iPhone 5, iPad 2 model numbers found lurking in iOS 4.3

iPhone 5, iPad 2 model numbers found lurking in iOS 4.3

Apple knows by now developers love nothing more than to deep dive things like the just released iOS 4.3 beta looking for hints of next-generation iPhone 5 and iPad 2 models -- and guess what? Found them!

GSM iPhone 4 is iPhone 3,1 and Verizon iPhone 4 is iPhone 3,2 -- so what then is iPhone 3,3? (Let the T-Mobile or Sprint rumors start!). There's also iPhone 4,1 and 4,2 which should be the iPhone 5 in GSM and Verizon flavors, and the jump in model numbers indicates there'll be some improvements to the chipsets at the very least (iPhone 2G to iPhone 3G wasn't considered a full version jump by Apple, but iPhone 3GS was).

There's also iPad 2,1, 2,2, and 2,3 which should include Wi-Fi, GSM, and Verizon models as well.

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iPhone 5, iPad 2 model numbers found lurking in iOS 4.3


it seams obvious the iPhone 3,3 is the new CDMA/GSM qualcom 8gb iPhone 4. That way they have one sku for the low coat version. My guess is the others 4,1 and 4,2 are 4G versions at the least an hspa+ version (LTE in a dream world) for AT&T and a CDMA/gsm world phone for Verizon if they don't do an LTE one.
I'm just curious if that qualcomm chip does hspa+ because if it does then it kinda throws a wrench in my thoughts. (unless it's just to keep cost done and make it different from the other two models)
Long post sorry

Hopefully, if the iPhone 3,3 is what you are saying (it should be since 2nd digit changes have been radio changes so far), that'll mean iPhone 5 this summer is going to be an A+ upgrade. That's what I want to hear.
iPad getting a first digit change also means a nice upgrade too. Looks like new SoC to me! Hopefully it is 2x the CPU performance, 4x the RAM, 4x the GPU and 2x the storage. Dreaming...

Probably no sooner than they did last year, or the year before, in Apple's almost meticulous annual release cycle.

Sprint and Verizon both run off 850/1900 CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, so iPhone 3.2 and 4.2 could be model numbers for both carriers. I believe China Telecom (largest CDMA carrier) also runs off the same frequency. My mother's CDMA RAZR worked in China when she went over there on a trip.