iPhone 5 to have a dual-LED flash? [rumor]

Hit and miss technology site DigiTimes is claiming that the iPhone 5 will have a dual-LED Flash when it is eventually released; hopefully in September.

Recent market rumors have indicated that Apple's iPhone 5 is likely to come with a dual-LED flash with Taiwan-based LED packaging firms Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology being pinpointed as potential suppliers. All related companies have denied they are involved in the production of dual-LED flashes.

This rumor is one  more to add to the growing list of recent rumors regarding the iPhone 5. Yesterday we heard that the new iPhone 5 would have a similar form factor to the current iPhone 4; but with improved camera and processor. The day before we heard that it would have a completely different casing and form factor. Until it is announced, be prepared for many more rumors to come!



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Reader comments

iPhone 5 to have a dual-LED flash? [rumor]


IT means a dual LED flash for the main camera on the back. Something that has been done by just about every other phone manufacturer out there. But somehow this is news.

had this article been well-written, it would have explained what a dual-LED flash is, since it's probably a new concept to many readers. but I suppose that would have been too much to ask or expect.

Two LED Flash on the back. One at the left top and one on the right. Photos will be taken much brighter than with one LED Flash.

When did rumors become news?
Can I start making up things about the new iPhone? Will you write stories about what I said, if I pretend I know what I'm talking about too?

It's news because people want to read about it, and it would appear that you are one of those people. It not like there was a little disclaimer at the end that said "by the way this is a rumor". It says right in the title of the post "[rumor]". If you don't want to read it, then don't!

Rumors can be news, but it is not news that the new iPhone may have a dual LED flash. A rumor that the new phone will have a completely new design, or Apple is adding something no other company has ever had would be news. Would it be news if a rumor was going around that Ford was going to sell cars with FM/AM radios?

I am so sorry. I did not know the possibility of a dual flash was so important to you. If I had known I would not have made fun of it. To all I am sorry. Dual flash is a big and important news story. To make fun of it is just wrong. Now that I have seen the light I will use my powers as troll for good and spread this important news to the world.

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