Evomail for iPhone and iPad review: Full email folder support for the organizationally obsessed!

Evomail for iPhone and iPad review: Full email folder support for the organizationally obsessed!

Evomail is an email app for iPhone and iPad that takes a lot of the same features we love from Mailbox, Dispatch, and more but adds certain highly wanted features that a lot of others unfortunately lack, such as folder support. Evomail currently supports Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! accounts which makes it a pretty relevant option for almost everyone.

To start using Evomail, you just need to configure your mail accounts. While Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! are already supported, the developer has said that more mail account types will be coming in the future as well. Once you're signed in you're ready to start swiping your way to an empty inbox.

Much like other popular mail apps, Evomail uses swipe gestures to let you filter your way through emails faster. Swipe to the right to mark a message as complete and swipe to the left to delete it. Tapping on a message will open it. You can star it or share it along the top or return to your inbox.

Along the bottom of the message view you can interact with messages in more advanced ways. From here you can put a message inside a folder that you've created, mark it for later, mark it as done, or delete it. If you choose to mark it for later you can choose from three quick options; later today, tomorrow, or next week. If you want a more detailed way to mark for later, you can do so by tapping on the carat below the quick settings. From here you can choose a specific date and time for the message to re-appear in your inbox.

From the main menu of Evomail you can dig deeper into individual account settings and change things such as signatures on a per-account basis. There aren't a ton of options but it gets the job done. I'd really like to see some options to set notifications on a per account basis such as disabling push for accounts I don't really need it for.

The good

  • Folder support! If you miss being able to file things away in apps like Mailbox, Evomail gives you your organization power back
  • Great interface with menus that not only make sense, but are placed logically
  • Advanced snooze options for custom dates and times
  • Push notifications
  • Signatures on a per account basis

The bad

  • Push notifications can be off or on, not on a per account basis, definitely not a deal breaker but it would be a nice addition in a future update
  • No Exchange support

The bottom line

Evomail for iPhone and iPad is not only beautifully designed but provides a happy medium between productivity powerhouse and full on mail suite. With swipe gestures for marking messages quickly, you'll be able to empty your inbox in no time. Features like folder support also gives you the ability to organize when you'd like and when you have time without relying on a secondary option such as the native Mail app.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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There are 24 comments. Add yours.

jamesj777 says:

No unified inbox= Major fail

Jonathan George says:

It's already being tested internally. Look for it soon... ;-)

jamesj777 says:

Sounds good. Otherwise it seems great. Once that update is pushed out I'll probably switch.

iSRS says:

Major fail? Not sure is go that far, but the one feature keeping me from defaulting to it.

Good app, and will keep it on my iPhone and watch the updates.

Reminds me of Airmail on the Mac

Sent from the iMore App

Jonathan George says:

Thanks, iSRS! Stay tuned re: unified inbox. It's definitely coming! :)

GT1983 says:

When you say push notifications can be off or on, you don't mean they are configurable in the settings correct? Do you mean push notifications work intermittently? I've noticed i've not received any notifications with icloud or gmail accts. Additionally something as small as the icon notification doesn't work either. I really like this app however becuase I feel it is picking up where Sparrow left off. I would LOVE to use this daily but push notifications have gotta work for me. I would pay good money for this app if push worked properly.

Jonathan George says:

Push has been a bit rough today. We're working on it!

wormeyman says:

Exchange support would be killer, would the developer has to pay Microsoft so it would be an additional charge?

Jonathan George says:

We have some ideas on how to make this work.

Note that we plan on monetizing email through a "freemium" model, of which Exchange support may be included.

WyndhamMisio says:

Emailganizer does all this and more - been using it for a few years now.

Unified Inbox, support for Exchange and others, Toodledo, DropBox, etc.

There is a free version. Only downside is no iPad version

ScottAB says:

I looked in the app store and only a paid/Pro version. The links from the Emailganizer website do not work.

iSRS says:

Anyone else "seeing double" with iCloud accounts?

Sent from the iMore App

ScottAB says:

No exchange support means no download for me. Bummer, read like the best option I have seen in my six months visiting the iVerse. Never thought I'd miss my WindowsPhone - it has lots of problems, email isn't one of them though.

Jonathan George says:

Exchange is definitely on the list. Keep an eye out for us! :)

ScottAB says:

Thanks for the reply Jonathan. I will give it a try, look forward to Exchange and unified inbox.

roburwin says:

After playing with Evomail for about an hour > added it to the Mail folder > went back to Boxer

Jonathan George says:

Would love to hear about your experiences and what we can do to make it better. Mind emailing jonathan@evomail.io? :)

blackraven says:

It's a shame most of these apps only cater to Ad-Supported free services, rather than power users who are on more secure, but paid-for servers. I use a "real" e-mail provider, so until IMAP is supported, at a minimum, a no-go.

Jonathan George says:

"Generic" IMAP support is coming. The reason we focus on the big email services first are because "IMAP" isn't always "IMAP", due to protocol implementation differences between various IMAP servers.

So we chose to support a single target and focus on the hard part (UI, UX), then moved on from there. We're adding more services with each release and "generic" IMAP is in this next release.

tl;dr - it's coming soon! :)

roelatmac says:

is a .me account not an icloud account? using my name as a .me alias. so now i only can send with a noname.icloud account. will imap cover that? would like that, evo is a very beautiful mail client!

Jonathan George says:


A .me account should work fine (just choose "iCloud Account"), you just need to make sure you login as that xyz@me.com first I believe. Happy to help more over at http://evomail.io/help !

benlee78 says:

I downloaded it, played around with my iCloud and Gmail accounts then promptly deleted it and went back to the standard Mail.app. Evomail looks pretty cool, but there's not much in there that I can't do with the standard app. The biggest deterrent for me, though, is that all of your credentials (username and password) and messages are sent to Evomail's servers! I did not know that until I went to view their privacy policy (saw nothing in the app about this)! Why can't developers give you the option for less instantaneous notifications (10-15 minute fetch would be fine for me), have the device handle the "remind me later" functionality locally, and just notify you that the sharing options will be less (I do not ever need to share my e-mails with Facebook/Twitter anyway)?

I would gladly pay $10 for a slick e-mail client that integrated my mail and calendar under one roof (like Outlook), had a unified inbox for all of my personal e-mail addresses (with color-coding to identify where they came from), and does not share any information to any server other than the one that houses each e-mail/calendar service.

Jonathan George says:

Technically speaking, it's impossible for us to offer you any notifications at all (much less delayed notifications) without using a server to listen to your email account 24/7. That's due to the way iOS is built and there is no way around it unless your device is jailbroken.

Stay tuned though. We have quite a few things coming to the product that will set it apart from every single mail app out there. In fact, those new features are only possible because we have created a layer on top of email.

After all, how are you supposed to evolve email... without evolving it? :)

Scriobh says:

Push suddenly stopped working today. Any ideas what's up?