iPhone 5 pre-orders LIVE now. Did you get yours?

iPhone 5 pre-orders LIVE now. Websites, however, are iffy...

iPhone 5 pre-orders have begun! Well, sort of. The Apple Online Store isn't working for everyone, some carrier sites are flakier than others, and in general would-be purchasers might be in for a long night.

If Apple.com fails for you, try the Apple Store app for iPhone. If a carrier website fails... try the Apple Store app for iPhone.

If you're pre-ordering, let us know what you ordered, when Apple says it's arriving, how smoothly -- or not smoothly -- it went. If you're having trouble and want help, or just want to blow off some steam, jump into our iMore Forums pre-order pajama party!

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iPhone 5 pre-orders LIVE now. Did you get yours?


SAME HERE! Set an alarm for midnight, popped open the app and was done within 2 minutes and then back to sleep. Quick and painless!!! Went with the 32g White slate model :) now we wait lol

Apple App Store was a quick easy pre-order for me also...Really surprised that the extra cables and adapter won't ship for 2-3 weeks though.

Used the apple store app as the site wouldn't come back up for me. 32GB Black. Time to cuddle into bed and fall fast asleep. Daylight will be upon us soon enough

Couldn't find it in the Apple Store app. But you can add AppleCare+ after you get your iPhone. Just take it to an Apple Store so they can confirm that there is no pre-existing damage and buy the coverage there. You have 30 days to add AppleCare+ after receiving your iPhone.

Got a 32GB Black AT&T. Everything went smoothly except I couldn't use a different shipping address. Both the app and the website refused to ship anywhere other than my billing address even though I've shipped to my work before.

Sleep time.

Happened to me, you were supposed to change it this one screen before.
I just went to the online website and was able to update my address.
All good now!

Same here, then I went into my order on the apple store website and could edit the address, didn't need my mother-in-law in Minnesota getting my new phone when I live in Wisconsin

Apple Store App was the best way! 16 GB White/Silver on ATT. Keeping my unlimited data plan.
(LTE coming soon to my city)

I almost did this....but was worried that the my unlimited plan would get dropped. I guess not?

Got into the app store a few mins early at 2:59 lol put the 32GB black slate iphone 5 in the cart and after about 20 tries to checkout I finally got through. Thats was faster than my i4 preorder, WHEW

It was very smooth with the apple store app on ipad. Apple.com website, won't let me select to choose existing account. Have My Conf Already.

Apple Store app on my phone was smooth & quick. Pre-ordered my phone in 30 seconds. Yes....seriously..... :)

I tried for twenty minutes to order through the apple online store and AT&T's site and neither worked. Logged on to twitter and noticed people were having luck through iPhone app and did it that way. Wasn't smooth had to put my password in several times and got a few errors but kept retrying and finally got it. White/Silver 32GB. I love the Black/Slate but it's time for a change.

I used the apple app and it was so easy! It does ask for your at&t password but it does mean passcode. It was worth getting up at 3 am for!!! I am so glad that is done with!

Smooth pre-order for me. The apple.com and att sites were still not up so I used the apple store app on my iPhone and it was done quickly. Got the 16gb black/slate att model. I use my ipad so much I only need 16gb for the phone. Good luck everyone!!

ughhh! I'm on my bosses business account, if anything VZW should be pre-ordering for me early but I have to wait until 7am?!?! confused...Only way I can is through the Verizon site. Lame...

Done, awesome! 2 ip5 white 16g AT&T used app store app. It took 10 minutes, finished at 3:20 a.m. Est. Immediately emailed me confirmation of both orders standard shipping 9/21.
Now sucks we have to wait a week.
P.s. let me keep unlimited data.
Pittsburgh pa.

Sacramento, CA area: Started in Firefox on MBA. Store still said down. At 12:03a Safari on MBA still gave Apple store down. Went to iPhone 4 Apple Store app and got right in. No problems getting 16GB black/slate iPhone ordered using iPhone app. 1st time ordering through Apple Store app.

Kept trying Apple site with no luck but got a Black 32g thru AT&T delivery date for 9/21......Cant Wait!!!!

yes, ordered mine through apple store app right @ 12am and was done @ 12:06am ... very happy :) I purchased the 64GB white

It took me about 4 tries but got it in forgot to add AppleCare + but will do it later upgraded from a 32g 3GS. Ordered 64g black iPhone 5, wow that sounds good my old one was getting long in the tooth

1 White 64GB for sister, 1 Black 64GB for me. Couldn't get through on AT&T site. Moved to Apple and got through right away. Was done by 12:15 a.m. And Apple was a few minutes late.

9/21 delivery.


Done! 64GB White Verizon. So much faster than the 4S preorder last year.. it was hellish trying to get those pages to load.

Ordered on the Apple website via my iPad. No problems at all... I ordered 2, both 32gb in black and white delivering on the 21st!

Me too. I ordered about 4am and it said estimated shipping time 2 weeks. Used the Apple Store app to get a black 32GB. Pretty disappointed I have to wait 2+ weeks.

Done in a flash on Apple Store app....

Just checked apple.com. Shipping now outside of 2 weeks. In less than 2 hrs from start of Presell.


Got in on the Apple site once it was working. Got the 32GB Black iPhone 5. Said "delivers 9/21" whoo hoooooo!

Then I hit the back button to add the Lightning adapter, and checked out. Site changed to "Ships in 2 weeks" What!? That 30 second delay cost me :-S

But, May have had that "ships 2 weeks" and still got it by the "official day"... Got to be optimistic! :)

Was up at 2:56 est trying to preorder. At 3:00 apple store on iPhone was down. Was up at 3:01. Adding everything to cart was smooth except they stated Verizon would charge me $30 activation fee. My line is 8 yrs old wth. So I tried to go to vzw's website on phone but had issues. Got on laptop and was able to preorder what I wanted last year... iPhone 5 64 gb lte in white. Added a case for 20 bucks while I wait to figure out life proof or otterbox. Happy shopping :)

Well, I had trouble and I still don't have confirmation.

I started out by trying to order through the Apple Store app. Quickly realized that I could not switch carriers through the app but it offered a quick link to the online store. Once there (on my iPhone) I added the first phone to my cart complete with account and credit info for porting my number and setting up a new VZW account. Then nothing but trouble trying to get the second line transferred. I wouldn't let me add the second line to the shared data plan that the first was on. I ended up just filling everything out again but then it balked at me and wouldn't actually put it in my cart.

I got fed up and went to Verizon's site. I figured at least I'll be able to get the phones set up on the account correctly. Well, I was able to add both phones and select the plan I want and I entered all of my credit, porting and payment info but then I was given a "Pending Order Confirmation" screen. So, apparently my order is pending and not actually confirmed.

I'm disappointed that Apple once again couldn't get this right. There's really no way to switch two lines from one carrier to another within the Apple Store? I used to work at Apple retail, I know we could do it in store so I don't know why the web store can't. I'm frustrated, I've been up for two hours longer than I expected I'd be and I'm not even sure if I've got my phones ordered.

Has anyone tried ordering through AT&T? I have a premier business account so was unable to purchase through Apple website. 1 hr 50 min later, still pounding refresh. Have read all comments on all threads and noone seems to have tried through AT&T... probably because noone can get through. Thank you AT&T.

You don't have to use the AT&T premier account. You can just go to AT&T or Apple site and order like everyone else. You will still get your discount and you don't have to wait.

Yeah you actually do have to go through the Premier Business website to order if you have an AT&T Premier Business account. If you try going through Apple to order (Trust me I did at 3:01am EST, it says the account is not supported (since it is business). Thus having to go through AT&T, you choose how you are upgrading and directs you back to the Premier Business Login screen. That wasn't up and running until approx 6:00am and it still said could arrive as early as Sept. 21st. So hopefully I still got into the first shipment from AT&T which is all the same to me as long as it gets here!

at what time this morning? I kept pounding the AT&T Premier business site starting at 3:00am and didn't get through until 6:00am

I went on the Apple Store App at 11:58 and it popped up. I ordered my 32gb Black iPhone by 12:01am and got email confirmation right away. Very smooth. Delivery on 9/21. I also had problems with not being able to change my shipping address. Oh well I'm still excited!

Same here. I could not change the shipping address! I wanted it to go to my work, where i would BE, and not my house. Why couldn't i change it!? Perhaps after it has been processed?

I noticed that my shipping date is for 2 weeks. After the order processes, can I go in and edit it for a store pick-up on the 21st?

You don't have to use the AT&T premier account. You can just go to AT&T or Apple site and order like everyone else. You will still get your discount and you don't have to wait.

My friend got a reservation number. About an hour after pre-order went online, she used it to pre-order her iphone, but she didnt get the delivery priority as promised. Instead, she got the 2 weeks timeframe. Anyone else got a reservation, but not the delivery date of the 21st? She feels screwed!

Used apple store App. was able to get up to att confirming information. But then said it was having problems and emailed me a reservation number because it was having problems reaching carrier's system.

Didn't want to wait so i kept trying the apple store online. Finally was able to get in.
- Couldn't do in store pick up which i really wanted to
- Couldn't change shipping address. Seem to only ship to billing address. Dumb because i wont be at that address during the day!

Got what I wanted, on the 21st ship date.
Total time - 1 hour
Satisfaction - 7 out of 10 (Frustrated at times)

it's not actually the billing address they use, it's the address on file with your carrier, you can go to your order on the apple store and edit the address. mine was getting shipped initially to my mother-in-law's in minnesota (family plan under her address), switched it to where I live in wisconsin.

Pre-ordering went smoothly on apple.com. Ordered the white 64gb. Only problem was that I was unable to select pick up in store, or change my shipping address since I will be vacationing all next week...

I used the Apple Store App. Got the 16GB White & Silver (GSM) Delivers 9/21 :D ... took about 20 minutes maybe even longer to finally get the order through didn't go smoothly at all.

Took about 2 hours to get to the AT&T order site from the "LOADING" page but after that it was a snap. 32GB White beauty will be here next Friday.

Got my 4s 7 months back.
i absolutely love it.
But now no money left to upgrade to the iphone 5. :|

32gb Black/Slate iPhone 5 for me! It was a snap, probably because I waited so long, there wasn't as much traffic on the Apple website. I'm sad though because it ships in 2 weeks, sadly I won't have it the first day it comes out :( No unboxing videos for me!

No problems ordering a 64 GB black/slate model from Verizon Wireless this morning. Tried Apple store first, but said it wouldn't ship for two weeks. Verizon will have it here by Sept. 21. Smooth as butter.

Iam waiting on my order to finish processing- how long will that take? When it's done, Ill be able to change for 2 week shipping to 9/21/12 store pick-up.

same here. i want either cancel and go through verizon if they will deliver by the 21st, or just wait in line on the 21st

Well, it does have a sapphire cover over the camera. Who else can claim that? No, I shant be getting this one. The 5S is more likely to be compatible with VodaPhone, O2, and the other LTE bands in Europe. Besides, my contract isn't up and we don't get annual upgrades any more on Sprint. Also, by next year, Sprint should have quite a bit more LTE coverage. This year, LTE on Sprint is scant, and it's pointless to get an LTE phone right now that won't see much LTE coverage.

Yup, just ordered it. I'm upset though that i had to upgrade to the 3GB plan (from 2GB) for an extra $10 a month. They didn't even give me an option. What a way to force consumer into spending more money. Yet I did it anyways...

I ordered mine right after 3et. When will my credit card be charged? I'm paranoid because I upgraded my wife's # from my apple app.

I ordered my iPhone 5, 64 GB Black & Slate (AT&T) though the Apple Store App on my iPhone 4S, completed at 12:07 AM, went really fast, smooth and easy. Then at 4:03 AM (yes I am at work this early) I got an email from PAYMENT@APPLE.COM stating the the following:
Order Date: Sep 14, 2012
Customer Name: James XXXXX
Order number: XXXXXXXXXX
Dear James XXXXX
Thank you for your recent order with the Apple Online Store. We
appreciate your business.
We have been unable to obtain payment for your order.
We will continue to attempt to obtain authorization for your order for
one week.
If we do not receive a response from you within one week from the date
of this email, your order will be cancelled.
We offer the following options for resolution:
1. Please contact the financial institution that issued your credit card
to review the reason for decline. You will need to resolve this with
your financial institution before this order can be processed.
2. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your financial
institution, you may cancel your order by visiting:
http://www.apple.com/orderstatus You will need to login to your account
with your Apple ID to locate this order.
3. Please visit http://www.apple.com/orderstatus to change your form of
payment to a different credit card. Please ensure the cardholder name,
billing address and phone numbers on file for your credit card match the
information on your order. You will need to login to your account with
your Apple ID to locate this order.
4. If you wish use a different form of payment, such as a Money Order,
Cashier's Check, or Wire Transfer, please call us at 1-877-422-5368.
Apple Online Store
Online Help: http://store.apple.com/us/help
Phone: 1-877-422-5368
Contact us 24 hours a day

At first I thought it was some scammer trying to get my credit card information so I logged in the Apple Store (not using the link provided in the email) and sure enough for some reason my payment was not working. I have no idea why, I used a debit card with plenty of available funds to cover the costs. Anyway I just changed my payment method to a Credit Card and it went though. Order is still processing and my delivery date still says 9/21, oh and my updated credit card was already charged so I think I am good to go.
Last year when I ordered my 4S I spent hours on line trying to get it to go thought. This was so easy and fast. I set an alarm for 11:58 PM and by 12:07 AM I was done.
I hope everyone else gets theirs with no problems.

Good Luck,

I ordered 2 AT&T 16GB White iPhone 5. I had two MacBook Pros going at the same time so I could switch off between them depending on which one connected first (Apple's Site). Chrome didn't seem to want to make it all the way through the ordering process so Safari carried me through check out! I was really impressed with how well Apple's site held up this year! Kudos! I can't wait until Sept 21!

Got mine (32gb black) by calling Verizon. I called once at 6:15am EST and couldn't get through. I tried again at 6:30 and got right through. No trouble, except I had to change my data plan.

Yeah I got mine successfully at about 3:40a. I got the app to work about 3:20a but it didn't elect to do in store pick up. So I got the apple site to win through Chrome, but still no option for in store pick up, so I said forget it and just had it mailed. I'll have to catch the waiting experience another release. Thanks again iMore for the t-shirt and stylus! Had fun chatting with everyone in the pajama party last night!

64gb white from Verizon..no issues except for a text a few minutes from Verizon asking to verify I placed the order

Pre ordered through apple store app, pretty smooth, well had some issues with checkout but once I enabled express checkout and updated stuff it was good. Got through at around 3:15am (Toronto time) after trying apple site for a while. Got 1 white & 1 black 32gb says will be delivered by September 21. Only issue now is how I'm gonna get my nano sim.

Just ordered a white/silver 32GB through Verizon. Smooth transaction. Can't wait. Moving from a BlackBerry Bold 9930. Been with BB since I got my first smartphone, but have always had an iPad and iPod touch.

I made my preorder purchase at exactly 4:15 will I have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to ship or will I get it the 21st?

AT&T says 9/21 , Apple says two weeks .
I hope AT&T doesn't back out in a week and apologize for a delay !

I ordered at roughly 1:25am Pacific time and it was at 2 weeks _to ship_ on Apple.com. Frustrating because you'd think that'd be early enough to get it on the 21st. Now it's not going to ship for 2 weeks and will take approximately 5 days for delivery. That's nearly 3 weeks! Oh well, it's just a (great/wonderful) phone. I'm happy my order is in.

Apple App Store app worked like a charm, despite all the trouble I had with the websites. Got it ordered at about 3:10am; 32GB white.

woo hoo! Verizon business site was lame and didn't give me an option to use another line for an early upgrade on my number, I had to call, only took a couple minutes. 32 GB black!

Woke myself up at 2:45 EDT, and pulled up both Apple and AT&T websites at about 2:50. When the AT&T site came up, there was a notice that I might be eligible for an upgrade. When I clicked there, it offered the iPhone 5 as an option, and away I went! Ten minutes early. Very smooth process. Even now, I see that the Apple wait is out to two weeks, and AT&T is still shipping to Sept. 21. Despite all the moaning and groaningI hear about AT&T, I have been a happy customer if theirs since the original iPhone.

For some reason my order went in twice through Apple and got 2 separate emails and different order confirmations for the same exact line. If I end up getting 2 for $199 (16gb black-the although I have always had black iphones before and wanted a white one but the iphone 5 in black looks like a accessory to Batman's stealth vehicle) I will end up gifting one to my gf. I hope they dont realise they r giving me 2 discounted phones on the same line.

I got on at 4 AM. Used Apple's website since switching from AT&T to VZW. All went well, but couldn't switch shipping address. Ordered Black 64 GB, says 2 weeks.

Ordered around 8:00 am EDT today on Verizon's site without problem. Was having last minute thoughts about pulling the trigger and a couple of the accessories went out of stock in that time.

64G Sprint iPhone 5 in black.
Ordered on the Apple site about 3:55 AM EDT.
Note received says ship in 2 weeks. Oh! well.
The Sprint site said "coming soon" and the Apple Store app. kept giving me an error.
For some reason IE kept showing the apple store as being down. Chrome worked fine.

Turns out the Sprint site apparently had some release day supply left. I ordered from them and canceled my order from the Apple site.

Woke up at 3am on the dot and tried to order with the Apple Store app. Got to the billing page no problem, then it kept throwing errors and wouldn't let me continue. Tried for about 15 mintues and decided to go back to bed.

Woke up again at 5:30 and saw they were sold out of first round shipments. So I put in my order with Apple for '2 weeks out'. About an hour later, I realized the carriers were still taking orders, but Apple wouldn't (and still wont') let me cancel my order as it's still in 'Processing' status. So now, I'm stuck feeling like a schmuck for 1) wasting time when I could've been sleeping, and 2) going with Apple when I could've got it sooner with someone else.

I'm really sick of these midnight PST release times. It's like Apple is giving a big middle finger to everyone on the east coast that has a job. If you're going to ask people to be awake at 3am to try and put an order in, then don't waste our time with systems that can't handle the response rate.

I wasn't in a big hurry to get my new iPhone 5, so I didn't set any alarms or plan on getting up early. I normally wake up around 5:30am however for some reason woke and looked at the alarm clock at 3:05am this morning. So, I grabbed my iPad (it always sits on my nightstand) fired up the Apple Store app, rolled through the ordering procedure received an e-mail confirmation that my iPhone 5 in white (unlocked) will be shipped next Friday. Looked at the alarm clock, 3:11am rolled over and went back to sleep.

Done and done!

Yes i did set My alarm for 3:00am and woke up and ordered two iPhone 5!! One 64G for me and one 16G for my wife!!!!!!

I tried ordering the black 16gb iPhone 5 at 12 am but the store was down so I went to sleep and woke up at 1, it still didn't work so I went back to sleep again, and I woke up at 2 and got my order in after it processed for a while. I will be getting mine the 21st!

No, my iPhone 4 is still perfect for my needs. Especially as I found a way to have siri (exactly the same as 4s) on it. I can't justify getting iPhone 5, ios6 is pants, literally there's a new map app and that's about it

used the apple store app and went right through... thought that was right after the gates opened (2 am Central time) My sweet Black64 should be on its way to me next Friday!!!

stayed up last night to order exactly at midnight. Kept hitting refresh about every 5 seconds after 11:55 p.m. I didn't get the page to load until about 12:05 a.m. I had already enabled one click shopping on my apple store account and had confirmed shipping and billing info was correct. After I selected my phone's model and put it in my cart and was at the confirm order page, the shipping address defaulted to my billing address. I went back to account settings and confirmed that it showed the correct shipping address but when I got to the order confirmation page it defaulted to my billing address which is different and there was no possible way to change it. I placed the with the wrong shipping address just so I could get it processed. I went on the Apple Store website this morning and went to in to my current order and it finally let me change my shipping information. About five minutes later I received an email from Apple confirming that the change had taken place. Did anyone else experience anything like this?

I couldn't change the shipping address as well when ordering. But you were able to change it after you processed it by going back into your account history? I'm trying to go in now, but web site is having a problem. I want to change my shipping address

Yeah just go to view order history and select edit shipping address. You are probably having a hard time getting through because of the high site traffic right now but just keep trying to load the page and eventually you will get through. Just don't stop trying and figure you'll go back on the site later and change it because once the order is done processing and has left their facility you wont be able to change the shipping destination. Hope this helps!

From 3am to 3:20am, pre-order was not available. Tried again at 6am and everything went smoothly except ship date moved out to 2 weeks. I expect to get the phone around Oct 5.

Ordered my iPhone 5 64GB for VZW exactly @ 8. I am a long time Android devotee as well as a Sprint customer. If iOS woos me I just may sell my 7" Android Tablet for the rumored iPad mini

Didn't even get up early, signed into Verizon at 7AM, ordered a 32g black iphone 5 and had my cofirmation e-mail by 7:15 with delivery for next Friday Sept 21st. No fuss no muss, very easy. Thanks Verizon!

Post whether or not you receive your phone on 9/21. I'm anxious to hear if you get it. Hope you do!

Woke up at 1:50am CST to order. Tried using three different computers on Apple.com and ATT.com and neither would let me order. I read some comments about some folks getting in through the Apple Store app, so I tried that. I was finally able to complete my order @ 2:39am... White/Silver 32 GB $594 from AT&T. But, I get to keep my unlimited data... can't wait to surf unlimited on LTE baby! woohoo!!!!

Sorry, folks its being rumored that the Iphone 5 launch date is being pushed back to The 26th! This is not a joke. Remember I said its being RUMORED!!

IPHONE VIRGIN HERE. It's just not a launch without standing in line so got my 64G/BLACK ATT version pre-ordered at BestBuy since they have awesome protection with no deductible, Woohoo! First iPhone, so don't have to worry about replacing chargers/connectors since I don't have any yet. Man, I'm a total geek at heart and you don't even WANT to know how old and creaky I am,

I have a question. I have a 16 GB White/ Silver IPhone 5 pre ordered and it's still being processed but they are saying it will take 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could edit my order to an in store pick up for the 21st. When the Iphone 4 launched my apple store had at least 70 extra phones for people that did not have pre orders and were just standing in line (that's how I got mine). I don't see why I couldn't edit it for an in store pick this time, since I am sure they are gonna have a few extras.

Just checked the status on apple.com. They are telling me that I wouldn't get my phone until October 5th.......... :( . I would cancel but I am afraid that if I do that At&t site will tell me that they are sold out already and I will still have to wait 2 weeks. And I really just don't feel like camping out again at my local apple store like I did for my iphone 4 (it was just a tiring experience, but I met alot of cool people). So I guess I am just going to have to wait, my Iphone 4 is gonna have to tide me over until then.

Hi Rene. Ordered a 64 Black iPhone 5 on Apples Site.

Thanks, for I think a moderator, suggesting using Safari !! I normally use Firefox & the site would not come up....yet it did on Safari. Later even tried rebooting & restarting Firefox...site still failed for 30 minutes. Hmmm..not a techy, but weird.

Was able to order last night around 12:20am PST. Strangely, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows 7 wouldn't open the Apple site all the way up until 12:10am. Yet at 12:01am, IE9 did. I couldn't get past the page to choose if I wanted to add the phone to an existing AT&T account or a new account. But at around 12:10am, the site finally loaded in Chrome and I was able to go all the way through it from there. Got the 16GB slate with a ship date of the 21st :)

Forgot all about it this morning (Yikes), but order went smoothly on At&t site at 4:00PM. Ordered 32GB Black for my great and lucky kid! Free Shipping and Delivery on the 21st.

EDIT: My order said 21st...but my email says 2 weeks. They did the same thing 2 years ago but I still got it a day early, there just covering their a's in case they can't get more. I'll bet they cover half these orders on the 21st.

Makes me lol, you guys are so brainwashed into buying their products, it's like Nazi Germany or something

Makes me lol, some people always hate it when others actually have enthusiasm for things. It's ok, nobody is forcing anybody to buy this stuff. Enjoying good stuff and having product & brand enthusiasm/loyalty is OK. Nazi Germany....really? meh

I ordered at 5 am (2am Pacific) and my confirmation says it's due to deliver 10/4. Seriously? What's the benefit of preordering if people can get it from the store a full two weeks sooner?

Confirmed gotten 4 units no contract unlocked units via store.apple.com/sg with shopping 21 September. First wave around 3pm GMT+8 was gone within minutes. Checked again at 6pm GMT+8 and they seemed to have released more stocks. Really happy!

Great experience using the Apple Store app. Literally took 90 seconds though I know it helped trying it at 3am.

Started in apple store at 5:45 am eastern and it did not work. Apple could not connect to VZW to verify my account. Asked me to login to my apple id and that I would get an email once apple confirmed my account with VZW. Got email two hours later. In the meantime, I went direct to VZW and got my order placed and confirmed for Sept. 21. VZW ordering process was smooth and easy.

I have to say apple has been very helpful for me this time. I ordered on apple.com and I switched billing and shipping address I realized after the email I called and was able to update it and just assumed that I now was going to have to wait a few weeks but they assured me it was still arriving on Friday. Upon the 2nd email I realized they put a wrong # in the shipping address (simple clerical error) so I called back and because they felt I shouldn't of had to call back (and probably cause I was nice) the lady threw in the 30 pin adapter for free. If it hadn't been for my mistakes it would have been real smooth.

Rogers opened up at 6am. Logged in at 6:08, ordered a black 32g. It will be a sweet upgrade from my 3-year old 3G!! 563 on waiting list. Hopefully close to launch day then.

Got mine at 3am from apple store only to be cancel today 09/16/12. I was trying to port my phone number from AT&T to sprint.

I'm waiting till first week in October to get mine gonna be to many fights pushing and shoving and people acting like morons just over a phone!!

I lost zero eastern standard time sleep for preordering. Ordered mine with Apple at 6am (my normal wake up time) Friday morning. It took me 3-4 minutes to complete my order as I had my choices made and there was no delay from the Apple site. My ship date from Apple says I'm to receive my white 64GB on 10-5-2012. My friend who lives 4 doors down ordered hers through Verizon 2-3 hours after I did. Her ship date from Verizon says she'll receive her white 64GB on 9-28-2012. I might be wrong, but I suspect that ship date from Verizon will change and she'll receive hers at about the same 10-5-12 date I'm given by Apple for mine.