iPad Air wins Mobile World Congress tablet of the year award!

iPad Air wins Mobile World Congress tablet of the year award!

Apple doesn't attend Mobile World Congress, but that didn't stop them from scooping up the GSMA award for best tablet of the year for the iPad Air. The iPhone 5s, however, lost out on best smartphone to the HTC One.

There were tons of other winners, 99% of which won't mean much to the average iPhone or iPad user, but you can check them all out if you're curious. Then let me know — should the iPhone 5s have won as well?

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Reader comments

iPad Air wins Mobile World Congress tablet of the year award!


Of course it should. It has better software, better camera, similar or better build quality, much faster UI and internals, etc.

The one is nothing more than a bunch of components designed from other companies, especially the OS.

Could your comment be any more blinkered and ignorant? The One is a great phone in build quality and materials and BoomSound is great on it. The One's design was vastly better than the One X before it. It also looks like it's successor is going to be better if they really are dropping the capacitative buttons.

I'm not going to touch on the OS comment because if people don't realise that it's subjective by now they never will. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone wanted and liked the same thing?

You know the iPhone is a bunch of components designed by a bunch of different companies? Do some research before you post stupidity. It will look better on your record.

Nexus 5... enough said

Not the OS, not the SoC, not the camera processing software.

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Most of what you are talking about is software. Put it this way, take away every thing off the iPhone that Apple doesn't make. What do you have left? Nothing! Come on man...

Nexus 5... enough said

But the CPU is unique, as well as the software. As such, my point stands. The one is just another one.

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The CPU is still not even made by Apple dude! That's like me saying the speakers on the ONE are unique. I get it. You like the iPhone. That's great, but you have no idea what you are talking about. If the "ONE was just another ONE" (whatever the heck that means), it would have not won phone of the year at MWC.

Nexus 5... enough said

Why are both of you guys so ignorant? It is designed by Apple and manufactured by one or two companies. Unique to the iPhone (apple has all the work, plus it's just better than everything out there).

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The irony of calling someone ignorant and then making the general statement that 'it's just better than everything out there'. If that were the case my 5S would be my go to device for nearly everything, not my Nexus 5. But, unsurprisingly, it's a subjective topic and what works for one person won't be the same for the next.

All smartphone manufacturers design products and work with other companies to get a device into people's hands - whether that be manufacturing, subcontracting or whatever. I see nothing special about my iPhone in this aspect - it's just another smartphone.

Corning, Texas Instruments, Cirrus Logic, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Omnivision (and more)..

..all companies supplying parts and/or subcontracting for Apple to produce the iPhone.

I don't think listing these will do any good, sadly.

Also, I like the iPhone as much as the next guy, but wow.

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I definitely disagree. While I do think the iPhone 5 has great build quality, I also think the HTC One's build quality is just as good, if not better. I say better simply because while both are made from metal, HTC at least put some thought into how the machine would feel in the hand and thus tapered the back to fit a hand's grip; no such allowance was made for the iPhone 5.

I do agree that the iPhone 5's camera is better than the One's but do not think the same of the UI. HTC Sense is actually an enhancement to Android, and it definitely includes some functions missing in iOS (HTC Zoes and Blinkfeed are two things that quickly come to mind).

Also, I think the iPhone, while a great phone, has lost the "value" edge it once had. Let me explain. For $599, HTC gives you a 5 inch 1080p display, Boomsound speakers, and 32GB on the base model. For $649, Apple gives you a 4 inch 720p-ish screen, less loud speakers, and only 16GB. While I do think that the fingerprint scanner on the 5s is great, it only costs Apple about $7-8, while to make up for that HTC gives you both NFC and an IR blaster.

These are just my thoughts, and of course you're welcome to have yours, too.

Wait this must all be wrong Samsung didn't win anything OMG the world is going to end. LOL
I just had to do it :)

Can't comment on the OS as I've not owned an Android, but I've looked at the HTC One at aVZW store, and handled it briefly. If I had been in the market to buy an Android smartphone, that would have been the device to but. No question. A friend owns a Sammy GS4, it isn't close to a One.
Is it better that the iPhone 5S? Hard for me to say, but I'm assuming that's a pretty subjective question.

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That is something only you could decide. Obviously the biggest difference is the OS. As far as functionality, the ONE is going to do everything your iPhone does. That's just about any high end smartphone. That's something you have to decide. I personally love Android a lot better than iOS (stock android is even better). The build quality is superb. The front facing speakers are incredible. My bro has the ONE, and when I could upgrade, that's the phone I'm going for. Its overall a very high quality phone.

Nexus 5... enough said

Not surprised the Air won, that should be a givin. I would say its a little shocking the HTC won over the iPhone 5s and the Nexus 5. The 5s build is still better than the one and from what I've heard the HTC UI isn't that great. The Nexus 5 is a great phone and probably the best Android has to offer.

That one is hard to decide. The iPhone 5s has excellent build quality, but no one can deny the fact that HTC nailed it too. It doesn't surprise me that HTC took the win on this one, though it could have went to the iPhone as well.

Nexus 5... enough said

As an Apple user I'm actually happy that HTC won the award. Maybe this award will generate more sales and help HTC. A stronger Android competitor for Samsung is a good thing.

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Off topic ... but today iMore ROCKS! So many fresh and cool articles. I hardly got any work in my office. Not complaining. Just thanking you and iMore Team.... :)

I have an htc one, and just sold my nexus 10 and got a 32 gb wifi ipad air. I adore both, and couldn't be more satisfied, I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

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It doesn't surprise me that the iPad Air took the cake for best tablet because it's essentially that .. Nor does it surprise me that the iPhone 5s lost the phone of the year award maybe if it had a bigger screen and more interface features it would've won because those are the only two places where the iPhone 5s lacks.

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