EE introduces 'Swap,' may help you get that new iPhone 5S

British carrier EE has today announced a new service called 'Swap' that will help frequent phone buyers upgrade mid-contract. The timing couldn't be better, either, as it will launch on September 17, a few days before we expect Apple to release the iPhone 5s for sale.

EE customers who are 6-months or more into their current contract will be able to return their existing device, pay a one-off fee and walk away with a shiny new phone on a new contract. The one-off payments range from £49 up to £299 and depend upon how much your monthly tariff is. But, if you picked up an iPhone 5 last year at launch, this could be a slightly lower cost way to get a new iPhone 5s in a couple of weeks.

The choice of eligible phones is quite limited, but the iPhone 5 is one of them, and there are also some selected Android devices included too, should you be thinking about switching. Any EE iPhone 5 owners thinking of jumping on this?

Source: EE

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Reader comments

EE introduces 'Swap,' may help you get that new iPhone 5S


This seems to be a good scheme on the surface. I got a 5 from EE at launch and would like a 5S. However, EE customer service is absolutely appalling. My experience of them has been a shambles. One example would be that I was told that swapping to 4G at launch could be done at no extra cost. However, if I swap, my allowance drops from 1GB to 500mb. In order to get the same 1GB deal, I have to pay more.Is this not an extra cost? This is just one issue along with a locked out phone for 7 days, no visual voicemail despite been told its coming. After 10 years with 02 I wish I'd never swapped. Once my contracts up I'm going back.

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DarranP, thanks for the update. It's great that the imore faithful are more informative than the mobile companies. Cheers.

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Visual voicemail has been available since January.

You need to text "iPhone visual" to 150 in order to activate it, then I think you need to power cycle the phone at some point about a day later.

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Wrong how? My experience has been appalling in comparison to my previous supplier. I have found their lack of service and respect for the customer to be one of the worst examples I have encountered. On more than one occasion, I have resolved issues myself via the net as the EE advisors were simply clueless. As you have no valid experience of the issues might I suggest that you think prior to mouthing off?

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I defo will be swapping to iPhone 5s if that's possible for an upfront cost. I am really satisfied with EE overall, but the data allowance sucks indeed. I would love unlimited data on my phone, as it is faster than any cable net available in my street... EE is good but they should reduce the prices, or give a little more allowance... On my 1gb I can hardly use my phone without eating up all the data in 10 days... I always end up paying over £60 a month...

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Sounds like a good deal, but I'm slightly worried that you may have to pay for the new phone on top?

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As the deal is called 'Swap,' does this mean EE will want me to return my iPhone5 AND pay a fee to upgrade to iPhone 5s? If not, selling the iPhone 5 should more than cover the cost of upgrading.

But I'm dreaming, right?

Yes you are dreaming CX25! You have to give back your 'old' iPhone 5 AND sign a new 24 month contract however it looks like it could still be cheaper depending on your tariff and iPhone.

I have a 64gb iPhone 5 I bought from Orange on launch day last year on a 24 month contract. I could offset most of the early upgrade fee by selling or trading in my handset but I would still have to pay an upfront cost for the new handset.

However the terms and conditions state that there is an additional fee to swap for a 32gb or 64gb iPhone.........which is really not fair if you are swapping an iPhone 5 32gb or 64gb in the first place! I tried their online chat but no one could tell me what the extra fee is to upgrade the swap for a 32 or 64gb!