Facebook Messenger for iPad is here!

Facebook Messenger for iPad

Facebook's standalone Messenger app has finally arrived on iPad. Previously a blown-up version of the iPhone app was available for tablet users, but now the iPad gets its very own Messenger app, complete with multi-window interface. You can view your current conversation in one pane alongside a list of recent threads.

No new features to tag along (that we can see anyway) so it's the same Facebook Messenger that you know and love. Chats, photos, stickers, voice messages, group conversations — they're all here. Of course it's also free which is always a good thing.

The app is showing for some, but not for others, so if you don't see it yet be sure to check back in a bit!


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c_hack says:

The last thing I need is a proprietary messaging app whose purpose is for Facebook to spy on me.

williamsbh76 says:

Yay!!! Oh wait... Facebook deleted! :)

smack518 says:

Is it a single binary? Or standalone from the iPhone app?

smack518 says:

My iPhone just answered my own question... single binary

cardfan says:

Another crap app on the imore page. Nothing to see here.

Michael Zajdel says:

So why are you still browsing this page, mate?

Illustrator Joe says:

Actually Facebook messenger is quite good at what it does. And it programmed very well. You don't like Facebook fine. Us that use it, this app is quite good.

cardfan says:

My apologies. But these are the kind of apps you know about along with tired apps like Angry Birds. I'd like to see the ones you might not know. I did see Rene announce some sort of editors choice apps thing. Hopefully this will be what I'm wanting to see.

ohohkhimee says:

I guess you have a boring social life

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williamsbh76 says:

Based on the photo, it looks like they used iMessage's UI.

Gsarfin says:

Big effin whoop

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bilarichfield says:

I use it on my iPhone 4 quite often mainly because the Facebook app itself is TOO DAMN SLOW. I've yet to have any problems with it

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cgs101 says:

I still don't understand how having to use a separate app for FB messages is a better user experience.