iPhone 5 design: Crescent-shaped concept

iPhone 5 mates with Magic Mouse in crescent-shaped concept design

What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple's design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That's the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering.

It's got the glowing Apple logo, so it would naturally sell like hotcakes, but it also looks like there'd need to be too many concessions to ever make a design like this practical. Can you imagine it weeble-wobbling on any table, desk or flat surface you put it down on? (They show it screen-down, like a Magic Mouse, but that makes my heart skip a scratch-fearing beat.)

Still, Apple has done the Braun/Leica inspired design for 2 generations now, and that means the next should sport a makeover. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were decidedly flat, barely extruded rounded rectangles. But Apple believes design is about how something works, not how it looks. How would an iPhone 5 need to work? Bigger battery for 4G LTE, slightly larger screen to provide more ample room for content?

The only way to predict the look for iPhone 5 is to figure out the goals of Jony Ive and Apple's design team.

Check out the rest of the renderings via the link below.

Source: ciccarese via 9to5Mac

Rene Ritchie

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There are 87 comments. Add yours.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Meehh...the battery would be small or take the shape of that. Don't like the mouse look though.

Fahrenheit says:

Yeesh, I must only be the 2nd guy on the planet that likes this mock up (the 1st being the creator)! I think it looks damn slick!

Wayne says:

No, you're the third. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

Brad says:

I agree!! That looks badass!! When I saw it, I came a 'lil bit!!

Behace says:

So its basically a ugly smaller design of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? I guess Apple would do this and the try and sue saying Samsung is copying them.

Macboy74 says:

Do you really think they would do that? Hey Rene I think it's time to start carding people at the door again.

Josh Nyall says:

Yeah seriously, only people that agree with Macboy should be allowed. Who needs varying opinions when this tool knows all.

lornaevo says:

It looks like they took a page out of samsung's galaxy nexus design book.

Cody Hahn says:

I had to google the Samsung Nexu because I didn't recall the design. tweak google images by adding white and wow, blantant copy.
I think the iP4 design was so unique and beautiful Apple will not release a new design that copies anything so blatantly.

Chazzzz says:

I hope that was an attempt at a joke..

Chazzzz says:

iPhone 4 was not the most original design I've seen..
Made most aware of to the masses? Yes... Original? no

Megaman says:

Que ANY photo of a square phone.
Looks nothing like the iPhone4 sir. Thank you.

Dan says:

Looks like they took the magic mouse and made it an iphone

MrLogan says:

Which is what the article says.

B says:

Bad idea! Try setting it down on a flat surface to type. It would rock back and forth.

Jett says:

IT IS NOT THE iPHONE 5!!! I'm tired of seeing people say the next iPhone will be 5. The 4s is the 5th iPhone.
If anything the next one will be "iPhone 6" or Im betting on it being iPhone 4g.

Mike says:

Chill Jett. Look at the 3gs and the 4 did Apple skip numbering then? I don't think they will skip numbering with the 5 either.

deviladv says:

The original iPhone was just iPhone, the second was 3G, the third was 3GS, the fourth was 4. The first four names fit in a slot very nicely without simply being the same number over and over. With the 4S, it presents a naming hiccup. Calling it the next phone 5 means that the 4S was just an "update" and not really a "worthy" phone which diminishes it's value even though it's the best selling iPhone ever. However calling it the 6 causes confusion because people will wonder where 5 went.
But in fact the names actually prove nothing in the way iPhone names will work in the future. The iPhone 4 just lines things up for people who want to predict what the next name will be. The fact that the second iPhone was called 3G means no one anywhere outside of Apple knows what the next iPhone is going to be called, just as much as they don't know what it's going to look like.
I'm betting they are waiting to call the next iPhone the 4G or the 4GS if it has LTE. That would make sense not because of some arbitrary numbering scheme but because they want to emphasize 4G speeds.

GOD says:

this would definitely be numbered 5, however this prototype will not be the actual design. It does not seem to be effective for daily use.

Sancho90 says:

And I'm tired of people saying it WONT be called the iPhone 5.
First off its up to Apple to call it whatever they want. Secondly, it would follow proper chronological order, according to the names sake. Thirdly, this entire argument is moot anyway, Apple labeled the second gen iPhone the iPhone 3G.... 'Nuff said.

gewappnet says:

First I thought this is an article about newly discovered prototypes for what became the iPhone 4S aka the fifth iPhone. Then I realized you still call the next iPhone "iPhone 5", although for now it should be more then clear that the sixth iPhone will definitively not be called this way. Pretty confusing, especially from an iOS specific website.

epiclyepic says:

What are people like you going to do when apple calls it the iphone 5? Seriously, they don't name them only according to the exact release number they are in the iphone line. It will be called the iPhone 5. It will not be the fifth iPhone. Yes, we all understand this. Get over it.

Jett says:

I think you're wrong with the iPhone5! It will be iPhone4G!
But we"ll see...

dewlanna says:

This would be a stupid design.

Hammer says:

It better have a larger screen!

Matthew Oaks says:

It doesn't need a larger screen. Why do I want a phone that big. I love the size of my iPhone 4s. It fits good in my hand, I don't need two hands to do anything on it, and it fits in my pocket without bulging out. Larger screen is overrated. Get an iPad.

skylite22 says:

It's not about a larger phone. It's about a larger screen. Make it so it's at least longer or if possible, wider.

FlopTech says:

We just hope Apple doesn't call the 2012 iPhone the "iPhone 4G." The 4G spec isn't even finalized yet AFAIK. LTE is only an interim technology.

Sancho90 says:

Oh god no... Next concept please. Please?!

ECHUSA says:

That looks like a ugly Palm Pre with larger screen and no keyboard also yea something form the Samsung idea.
No way I would be interested in something like that

musikaaa says:

"Still, Apple has done the Braun/Leica inspired design for 2 generations now, and that means the next should sport a makeover. "
Not true. Why should it change? Just because?
The iMac hasn't changed, fundamentally, in over 5 years.

big9erfan says:

Interesting design, poor usability.

slalomskie says:

Does it double as a mouse for your desktop

deviladv says:

I love how 90% of comments on this website on any design are usually "OMG it's hideous!"
Functionally this design is problematic. The Curve of the 3G and 3GS meant it didn't lie flat on a table. The curve might make it feel like a comfort grip but in this case it's not the curve top to bottom but the curve side to side that counts for the hand and that's still straight edge. Someone also mentioned this leaves less room for components, especially a battery.
The original iPhone will always be the absolute best design in terms of comfort and practical use. However, that gave way to other designs to provide other options due to the limit of physics the original iphone could not do, and Apple recognized that most people just like to slap cases on their iPhone anyway. The iPhone 4 or 4S with a bumper feels great in my hand, just like my original iPhone. I couldn't find a decent case for this design.

Tre says:

Well said... although the iPhone 4/4S is pretty damn good, I agree the original iPhone had the most practical and pleasing form factor.

MRF says:

They should stay close to what they have with a bigger battery, an aluminum back, a 4" screen and WIDGETS!!! (a connected device should be able to use connected apps).

Youso says:

uhh...discusting. me no likey.

Redshirt says:

Wasn't the magic mouse a failure?

terryzx says:

Terrible....I'd be getting a DROID if they did that!!!

Jasmin says:

Is anyone else excireenping severe instability in the Windows Phone design surface since the last round of Microsoft Updates? I've been getting very frequent designer crashes. Most of the time it just claims it can't load some assembly (there are several, it varies). Occasionally the whole VS IDE dies. Sometimes click-to-reload works. Generally, recompiling then clicking to reload is more successful. It's usable, but only if you have a lot of patience. I don't believe this is specific to my computer as it happened at home and at work, and one of these is 64 bit Win7Ult, and the other is 32-bit Win7Ult (it's an elderly notebook), and in both cases the problems started right after updates forced a reboot.

marc says:

Will not happen. It would spin if on a table laying flat and thus show wear signs in the center. My blackberry did this. Apple would never let it happen.

tyler_zyco says:

"Oh hey is that a Magic Mouse?" scratches the screen all over the table attempting to use it

Jc says:

Y'all need to get a grip. Fighting about the name? Really ? Go do something .

Johan says:

I hope this is NOT just a concept, I would by this new iPhone 5 right on release date if the next phone look´s like this;)

Jenna Jameson says:

Just make the damn thing look like iPad 2.........smooth aluminum backing with tapered edges.

brindawithani says:

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! =)

PhillyBoy says:

Finally a good comment , it's gonna be IPhone 5 and look like a iPad 2 with a bigger screen, people over think

HDo says:

Iphone 5.... made with leftover magic mouse parts

Carlosalvarado says:

I thought about this the other day as a matter of fact thought i was the first but didnt think much of it actually mine would be better cause i would want the screen facing up so its touch screen and use a motion sensor it to be compatible with a computer as a mouse and no more annoying "clicks" itll be like tapping on glass and u can make an app for that where u can change the color

Ripjames says:

I like the looks, but i think it would be hard to hold, that kind of looks like a mighty mouse

jameslaz says:

That would make me switch phones. I hate it!

Tom says:

It's magic mouse genius

matt says:

oh. no. thats horrible. i would skip the iPhone 5 as well

9thwonder says:

no headphone jack
No front notification light that i can see (though maybe the button could blink)
And the flash is still tiny meaning all my strip club photos will be dark and suck.

9thwonder says:

Oh and i utterly hate the "magic" mouse. I got big hands. That thing is not useful.

Jenna Jameson says:

Is it true what they say about big hands, big feet, big.....

Zula says:

より:This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and preutics can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. thanks Crosby.

TFausett says:

No offense to the guy that designed this, but it's ugly. I liked the older designs from last year with the 4 inch screen and tear drop design.

jessedholm says:

come on people! Who comes up with these pics? Who in their right mind would actually think that could be the next iPhone? Its fugly and completely impractical.

DarshOne says:

this is reall well done, i like that look alot. i bet it would feel really nice in the hand

MuhammadM says:

if the iphone 5 looks like that, im moving away from iphone or will keep to the 4s.

MuhammadM says:

let a mouse be a mouse and an iphone be an iphone...!!!!

Farhaan says:

I'd definitely have that

DataCentre says:

Well that's just a dumb design. How would I be able to stand the phone up and use my camera app for the self timer for taking pictures of me.

John says:

I like it......guess that means 3 against EVERYBODY else. Oh well :/

Dan says:

Magic Mouse, is that you?

Uri Kelman says:

I'm not interested in having my phone teeter-totter when I set it down on my desk. Looks beautiful, but it's not practical.

Eedwards says:

I like the glowing Apple!!

Ummmm says:

Its not that bad but when's apple going to do a replacement battery that the consumer can change... I heard its a possibility for the new but come on guys... I hate going to the Mac store to wait and push around the million and one hipsters!

Tom says:

The only nice thing is the glowing apple insignia. Total class.

Queso says:

Ewww the crescent shape totally ruined it. if this is true get a 4S
the battery will be small and the design is HIDEOUS! it doesnt even look like a phone >.<

gamefly reviews says:

It's been my experience that the longer you are a GameFly customer, the lower on the priority list you seem to go with regard to new releases.

Keva Wherley says:

Can confirm not working on an iphone 4 GSM with 5.0.1. It installs, but does not work at all.

Agustina Nordberg says:

Paying $169 for a bricked phone that is probably unlocked by some illegal means? No thank you.

Mathilde Woytowicz says:

Hi in my iPad 2 there are 4 pages containing icons I can open only fst page icons which contains settings , FaceTime, photos, videos .But I canto en remaining three pages icons containing all games music Facebook etc.. If I click on that icons it just blinks and remains the same pls tell me how to recover my prob in my iPad 2 . My iPad company is apple. Pls help me

Shannan Byrnside says:

How about a snippet code example?I also would like to know how to do this with a KMC pass. The odds of me figuring it out on my own are pretty much nill.

Dhaval says:

What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple's design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That's the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering. http://www.infibeam.com/Mobiles/

Elaine says:

I like the look. It's very unique plus it would be different from the other iPhones 4 or 4s. I hope the new look goes thru.

datça konaklama says:

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