FullForce for iPad - Jailbreak app review

FullForce for iPad is jailbreak app that will automatically format iPhone apps to the resolution of the iPad without the distortion of the 2x zoom.  Anyone who owns an iPad knows that all the apps you had for your iPhone will run on the iPad, and you can zoom them in, but they get pretty grainy.  It makes me sad to see grainy apps when the iPad screen is so beautiful. FullForce tries to solve that sadness.

Fullforce works through your settings panel.  You will see a new Extensions section.  FullForce lists all your apps and you can toggle them on or off. There are still compatibility issues with a lot of apps, but for free, you can get some of your iPhone apps formatted for iPad goodness. Some common ones I noticed that format well are Facebook, Beejive, and Reeder. Some I noticed that didn't were games such as Plants vs Zombies and Doodle Jump.

The developers have a running list of compatible apps and issues going in a shared Google docs spreadsheet you can access and edit through Cydia with a Google login. I liked the fact that it formatted Beejive so nicely. I almost bought the $5.99 iPad version (I bought Beejive back with it was still a whopping $16 or so dollars). But this will work just fine for me.

Anyone else here used FullForce on their iPad? What were your experiences and with which apps? Mine have all been good so far. Let us know about yours in the comments!

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Gregz0r says:

Basically, it works with the majority of apps that utilize the native UI.
Twitter For iPhone(Tweetie) works a treat, and I find it's better than the native iPad Twitter apps.

D. Martim says:

Google Earth looks awesone on th Ipad with full force. looks like a native ipad app

ipadreplyin says:

There is an iPad version of Google Earth that works just like the original anyways...

Jay Mobile says:

I Love this tweak!!!! With paid iPhones apps slow migrate to iPad format this comes at the perfect time. I Love it finally I can use docs to go the right way on my iPad and not have to wait for the update!

Michael Reynaga says:

facebook and meebo work great, so bummed that slingplayer does not

Will says:

Seems that a some apps (skype, GV Mobile maybe more) the buttons arent recognizing since the app is scaled differently. So-so for me so far..

ken says:

Great start. Cant wait until it works on more apps.

Adam1314 says:

It works great on Facebook. If it worked with games it would be amazing.

Todd says:

Why is this not a standard feature? Makes me angry to see something like this released by jailbreakers... so many features they discover that Apple should have included. The 2x zoom is terrible. This should be a built in option.

tennenho says:

where do I find this? I'm looking for it in Cydia but can't find it.

macharborguy says:

@Todd: It does not come standard because it does not work across all apps.
With the Apple method, the app is blown up to double size. BTW, the normal size of an iPhone app on the iPad is actually larger than normal iPhone size due to the increased size of the iPad pixels and the density of them per inch. However, it works for every app out there. Also remember that not everything is pixel doubled: some VNC apps are somehow able to take advantage of the extra pixels.
With the Jailbroken method, not all apps actually support the scaling methods used, such as Skype, and most apps that bring up a "passcode" window, such as Quicken, Mint, etc.

StudentRN says:

Doc's to Go works great with the application! It almost looks like it was made for the IPad! Once you get a jist of how Full Face works to make the apps larger, you can kind of guess at which of your apps will play nice with it. I really thought skype would, but it does not work with it at all. Same with the comcast app.

driz says:

If you can't locate it in Cydia, remove the space between Full and Force when you search. It's easily located searching for "FullForce".

amw1972 says:

FullForce plays nice with Opera Mini. Not sure if anyone want to use Opera Mini when the Safari on the iPad runs so smooth.

s200401094Ryan says:

It ain't workin' on no games,

Boss Jo says:

good info !. thanks for sharing.

Hayward says:

Firefox iPhone app also works great with fullforce ;-)

anwer says:

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Bluck_5 says:

Crash bandicoot works on it also and looks really good I really wish they could support street fighter volt

Tadeus says:

Some Apps don't work with this Tweak.
Devil May Cry 4: Refrain
Assassin's Creed 2: Discovery

raagulan says:

Who has a jailbreaked ipad? And has gangstar rio