iPhone 5 part leaked,looks like it may have a larger screen?

A supposed image of an iPhone 5 part has appeared on Chinese reseller’s website. The image in question looks like the digitizer panel for the iPhone 5. The design is similar to the one used on the current iPhone 4 however it appears to have a larger screen. These assumptions however are not scientific as no measurements have been released with the image.

The main point to note, if indeed this turns out to be a real iPhone 5 part, is the much thinner bezel on the sides. This would correlate with previous rumors that the iPhone 5 would have a screen right up to the edge of the device. This would allow Apple to increase the size of the screen without increasing the devices overall dimensions dramatically. Other rumored specs include a processor bump up to the A5, a tapered rear panel and of course a retina display.

We don’t know if this is a real image but the same source claims more part images will be released very soon; either way it is nice to have some iPhone 5 rumors instead of all the recent iPad 2 leaks!

What do you want to see in the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments!

[9 to 5 Mac]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 part leaked,looks like it may have a larger screen?


I was thinking the same thing. Has anyone scaled this up against a current one, matching up the home button holes, to see if maybe the phone is smaller?

I loaded the image into Photoshop and compared it to the iPhone4 based on the hole size and I get a screen measurement of 4.85". There is some problem with this method because the angel of the photo actually distorts the measurements some. I would estimate that the angle would account for the .15 difference and that this is a 5" screen.
Just because Apple is experimenting with a 5" iPhone does not mean they will release one. But a 5" model along side a 3.5" model with both being current models would be a good move. And iPhone5 = 5" iPhone would be kind of catchy.

The bumper was an afterthought of Apple after they found out about the antenna problem. Apple found out about this problem late in the development to the point they had passed the point of no return. This was their fix. And they had the gall to charge $30 for it. Glad I got my money back.

If real, Apple is really trying to get rid of cases. Even bumpers would overlap part of the screen. Case designers will have to be even more creative.

That's not entirely true. On the iPhone 4, the screen and bezel are two separate things. So we could still get a much larger screen and still have a bezel able to have similar cases to what we have now, just larger to fit the new form factor.
I, for one, love this new design. I really wish the iPhone 4's screen was just ever so slightly larger, and by looking at this picture, it looks just about the perfect size. Can't wait!

If this is real, at least is looks like they're going to keep the device in the same dimensions with a bigger screen and deceasing the size of the bezel. Which is good as the iPhone feels good in the hand and pocket at it's current size, anything bigger just feels like you're carrying a brick around.

A5 chip io5 bigger screen better front and back camera how about a bit thinner nfc chip maybe no more home screen button, lte (4g) higher res screen

this is fake... look at the left hand side, where the ear piece is... its at a completely different angle, than the other end of the screen, where the home button is... i dont beleive this for one second!!!

really? seriously? there's no possible way they can either change that or, even more likely, the item was photographed upside down?

Either the home button has grown, or this potential iPhone 5 is featuring a 5inch screen while measuring approx. 6,5*15cm in total. That's one massive phone.

based on what reference? it could just be the same dimensions as the current glass but with the display area enlarged length- and width- wise.
I'm shocked by all of the really silly comments by people so far. it seems this is a no brain zone or something.

Based on the assumption that the home button hasn't grown, as already noted in my "really silly comment". Several sources on 9to5 have calculated similar dimensions, so obviously my math wasn't that bad.

I seriously doubt that the home button's size would be increased by Apple. If a photo of the current part's home button is matched up against the home button of this part, it should be obvious what size the screen is.
Although, that still doesn't necessarily mean that this is an actual iPhone 5 part.

i think 4" will hit the spot. but it is a larger screen, will this be the same resolution just scaled up to large screen? or a higher res too?

I am sure they will stick with the same resolution as the iPhone4 but just scaled up in size. It goofs up everything to offer multiple resolutions unless you double them.

if they enlarge the screen, the ppi will be reduced compared to the current iPhone, thus losing the "retina display" feature. the only option is to increase the resolution to the next highest 3:2 ratio size, that being the iPad matching 768x1024dpi. sorry, but I just don't see that happening right now without a significant increase in cost. if it were available already, HTC would have offered it in an android device by now nor would motorola have settled with qHD in the Atrix/Bionic.

@Dan, its transparent. Flip it over. I thunk that 4" is the sweet spot. If it could be accomplished with minimal overall device size increase it would be awesome.

Whether it's real or fake, that's the direction they should go. Keep the overall size about the same but increase the screen size. There's far too much space wasted on the current models. As for bumpers and cases, remember that's just the glass plate. There would have to be a metal band around that, which would still allow cases to grip.

Bigger screen is a must. Picked up an android phone with a 4+' screen and held it next to my iPhone, makes a huge difference in web usability and readability.
What do I use my iPhone for? Texting, reading books, reading emails, surfing the web, oh, sometimes (maybe 2 times a day) I make a phone call. For me its not primarily a phone, most of the stuff I do is screen centric and a bigger screen would make a difference.

So, what your saying is I should carry an Ipad or computer around in my pocket!?!?! This is the point of a smart phone. It takes the place of these devices when your on the go. So I agree that having a bigger screen for surfing or gaming would be an excellent move for Iphone.

I don't believe this an Apple iPhone 5 part, myself. But just because someone did a poor job of using the Clone Stamp Tool, doesn't necessarily prove that the person faked the entire screen opening. It may just be a poor, amateurish attempt at touching up a distracting crease in the plastic, or something under the plastic, or something else that made this photo, of a fake part, look worse.

I agree. They probably just took out a label or some glare or whatever. Large areas aren't copied. Not that I'm saying it's legitimate, but a little Photoshop cleanup doesn't mean anything.

It's also strange that someone so careless would do a much better job with the rest of the image, while doing such a poor job with one area.

C'mon guys, why are you posting an obvious fake with a misaligned screen cut out. Let's exercise a LITTLE discretion OK?

woooow, is it going to be much bigger than the iPhone 4 then ??? with a bigger screen, it can only get better, you wouldn't want it smaller ...

Personally what I would like Apple to include with the iPhone 5, is to either increase the 20mb download limit through a 3g connection to maybe 50mb, or even scrap that option so you can download any size app through the 3g connection. The reason I say this is not everyone has a Wifi connection & it's annoying at times having to connect to itunes especially if the app is just over the 20mb limit :-/

I hope it's factual, but it does look pshopped and fake with those bubbles duplicated. Bigger screen same size of phone would be great.

I wouldn't mind a bigger screen, but I don't feel it necessary either. I guess it would be nice for web browsing; everything else is already designed to be thumb-friendly for the current size screen. However, I'm certain they wouldn't increase the resolution, so if the screen size is increased by more than a little bit they'll lose the 'retina display' moniker. On the gripping hand, it would still have higher resolution than all those 4"+ Android phones.

I like it too. Four inches would be the maximum. No offense to the math whizes, but this talk about five inches is nuts. Something in the 3.75-4" range would help usability, while keeping it Retina-ish and about the same overall size.

Good effort. Good enough for me to say that they would have to redesign the antenna band as it just doesn't look good. They'd have to recess it or do something so that the side edges look better.

I think we will see Apple releasing a 5" iPhone and a new 3.5" model with the 3.5" model being cheap enough that you could get it free with a 2 year contract. That way they could keep the higher prices for the newer 5" model but compete with Android for the free with contract market.
The other possibility is that this could be a 5" screen for an iPod Touch meant to be a super gaming machine. I have always thought they should add a ear phone speaker to the iPod Touch so it could be used with skype and other VoIp services. This would make a super iPod, especially if it is as thin as the current iPod Touch.

PEOPLE! Its clearly fake. Look at the FaceTime camera... It's on the complete opposite site of the earpiece. I seriously doubt Apple is going to change that.

I do believe this photo is fake but to daniel, thats the backside of the screen so the camera would be on the right side, what your seeing would be on the inside of the phone

hey, i've got a project for you... take out the digitizer panel of your iPhone 4 (if you have one) and lay it on the table. now flip it over. what side is the front-facing camera on now?

I personally think a 5" screen phone is a little too much. And even with the band that would wrap around the final phone, cases still have to overlap a little over the front of the phone, and with this rumored thing that will just be impossible. I don't know if you've seen an iPhone case or not, but there is always that "lip" that goes over the front on all sides. This mockup will only allow for a case to grip only the sides of the phone, which makes no real sense. Also, 5" is HUGE for something that's still, in the end, a PHONE. I think the iPhone 4 is really the perfect size. I don't mind the 3.5" screen size. I don't get people who keep saying that the screen needs to be bigger to "keep up" with the competition (aka Android)...it's not all about the gigantic screen.

@Michael not really. On my iP4 there is about 1mm between the edge of the metal band and the edge of the glass. If that pic is real it looks to be about a 1mm bezel which would total roughly 2mm for a case to overlap which is plenty. My case (Speck HD) overlaps by about 2.25mm but I think this case overlaps more than it needs to.

Also, the active part of the display is about a millimeter smaller, on all sides, than the cutout in the faceplate.

The iPhone's screen is a joke next to my Nexus S and my Girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy S (which she ironically traded her iphone4 for) but get real that image is fake and looks prone to breaking the lcd screen on first drop. And to the guys saying its going to have a 5" screen..have you seen the Dell Streak on AT&T? Yeah Its huge!

I think the hardware is fine as it is but can anybody offer any insight into ios 5. Cuz without the interplay between software & hardware their will be no ifone

A 5-inch screen would be too big. I personally wouldn't buy it. If you need over a 4-inch screen you should buy a tablet.

What's the dimensions of that screen? 4"? Looks nice. Also I see they switched the side of the FaceTime camera on this one, it's on the right side of the earpiece now..

What do I want to see? HSPA+ !!!!
At least 14.4kMbps, but ideally 21Mbps; That'll make my iPhone experience even more insane than it already is. :D

Wow, 90% of this sites articles are based on mac rumors and pure speculation. Call me a android fan boi yadda yadda but I am just stating a pure fact. Pretty classic!

I can't believe people actually think this is real. You take a bull crap post and run with it guess. Trying to get more hits. Tipb is really going downhill!!!!

3.8459 inches is as large as it could theoretically be and still be considered a Retina Display by their standards at 300ppi, I doubt we'll see any increase in screen size, though it'd be much appreciated. I think Apple may go bigger once competitors move to 720p HD displays in a year or two, then they'll probably move to 4 inches.

People usually visit single-topic blogs so as not to have to browse every other web site on the net to find all the articles that interest them. They collect and consolidate all the news, and of course add their own analysis (such as it is) to it as well. This saves their readers time. That's kinda what blogs do.

Fake or not I hope Apple is listening. 4" screen on the iphone 5 and I'm definitely in. Anything less and Android FTW.

Apple should get rid of the home button or atleast move it next to the sleep button. Waste of space imo

Why is the bezel and top and bottom so ridiculously large as it is? Have a l0ok at the MOTO Defy (just an example), it has a 3.7" screen and is far smaller than the iphone 4. I think Jobs" obsession with thinness has to stop. Make it a little thicker, but smaller, people would benefit more. It;s not like another 2mm and it wont fit in your pocket FFS.

It's pretty funny how many fools just deny every rumor/leaked pic that comes up. Tons of them raged when the iPhone 4 was lost in the bar a while back: No way it could be real, that thing is ugly, etc.
Based on this pic, the screen will NOT be 5" - because the Home button is smaller. For those trying to match up parts with the current model, it is probably better to use the speaker cutout.

I to think it should be thicker to have a betterbatt.why do these carriers persist in in loading inferior batt in these snag phones

Just so I don't have to read through the previous comments...real quick...those that experienced an everlasting white/gray screen...what steps did you undertake to fix that problem?