Are you already thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5S? The great iMore community debate!

Apple hasn't even officially announced their next iPhone event, much less their next iPhone, but iMore members are already debating the pros and cons of sticking with what they have vs. upgrading to what's next.

Every year for the last 6 years Apple has released a new iPhone. So, perhaps it's no wonder that the iMore community is already hotly debating whether, when it finally becomes official, they'll upgrade to the brand new iPhone 5s - or lower-cost iPhone 5c - or stick with their existing iPhone. Is it too soon to even think about? Is it the best time to start preparing? What's the right answer and for whom?

I myself just upgraded recently from an iPhone 5 16 gig ( dropped in toilet without insurance ) to an iPhone 5 32 gig and I'm quite happy about it. But the little kid in me still wants the latest and greatest even though it's probably not necessary
Dennisgarcia, iMore forums member

There's a healthy number of folks out there that aren't concerned about how much of an actual upgrade the new hardware is, they'll upgrade every year without fail. A good friend of mine falls into that category. Every year since the very first iPhone was launched, whatever opinions he has of the new hardware or features, the latest model has always fallen into his hands. And it's like that for a lot of people. Those of us excited by Apple products, or just by technology in general will often crave the latest and greatest, for no other purpose than being on the bleeding edge.

I'm not due for a full upgrade till Sep. 2014. I don't want to waste a partial upgrade on a refresh only, therefore I'll either keep my iPhone 5 or get the unlocked 5S version direct from Apple when it"s released
Irish Rose, iMore forums moderator

The opposite end of the scale we have people who who only ever upgrade on a 2-year cycle. They either skip the S models, because they aren't a big enough upgrade, or wait until the S models, figuring all the kinks have finally been worked out. (Or may it just depends whether the iPhone or iPhone 3G was their first!) There's some sense in that. After all, the phone you have one year won't start to suck the next just because a new model is released. (Especially considering how well the new version of iOS typically runs on the past year's iPhone.)

I have the 4S. I'd have to see what comes out next before upgrading, as I'm pretty happy with what I have.
impaler, iMore forums member

It's actually surprising to see just how many people have already made up - or at least claim they've already made up - their minds for sure, despite having seen no official details on the next iPhone. There will though always be people who are happy to ride it out, and to wait and see what the event brings before making up their minds. But generally, we all seem pretty decisive.

If my budget required a cheaper phone and the iPhone was still the only phone to meet my needs, I wouldn't be opposed to getting the 5C.
Irish Rose, iMore forums moderator

Let us not also forget; there may be another way. The iPhone 5c may not be as exciting a prospect as the iPhone 5s, but if it does exist, it has to be an option worth considering. It's sure to be an upgrade in some respects to the iPhone 4S at least, and for the right price, could it tempt those of you still stuck in an iPhone 4S induced contract to head out and purchase a new iPhone outright?

This is a discussion that will go on right up until we see the next iPhone, and will likely intensify further just after. We're certainly interested in how you feel right now, and we just might be coming back to you after the announcement to see if your decision has been changed by what you see. Drop a vote in the poll and your thoughts in the comments below, but be sure to head on over to the iMore forums too and join in the discussion.

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Reader comments

Are you already thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5S? The great iMore community debate!


I am very excited over this new iPhone. I will definitely upgrade and if there's a gold colored one I am getting it.

My 4s has treated me well. I don't have any issues with it. However, I would absolutely love the new 5s. Its due time for me to upgrade not only for personal use, but for development as well. Cant wait for it to come out. Wether I win it from the contest or I buy it, I gotta have it! :-)

Definitely getting the new iPhone. I'm still using my original iPhone 3GS and in the last two months it has started to completely fall apart. The plastic back is cracked, some of it missing, the bezel is detached from the back on the bottom (causing back hoe button contact), the LCD screen is going, the upper third is filled with stuck pixels, the headphone jack is so janky that anything i'm playing constantly pauses because it thinks I unplugged them and the home button is mushy.

Hopefully they'll still have a black option, or at least one with a black front panel.

Not upgrading this year. But for those of you who are thinking of buying the 5S (or 5C) the best way to do it is to pre-order. You get your phone on the first day of retail availability (or possibly even a day before.)

And the best way to pre-order is through the Apple Store app on iOS. The Apple Store web page gets overwhelmed the instant pre-ordering starts. The app doesn't seem to have that problem at all. At least not in the past few years. I got in and pre-ordered within minutes. Good luck!

If the HTC One is consistently updated I'll wait for the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. There should be improved transit navigation included in the maps app thanks to the HopStop purchase. The only things I have against the HTC One is update speed, battery life, and heat. I'm crossing my fingers.

Lol. Despite the heat and battery life problems there are a number of things that are great about the phone including its screen, processor, and amazing speakers.

wait and see. I'm on a 4s and extremely unlikely to upgrade this cycle. If the 4s had LTE i wouldn't think of upgrading. But it's wait and see because I'm not fond of ios 7 & was never a big fan of the 4s hardware design/look. I hope they change the shell. So it's a big wait and see. I'm leaning towards Android as my next phone, i could just get an iphone 5 with lte. i'd be good with that. And there's a chance i'll just keep this 4s for another year or two.

I'm disappointed to see Apple slowly deviating from it's "minimalism" approach to design by increasing their screen size and form-factor.

The iPhone 4/4S form-factor is perfect and it fits in both your hands and pant pockets well. Instead, Apple should've done away with the mechanical home button and replaced it with a soft(ware) touch which would then allow the screen size to grow within the 4/4S form-factor.

I'm not planning to upgrade and hope Apple goes back to the minimalism roots and offers a "mini" iPhone in the future...

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Im sticking with my 5, will probably upgrade when the 6 comes out, looking forward to iOS 7 though.

More importantly... what case is that on the top phone in the picture? The one that looks like the iphone 5 back?

My 5 is still treating me good and I was admittedly getting bored wit iOS until I hopped on the iOS7 bandwagon so with all that being said I'll wait on the 6

Not doing a lot of thinking. More like planning.

I'm still on my aging VZW iPhone 4. It's a bit long in the tooth, so time to step up and shell it out. Looking forward to it, too.

I have a 4S 32GB and besides battery life, I'm still pretty satisfied with it while I still think it looks brand spanking new.

If I can sell this iPhone for a good enough price, ill just pay the difference for the 5S. But I'm still going to wait for it to come out to hear the specs and what options I have between 5S and 5C.

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I've got 4S and if 5S is anything like 5 in form then I'd rather wait for a better option. Given the rumors and tradition am not as excited.

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While I am always excited when a new iPhone comes out I still love my (perfect condition)4s and will stick with it until apple really comes out with a drastically different iPhone. For now I am beyond happy and do not need to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading.

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I know trolls say stuff like this all the time but I'm a big Apple supporter and I must say honestly that it's not looking like a good upgrade for me at all.

I've bought every iPhone so far and been vey happy with every purchase, but increasingly the new features of the phones just aren't worth the upgrade price. I currently need a 64GB phone so that's pushing $1,000 after taxes and the slightly better camera and the most likely never to be used fingerprint reader just aren't doing it for me. The last big upgrade feature (Siri) was a total bust for me and simply didn't work at all. Maps are still a big zero in my area. The gold iPhone looks to be hideous. Fingerprint scanning seems likely to ruin the design of the home button from what has been leaked so far. It's all just looking kind of sad and bad to me.

I would buy one of the new plastic ones just for fun and to be different, but none of the colours are anything I can get behind, and the internals are likely to be not as good as the iPhone 5 that I already have.

Apple's products are all somewhere between "meh" and "yuck" for me this year.

My wife and I have been due for an upgrade on our 4S's since May, so yeah I'll be getting a couple of 5S's. The S line has been treating me very well since I got the 3GS.

Still happy with my 4S. Will have to wait and see but don't feel compelled to upgrade at this point. May wait for the 6 redesign next year. One thing I will do is move from AT&T to T-Mobile at the end of my contract in 3 months to stop paying the subsidy on the 4S.

Keeping a handset beyond the 2-year contract commitment at AT&T, Verizon, etc. just gets expensive. They should all go the way of T-Mobile and separate the voice/data plan from the handset subsidy - give us the option of buy it upfront, finance it over time or bring our own phone. I have never seen AT&T/Verizon offer a voice/data plan that did not incorporate the handset subsidy (even if bring you own handset) - correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm sticking with my 5, it's perfect except for the battery life. I don't feel like spending money on a phone that's quite the same as the one I have now.

I have the money to buy the next iPhone and I don't say iPhone 5s because I don't see that happend! Samsung and htc are getting the job done and apple has to make changes to get customers back!

I am happy with my iPhone 5 and believe that's still good another two generation but If the next iPhone is a must have I will get one

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