Apple's history, but this years opening weekend sales is a full 4 million higher than last years iPhone 5. As Tim Cook has confirmed in the press release, the initial supply has sold out – in many locations before the stores even opened – but Apple will be will working hard to get those stocks replenished.

Source: Businesswire

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Reader comments

Apple sells record 9 million iPhones on opening weekend


I just think they need to innovate more.

sent from my iPhone 5S that I stood in line for because Apple is doomed

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Billions of dollars is going into that, if you got something innovative you could become a rich man.

The next thing to be flipped upside down and "innovate" is battery. Everything else is already more then adequate. Hence people not even caring about the doubling in processor speed or cameras improvements anymore.

finally an intelligent response about the whole "innovation" word! I don't understand people and this whole, apple needs to innovate faster/better, thing. People really thought the phone hardware would be revolutionary every year? It's a computer, computer hardware has always been incremental for the most part, with small jumps in i guess "innovation" here and there.

Anyhow yes battery is the next thing that needs solved. I think they've been doing well keeping up with power and battery life. but I'd gladly take a 2x battery life and only 10% bump in power for the iphone 6. I have a feeling with Jony, Tim and Craig heading this show up I feel some good stuff coming w/n the next year.

Maybe one could say "innovative" lol

I stopped by the local Apple Store yesterday to pick up a case (I, by great fortune, was able to take advantage of Sprint's One Up program but was also apparently their last customer willing to hunt down and pony up for a 64GB grey model). I got there before opening, and there was a line 60 people or more long. They were passing out the 5S vouchers (with the obligatory 'gold ain't happening, folks' disclaimer), and mostly I overheard people trying to decide if they could 'live' with a 5C.

Why do people stand in line for hours for a 5s; and go home with a different phone? That really does seem pointless.

That's the thing - I don't believe any of them did go home with something else. It was that all-too-common last-minute deliberation, but everyone I saw in line had a ticket for a 5S.

Where I was, half the queue (maybe 200 people?) were sent home without a 5s. There was no need to queue for a 5c if you wanted one since they'd been on pre-order

I dunno I went in wanting a 5C. Got it Saturday. Walked in and back out with my phone in about 10 mins.

Wow.. they said the same thing about the iPhone 5 last year. I'm sure we can just copy this story for next year's iPhone 6. ;)

I was enjoying mine. Unfortunately I think I am going to have to return it (battery only lasting a little over 2.5 hours). I don't think there are any in stock locally for an exchange, which is a good sign for the popularity of the phone, but a bad thing for me personally.

Funny how Wall Street last week lowered Apples outlook because they didn't think their pricing strategy was going to work.

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They don't seem to get Apple. But then, historically speaking, they seem to be go bat crap crazy with other people's money each morning. As indexes go, do the opposite.

The Gold Rush. There did seem to have been a lack of 5s especially in Gold. How did this compare with last year? Did you try for one?

None of the Verizon stores in my area had a single gold phone. I went for space grey initially but swapped to silver. That silver does look nice.

I wonder how many of those sales came from China? Last year, the opening weekend sales did not include China. I read that when the iPhone was launched in China last year it garnered 2 million sales in its opening weekend. So last year, Apple sold 7 million iPhones when combining the two markets opening weekends. A 2 million bump in sales is still impressive, but please don't say it's a 4 million increase since last year's numbers did not initially include China, whereas this year's numbers do.

It's a 4 million increase. If that's partly down to releasing in China, then Apple did some smart business.

9 million is 4 million more than 5 million regardless of where it went on sale and when.

9 million is 2 million more than 7 million, which is what Apple sold in opening weekends when all markets are considered. You're comparing apples to oranges. China wasn't part of the opening sales weekend sales numbers last year.

Adding a new market at launch doesn't change the fact that they sold more opening weekend than in prior years, nor does it change how many were sold this time last year vs now. It doesn't even change how many were ordered. You might as well factor in how the scalping of phones bought in Hong Kong affected the sales of the eventual release in China. The fact is, Apple sold out everywhere and now have huge delays.

Well, duh. Adding one of the most populous countries to the opening weekend market launch is going to increase sales, but you can't make a valid comparison to the sales from last year because the parameters have changed. A more meaningful comparison would be to compare sales from the markets that participated in both last year and this year's opening weekend. Also, did last year's numbers only count sales of the iPhone 5? This year Apple is counting sales of both the 5S and 5C. There needs to be consistency in the reporting parameters, otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges.

To be fair, they actually sold around 7.65 million 5S iPhones. The 5C is basically an iPhone 5 with a cheaper to manufacture plastic shell. This 9 million number is just statistical manipulation. 7 1/2 million is still amazing, but it is actually just an incremental increase.

But how many iPhone 5S were sold? If we are comparing apples to apples (pardon the pun), that would be the best way to determine actual sales of the "high-end" phones.

If the 5C was not released at all, the now discontinued iPhone 5 would still be available (for the same price I might add both contract and full price). The 5C is just a colorful iPhone 5 minus the traditional shades (white/black), with minor bumps in battery and front camera.

So when the headline reads "Apple Sold A Record 9 Million New iPhones", that is sort of fudging the numbers a bit. This is a one-trick pony on Apples part. It looks great on paper this year to investors, shareholders and of course tech sites that cover such news. They sold 4 million more "new" iPhones than last year, but what will happen next year?

I am not trying to takeaway anything from what Apple did over the weekend, I just like comparing X to X and not X to XY.

That depends. Did they only count sales of the iPhone 5 last year, or did they include sales of the 4S in the "iPhones sold" numbers?

They only include "New". So when the iPhone 5 was sold last year, those numbers was just on that. This year, technically the 5C is "new" so they have to include that figure.

Apple is very smart with how they did things this year. But like I said before, this is a one trick pony.

I'm glad Apple is thriving with the new phones. I currently own an iPhone 5 from release day last year and a Galaxy Note 2. I use the Note 2 all week and lately have been using my iPhone on the weekends. Both platforms have their pros and cons. For me the Note 2 is a little too big, but the awesome battery life plus voice and data simultaneously are very important for me at work during the week. I never have to worry about needing a charge and more and more I find I'm being called with problems and I can log in to my work computers and see the issue while still on the phone with my operators. This is very handy. I think the ideal size for me would be in the 4.8-5.0" screen. If Apple would release a phone with this screen size plus simultaneous voice and data (on Verizon) with a 3000 mah battery I would buy one immediately and many people I know would as well. Until then I can use my small and thin 5 on the weekends when I want to throw it into my pocket and my large note 2 for work days. Being able to swap out the sim now on Verizon makes this fairly painless so I don't mind it. Competition is excellent right now which benefits all of us.

re: "Competition is excellent right now which benefits all of us."

Except for HTC, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Palm.
Remember Palm? Competition killed them off. Benefit much?

But anyway, yours is the kind of spamtroll that would, in fact be worth 10 cents, or whatever the going rate is. Because it's not a mindless, shrill, easily-ignorable attack. And it's not copy-and-pasted directly from Samsung's Galaxy Note web page or from the "suggested wording" that Samsung emails to their employees and contract trolls.

No, your post could almost pass for something that a civilian might actually say. For some reason. But it doesn't quite get there. Still feels phoney. Still feels like a desperate stretch. Keep at it, though. Practice makes perfect.

Well, they've gone and done it. Finally hit a number that may prevent them from another record breaking release next year...

(only half kidding there - but to be as much of a growth, they will have to sell 12-13 million next year - 10 million would be viewed by analysts as "failure")

Of course, assuming we see the lineup look like this come mid september 2014? 10-13 million could be doable.

Model - Capacity - Contract Price [Full Price] - Notes
iPhone 5c - 16 GB only - $0 [$450] - This year's iPhone 5c, no changes
iPhone 5cs - 16/32 - $99/$199 [$550/$650] - This year's iPhone 5s, polycarb back
iPhone 6 - 32/64/128 - $199/$299/$399 [$650/$750/$850] - 4.5" or 4.7" screen

BOOYAH!! Love it when Apple does a tomahawk dunk on the competition.

Do y'all have a graphic comparing iPhone 5s/5c launch weekend to previous years of iPhone & competitors (i.e. Galaxy S4)?