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How to disable notifications for shared Photo Streams

If at some point you find you're getting too many notifications, you can easily disable them on a stream by stream basis, or stop notifications from the Photos app completely. Here's how!

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Everything you need to know about Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing

Apple's Photo Stream service is split into two parts. The first part conveniently saves your personal photos to iCloud and wirelessly syncs them between your devices. The second part, now known as iCloud Photo Sharing, lets you create shared Photo Streams that other iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac owners can view, comment on, and optionally add their own photos to. Both parts of Photo Stream make handling images easier and more convenient than ever. So, how does it all work?

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How to automatically post Instagram photos directly to a Facebook page

Want to learn how to automatically post your Instagram photos directly to your Facebook page? It's easier than it looks! Here's how.

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How to delete, recover, and eradicate pictures and videos in Photos for Mac

How do you delete a picture or video, bring it back, or make sure it's gone for good? With Photos for Mac and iCloud!

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How to access your iCloud Photo Library on the web

How do you access your Photo Library, and all your pictures and videos, from anywhere? With iCloud on the web!

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How to fix a broken charge port on an iPhone 5

If your iPhone 5 isn't charging anymore, here's how to fix it!

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How to communicate with your Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

Whether you're calling, sending taps, or answering a message, the Apple Watch makes communication more convenient.

Need to quickly let someone know you're running late for a meeting, or place a quick call? The Apple Watch lets you stay in touch with those most important to you without reaching for your iPhone. You can give your favorite contacts one-button access, create a new message and dictate whatever it is you need to say, and even send your heartbeat to let someone know you're thinking about them.

However you want to use your Apple Watch to communicate, here's everything you need to know!

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How to stop Facebook from constantly tracking and recording your location

Use Nearby Friends? If you don't want Facebook for iPhone tracking your every move, you're going to want to change your settings.

I like using Facebook to share what I want, when I want, and it's fair game. But many of us don't fancy a social network tracking our every move, even privately. If you use Facebook's Nearby Friends feature, however, you may be at risk of just that. If you'd prefer not to have a personal map of every place you've been accessible via your Facebook account, here's how to change your settings and put the social network back in its place.

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Take task triaging to the next level with Todoist for Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can now triage your Todoist tasks faster than ever.

Todoist is a full-featured to-do and task management app available for many platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As of Thursday, Todoist is also available for the Apple Watch: The watch app lets you view, mark, and manage tasks right on your wrist. The iOS update also includes several improvements and performance enhancements to the Today view widget and share extension.

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How to delete multiple photos and videos at once in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Pictures and videos stored in the Messages app can take up lots of storage space on your iPhone and iPad.

If you've already saved a lot of them, there's little reason to keep them hanging around in the Messages app. Deleting them all one by one would be a daunting and tedious task. Instead, you can delete multiple images or videos at once in the Messages app. You've just got to know where to look!

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Best web browsers for iPhone

If Safari just isn't your thing, here are some other great browsers to choose from.

The iPhone's built-in browser, Safari, is perfect for many people. But it's not perfect for everyone. If you want or need something different, like Google account sync, Flash support, or night reading, the App Store has you covered. If you already know which browser you want, great! If not, and you want to try some alternatives, here are our favorites!

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How to quickly save multiple pictures and videos in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Saving pictures and videos in the Messages app for iPhone and iPad doesn't have to take forever.

If someone sends you multiple photos and videos and you'd like to save them, there's no need to do it individually. Thanks to the Messages app, you can save multiple pictures or videos to the Photos app all in one go!

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How to view all photos in the Collections and Years sections of Photos for iPhone and iPad

By default the collections and years views in the Photos app don't show all your photos — but you can change that.

If you use the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad to sort, organize, and find your photos, there are lots of ways you can make that task easier. While one is simply using the search feature, another is by adjust exactly what the Photos tab shows under the Collections and Years views. By default you only see a summary of photos that iOS picks at random. If you'd rather see all your photos in these views, you just have to change a setting!

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How to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen in 10 minutes

How do you fix a broken iPhone screen in just a few minutes? Follow our guide!

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Best weather apps for iPhone

Debating over which weather app you should use on your iPhone?

What exactly is the best iPhone app for weather watchers? That's a tough question to answer. Apple has their own, built-in Weather app, with edge-to-edge graphics and subtle, elegant animations. However, it's still decidedly on the simple side. Since weather apps have become something of a playground for great designers and developers these days, there are many excellent, yet very different alternatives to be found in the App Store. The toughest part is choosing between them. If you need help deciding, these are currently our absolute favorites!

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How to search pictures and videos in Photos for iPhone and iPad

If you have thousands of photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad, finding a particular one can be a challenge.

Luckily, the built-in Photos app offers some incredibly useful search tools. As long as you can remember where or when a photo or video was taken, the Photos app can help narrow down your search quickly. And if you've tagged Faces in Photos for OS X, you can even search for people, too! As long as you remember something about the picture or video in question, odds are the Photos app can help you track it down.

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How the Apple Watch can help battle your iPhone addiction

I ordered an Apple Watch to help me track health and fitness data. Almost a month into using it, however, I'm finding its best feature is that it keeps me off my iPhone and iPad.

Smartphone usage has gotten completely out of hand, though I doubt that's breaking news to anyone. Whether you're sitting at home with your significant other or you're out with friends, you'll see smartphones popping up almost everywhere you look. The time we should spend talking and communicating with one another is instead spent behind glowing screens filled with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, RSS feeds, and YouTube.

I don't think we mean to get as engrossed as we do, but it happens. I'm guilty of it myself. My iPhone buzzes or beeps and instinct tells me to reach for it. I only intend to respond to a single message, but Twitter grabs my attention, or an incoming email pulls me further down the rabbit hole. It's over; I've checked out of the conversation happening around me.

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How to fix a stuck app install on Apple Watch

Have apps on your Apple Watch that are stuck installing or updating?

If so, you're not alone. Sometimes, no matter how much time you give an Apple Watch app to install or update, it still shows the loading icon. While Apple will most likely address this issue in a future update, we can walk you through how to unstick app installs and updates right now!

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Best waterproof cases for iPhone 6 Plus

If you want to hit the beach — or the hot tub! — with your iPhone 6 Plus, a waterproof case is a must-have.

A waterproof case not only protects your iPhone 6 Plus from water damage, but from sand, dust, and dirt as well. It also lets you take awesome underwater pictures! Since failure isn't an option, it's so important to make sure you pick the right waterproof case for you. Here are the ones we recommend!

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How to stop Google Chrome from automatically launching on your Mac

Tired of Google Chrome launching every time you restart or log in to your Mac?

If Chrome is your browser of choice, it can be convenient. If you tried Chrome but switched back to Safari, like I recently did, it can be annoying. I still want to be able to use Chrome from time to time, but I don't want it opening on login or launching on startup. Luckily, there's a super simple way to get Chrome to stop launching automatically, and it only takes a few clicks!

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