iPhone 5 or CDMA iPhone casing leaked?

Pictures have leaked out of a newly designed casing for what could be iPhone 5, the CDMA version of iPhone 4, or just a reworked casing for iPhone 4. If -- big if -- these are real the main difference appears on the sides of the case when it comes to the antenna bands -- there are four black separators in these photos as opposed to three on the current iPhone 4.

You will notice in pictures below that the band on the lower left of the phone that caused all the attenuation issues remains but there is a new black band above the mute rocker and also the black band is no longer on the top of the phone and appears to have been moved to the top of the right hand side of the phone.

Check out the pictures and a video after the break and let us know what you think -- real, fake, or antennagate?

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[ SmartPhone Medic, MacRumors ]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 or CDMA iPhone casing leaked?


Yes that is true bu what I am saying is that there are still only 3 bands on the post it says 4.

thats's just stupid. why still have the bottom band on the left side? That's not gonna help anything. All the bands decrease signal. I tried the Wi-Fi band, and sure enough, it drops.
Other than that, i believe this is a prototype/earlier iPhone case. why not? Apple must of tested different things.

Also, it'd just be a waste of space to have SIM slot/tray. So Verizon iPhone? probably not..

Not exactly a waste. Verizon BlackBerry Bolds are made to work on CDMA in the US but GSM while traveling overseas (they come with a SIM card to be used outside the US). So it makes sense that this could be (big emphasis on "could") the fabled and almost imminent Verizon iPhone.

yes. but Verizon uses SIM cards. iPhone uses Micro SIM cards. This "leaked casing" also uses Micro SIM cards. So.. unless Verizon forces itself to Micro SIMs then maybe? but im still not confident about this.

He's right, in some way or the other, Apple (and every other phone manufacturer) will have to include a Micro-USB port in the next iPhone because of new regulations by the EU. Although it has been said that including a 30-pin-to-Micro-USB-adapter with the device would meet the requirements too.

This is a cool post. Thanks. IF this is an iPhone 5 (as opposed to a modified iPhone 4), it confirms my opinion that not much will change between generations 4 and 5. Maybe just some re-organized internals to fit in more flash memory.
The modified "black stripe" locations may not be much more than an aesthetic enhancement which makes them phone appear more symmetrical.

I kinda aggree with you.. What I believe will happen is that they will add and aluminum back.. I currently have one and with the new anteena design.. it doesnt affect the signal in anyway..

Other websites are showing video of the devices and detailed descriptions of the differences between other components revealed by e same source. This definitely looks like either a slight update to the existing iPhone, or possibly a 3G to 3GS like generational upgrade.
And with CNET sying today that Apple will be announcing a product launch event this weekend or soon after...this is very possibly a Verizon iPhone...maybe with world support or LTE to explain the sim slot?

Really hope this isnt iphone 5 I passed up on the 4 hoping they would get rid of that horrible squared-off backside it has.

Tried to watch the video and got this message:
The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Apple, Inc..

I hope it is the verizon iPhone, that for the sake of us non-US residents we can finally stop reading/ hearing the many cries of people wanting it.
I also reckon apple won't change the case design for 5 other than the what you see above. Internals? Who knows... But imo the current design is here to stay for at least another year.

Only two of the black stripes serve any purpose. The third is just a stripe that serves no purpose except aesthetics. As for apple asking to take it down, they could just be asking for the take down because it deals with the current chassis. Or the company faked taking it down just to cause a stir. Only one way to find out.

It's actually seemingly exciting it got taken down but at same time it could still be an older test model. Only time will tell!

I hope it's the 5. Loved the 4 but it performed like junk with all 3 I owned having prox sensor problems and worse reception. I would love a slightly upgraded and FIXED 4. iPhone 4s haha. That's a good one.

My proximity problems went away with 4.1. I wanted to smash my phone before 4.1. I get way better service on the 4 then I did my 3G. I get way better battery life with the 4 too. My only problem now is my home key is retrogressively getting worse.

Verizon don't deserve the iPhone. With Verizon you can not, talk, text and use the Internet at the same time.
Their service outside of US. SUCK. and their customer service are useless.
Please don't give the privilege to have the iPhone in their store. They SUCK. any way you look.

Where's the youtube video? Put it up again! Apple just confirmed that this is the real deal by pulling that video.

I think that the 4th black strip is a backup for if you are holding your finger over the 1st one. It would fix the antenna problems.