Don't let the tiny hard drive get you down, the Nintendo Switch has expandable storage!

Nintendo Switch looks to be interesting blend of tablet and gaming console. On the console side of things, the Switch will have access to the Nintendo Store and will be able to download games onto the hard drive; however, that hard drive is teeny tiny.

With only 32GB on board, you're going to need to makes the most of the Switch's expandable storage with a microSD card. Here's our top picks to keep you gaming strong.

Samsung EVO+ 256GB

Samsung EVO card

Samsung's very-highest-of-the-high-end microSD card isn't cheap, but you're also getting a winning combination of performance and storage capacity. This is the best card to get if you know you'll be downloading most of your Switch games from the Nintendo eShop, as it not only will hold the most games but will load those games faster than most other cards!

Plus, Samsung EVO+ is water, temperature, X-ray and magnetic proof, so you needn't worry about it getting damaged while you're out and about challenge your friends to a gaming showdown.

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PNY Elite 128GB


If you want a nice high storage capacity without breaking the bank, PNY's UHS-I 128GB card is a good option — roughly $40 gets you a staggering amount of storage, and with pretty fast read speeds to boot — up to 85MB/s. It's about the lowest price we've seen for a 128GB card, and a great way to ensure you have lots of space for all the goodies you want to have on your Switch.

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Lexar Professional 1000x 32GB UHS-II/U3


If you wouldn't mind picking up a microSD card to use the multiple devices, you're probably concerned about speed and less concerned about size.

The Lexar Professional 1000x uses UHS-II flash memory and boasts read speeds of up to 150MB/sec. This card is great if you want a little extra storage just in case and aren't planning on installing a lot of games from the Nintendo eShop.

Plus, if you are concerned about space and you're up for paying about $15 more, you can double your capacity to 64GB.

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SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3


This SanDisk Extreme PRO card won't break the bank at a little under $45, but offers a great balance of speed and capacity. 64GB should be to get you up and running with your Nintendo Switch, and is big enough to hold a decent number of installed games.

The card also comes with a full-sized SD adapter, which makes it extra useful if you ever need to use it in anything that isn't the Switch.

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How big will you go?

What microSD card are you going to pick up for your Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments below!