iPhone 5 launch live from Apple Store Montreal

I'm at the Fairview Apple Store in Montreal waiting in line for the iPhone 5. There's about 100 people here right now -- it's the suburbs! -- but Apple is serving coffee and Starbucks muffins. We're tired but we're wired!

I'll add video and pictures here as I get them! Line on!

iPhone 5 launch live from Apple Store Montreal

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 5 launch live from Apple Store Montreal


Ok, so with the 4S, I was able to have mine delivered by launch date, but with the 5, I was a shade late and it said delivers oct. 5, but on the apple site it says preparing for shipment. Am I really looking at 10/5, or sooner. I've only had the 4S delivered, so I'm not terribly clear on timelines with apple. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Yep, same here. I didn't know they shipped any via FedEx?

I'm still anticipating a long wait. Oh, well, I have work to do until the doorbell rings (after which productivity will go out the window of course).

Went to best buy and was in & out in about 30 mins.. Still don't know why people bother waiting in line at the apple store, lol

Lol they want the experience of apple at Jemz people simple could go to their carriers it's the same phOne being produced the same place I like the iphOne better than android from an experience stand point but I think people over do it and are a little blinded by apple and they take advantage of that you the consumer

The manager at our Apple store told me that all those new vertical displays seen in your header and video are synchronised all around the world, so they all display the same thing at the same time.

He also mentioned that there were a load of mac minis hidden in the base of the display to power it.

Talked to a FedEx driver in Charleston, SC this morning and they had 9,000 iPhone 5 units hit their terminal this morning. Incredible!