Facebook for iOS updated to 9.0 with better group management and more


Just one month after their 8.0 update, Facebook has updated their app to version 9.0, bringing some new commenting and group management features to the app. The News Feed on iPad has also been updated, and posts about trending topics will now be highlighted.

You can now reply directly to comments on posts made by Pages, but only if the Page has commenting turned on. For groups, the group administrator can now use the iOS app to review and approve pending posts created by members of the group.

You can download Facebook 9.0 from the App Store right now.

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Facebook for iOS updated to 9.0 with better group management and more


I wish all of these pages had commenting turned on... It's a very welcome feature. Finally!

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does anyone know if this build have their messagings turn OFF? I hate to download another app (FB messenger) just to chat with my FB friends. If FB forced users to do that, I am 100% uninstall the app.

So far i have disable auto update because of this.


lol, like i said previously, i do not want to download another app just to have chat. if they force it, i uninstall it as FB is now useless without messaging feature

I understand. What Paper will allow you to do, is, not only view Facebook, but also use it's messaging function (and receive notifications), on top of being able to have "sections," such as Headlines, Tech, and Flavor.

You should delete Facebook and replace it with Paper. I promise I am not steering you in the wrong direction. This would be moving forward.

for the last 3 weeks I haven't been able to sort my news feed in the ios app. the "most recent stories" button is gone!
If i remove the app then reinstall, the button comes back for about 1 minute then disappears again! - any ideas??

Hate this new update, it makes me enter my email every time! :/ (and no, I don't like being logged into it on my iPhone/iPad)