Conan O’Brien takes aim at Apple and the lost iPhone 5 prototype [video]

Talk show host Conan O'Brien has obviously been following the latest lost Apple iPhone prototype shenanigans closely as he has put together a rather amusing comedy sketch.

The sketch is based on the format of an Apple advertisement with various imaginery senior Apple employees discussing the person responsible for the theft and what they intend to do the individual when they find him or her.

Just in case you are not aware, this is the second time Apple has mislaid an iPhone prototype in a bar in San Francisco. An iPhone 4 prototype was lost  just before it was officially announced last year. This time it is an alleged iPhone 5 prototype that has been lost and remains at large but unseen so far.



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There are 25 comments. Add yours.

Devinfowlkes15 says:

Lol give us back our iPhone !

Asdollah Mirza says:

Conan is just sad cause he cant afford an iPhone cause all his money goes towards hair products! :P

Klo says:

What is lame is that u can't take a joke. Lame apple nerds

Bluecanary says:

Don't go to an Apple blog if you don't like Apple. Simple as that.

Yngwie says:

Seems like you're lame yourself for not taking the joke Asdolla made ;)
Didn't you notice the " :p " ?!

Jammy357 says:

Is it just me or do all the most anticipated upcoming gadgets get left in a bar In San francisco in order to create a media buzz? Apple aren't known for their lax security so how is it that the same thing has happened again right before a release date if not by design?

Asdollah Mirza says:

Its called free advertisement & hype :)

Xypher says:

The joke is on Conan. Apple is a well honed machine that meticulously crafts not only the world's best products but also the way we learn about them. The likelihood of two iPhones being accidentally misplaced two years in a row is 100% impossible from a company that guards its secrets as well as Apple does. These losses are planned and executed the way Apple has marketed them to be.

johncblandii says:

So why involve the SFPD and search some guys apartment? :-)
If it could happen once, it could happen twice.

DD214#WN says:


David says:

I thought Jokes and pot-shots were supposed to be funny....

Paradise521t says:

This all is nothing but a publicity stunt to get people talking about the iPhone 5 and it worked go Apple! :)

Paradise521t says:

Do you really think a billion-dollar company that makes more money than the US Treasury like Apple would have faulty security?

johncblandii says:

Are they legally pursuing the sale of the iPhone 4 prototype?

Hoozamonkey says:

It's a MULTI-billion-dollar company, and they don't make more money than the US Treasury -- because of a temporary hiccup in international market valuations, Apple briefly had more available cash than the Treasury.

johncblandii says:

Yeah, I typically don't argue that point but it is a great feather for them to keep in their hat. :-D

thunderstrike76 says:

I love conan and apple. I think this is hilarious. Learn how to take a joke guys. Btw your mommas are so fat they play pool with the planets. Oh snap...Remember its just joke.

organix says:

Wow, you guys are uptight...

plunder says:

I would no like to be the chump that left that phone behind.

SpiceRak2 says:

I think the spoof was witty. It's really a nod to the creativity and innovation of the Apple culture. The joke is that a company like Apple would even take a project like recovering a lost prototype with uncompromising R & D and sell it as a "just works" idea. And at the same time, an underlying jab about a company like Apple, as precise and controlling as it is could still lose something so important...the spoof attempts to say how silly Apple looks under these circumstances. It's funny, IMHO.

Hooplah says:

Good idea... sh*tty execution. Conan is about as funny as a kitten with cancer.

jella nagamani says:

I think Apple is good for iPhone5. Previously Apple releases many iPhones and ipods. All those are good for us.
iPhone 5

fastlane says:

It would have been much funnier if there weren't already umpteen of these types of parodies of Apple commercials.
Meh. Too late, Conan.