iPhone 5 fakes already turning up in China [video]

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The iPhone 5 hasn’t been launched yet, we don’t have any real idea what it will look like either. That hasn’t stopped the Chinese market for fake handsets to get one out the door already! Are we surprised? Not at all.

If we imagine for a moment, that the knockoff shown above, or in the video after the break, is based on some inside information on the iPhone 5 design, what do you think? It looks like a softened iPhone 4 design with a few more curves and an iPhone 3GS type curved rear.

Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz is so sure this design is accurate, he's

[Cult of Mac, Gizmodo]


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Jake says:

Its not even running IOS lol

Alex Maxham says:

thats Chinese iOS that run the iPhones, iPads, etc. at those fake Chinese Apple Stores. Lol

I live in china lol says:

Yea, it's got five dots for pages of apps, but only scrolls over once! FAKE

tommyb_23 says:

Old news already read this on BGR yesterday. Also must tipb keep these rumors running ? No way this is what the next iPhone is going to look like, its too bulky!!!!!!!!

Alex Maxham says:

if you dont like the rumors they are posting then why do you keep coming back?

Anon says:

the screen size looks weird too.

Alex Maxham says:

it looks like the 3GS. I doubt they would go back to that design after the iPhone 4 did so well.

Huntbarr says:

The Chinese market is so full of fake $h!t because our fellow Americans are so damn gullible.

Poorchards says:

Uhhhh, the language being spoken isn't Chinese. It's Khmer or to be specific, they're Cambodian.

rawrr says:

Is it kind've racist that TiPB just assumed their Chinese?

Ethanwc says:

Not every comment about other races is "racist".

Binja says:

I, for one, really like the overall design. It's fairly easy to distinguish the parts they got right, versus the shoddy stuff they slapped together. With a bit of refinement, I could see this being what we get next time The Steve hits the stage.

allah says:

def. not an oem iphone. Its some jap rip off apple product

austriak says:

The screen looks smaller than the current 3.5 in. screen.

TFausett says:

Yeah this thing better not be the iPhone 5. Looks way to plasticy and it's not even running iOS.

Peanut Butter says:

It's an iPhone 4, with the back of an iPhone 3GS, and it's jailbroken. Yeahhh this is really an iPhone 5!! sarcasm

Ethanwc says:

Seems plausible as an iPhone 5 knockoff.

Omari James says:

absolutely not... even if this is a replica of what they think or know is what the iphone will look like , apple wouldnt design something like that. Looks disproportionate in respect to the screen, it looks too thick -- much thicker than the 4, and it looks like a case because at the back portion , the camera hole looks too recessed.

JohnPA2006 says:

This is not the iPhone5 , this looks (IF ITS REAL) like it would be the iPhone4S
the cheaper and slightly improved iPhone4.

JohnPA2006 says:

Today BGR has a pic of a iPhone5 to be built by Pegatron, that looks to have the screen that meets the edge of the phones frame and still has the home button.