iPhone 5 release pool: Avian says 2011, early 2012?

iPhone 5 release pool: Avian says 2011, early 2012?

There's no way we're going to report every "analyst" rumor that comes our way about the iPhone 5 release date -- because holding an iPhone 5 release pool, and holding the analysts' feet to fire, is so much more fun. So, first up, Avian Securities as relayed by Business Insider:

Supporting out comments over the last month, conversations with yet another key component supplier indicates that production for iPhone-5 will begin in September. [...] This leads us to believe that any launch is likely a very late 2011 or more likely a 2012 event.

Okay, Avian, your entry is hereby added to our iPhone 5 release pool; no doubt it will soon be joined by a ton others. Now, when iPhone 5 launches (likely this fall, but who knows?) we'll see who the last analyst standing is, won't we?

[Business Insider]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 release pool: Avian says 2011, early 2012?


I was wondering how they were gonna get verizon and at&t customers on the same upgrade path. Now we know. Apple and these carriers can go s c r e w themselves anyway. I'm not upgrading every single year. It's impractical and a waste of a good device. I know the sheep will want to keep up with the Jones' and upgrade every single idevice they have. Good luck with that and credit card debt that goes along with it.

Keith nobody cares about you having to wait a year because of the network you are on. Everyone else that has an iPhone wants a new one ASAP.

Not everyone. I also won't mind getting more than a year out of my AT&T iPhone 4. I certainly won't feel compelled to upgrade early if there is nothing worth upgrading to. I will feel for those with 2 year old 3gs's though...

Gosh Randy, your reply was far from dandy... Approaching rude. Apparently the little smiley at the end of what I wrote had no impact on you... it was meant in jest. Perhaps I'll explain better next time so you wont be so quick to jump to incivility.

All I know is new software doesn't mean a thing to me without new hardware. My 3G isn't supported with updates anymore. I don't want to buy an iPhone 4 if 5 is coming, but I also don't want to wait another year for a new phone.

Where do those rumors come from and who believes in it? Did apple say anything about postponing iphone5? NO. That means we have to wait until june to find out and all these stupid rumors sounds like from old voodoo lady...

you know what Karolis? I agree 100%...these rumors are pretty much stupid in my opinion. No one knows exactly what Apple will do, they can only guess from the past

I gotta agree with karolis here. Ive seen all kinds of rumors over the past 3 years (since I started read TIPB) about iPhones having keyboards, removable flash cards, I could go on all day about the bogus rumors. But to ne all this means is that apple got their sh** right and they are able to keep their new proptoptype AWAY from Tge public. Does no one remember how the iPhone leaked out months before Steve presented it! Apple has fixed their issues and i think the unkown scares people into thinking they have some kind of "delay" Now I beleive im not the only one who feels this way... So Rene, and the rest of TIPB Nation Back me up on this one.

Same thing I told my buddy today. Wasn't the iPad 2 supposed to be delayed too? Heck a week after that rumor, apple held an event and released the iPad 10 days later. These type of plans have been in the works for years. Apple knows what they are doing. So all these rumors should just stop. It's getting old really fast.

The thing is...even if it didnt come out until 2014 it wouldn't really be delayed since Apple to my knowledge has never even officially acknowledged that there will even be an iPhone 5 let alone give it a date of release to be delayed from (just as in previous years) Personally, I'm just tired of "analyst rumors" being reported by other tech blogs and news outlets as actual news.

i still wonder if the lack of concrete order reports from foriegn parts companies is merely a reaction to the leak last year and apple remaining extremely tight lipped and making sure there are no leaks from the plants.

Agreed. I think if anything this is a misinformation (rather an enforced LACK of information) campaign on Apple's part. These guys are too used to gating info on parts suppliers and if Apple plugged that hole this is throwing off the predictions.
I say iPhone 5 by fall.

These types of jokes really became not so funny after people used them over and over again the first two months after it happened. Almost a year later, it's really not funny at all.

I am one of those with a two year old 3GS lol. I skipped the iPhone 4 because I know the 5 will come with a nicer camera and more importantly a A5 processor.

you really think apple would deter from their yearly cycle? ipods, iphones, ipads, etc. all have a yearly refresh cycle. do you honestly think apple would leave all of their customers (whose contract ends in june) with no new hardware to move to? new android and windows 7 phones are popping up left and right. i doubt apple will stretch the refresh cycle. i'm still rocking my 3g and refuse to get a 4 because a new iphone in june is imminent. the business insider article also mentions a cheaper price point iphone. i wonder if they realize that the last gen iphone always gets reduced pricing, thus making it a more affordable iphone.

I agree! Especially with all the 3G users contracts ending... They will be enticed by a slew of android this WP7 that, and lets face it, Im a fanboy, so of course I would never get another type of phone, but I would bet majority of the population that uses the iPhone has no ties what so ever to it, besides losing the few paid apps they bought. That would put apple in a predicament if they left all the people wanting new phones in limbo for any reason.

Apple wouldn't release iOS 5 without new hardware. They'd never waste the marketing opportunity. And we know iOS 5 will be previewed by June. Do the math.

BTW..if there's any delay, you can bet it's more to do with iOS 5 than hardware. Hardware is the easy part for Apple. They won't release one without the other.

Ok,how exactly would a component supplier know what they're looking at? isn't their job just to produce parts? if it's an internal upgrade then they wouldn't be able to tell the difference and they'd just look like regular i4's.

Whilst I would love to see iPhone 5 this summer, have we all forgotten the reason for these "parts supply" issues..... Over 11,000 people died recently in Japan, and who supplies alot of tech for iPhones and other gizmos? Oh, that's right Japan..... So get a grip, it will be out when it's out - it's only a phone!

If, and it's a big if, they wait until late fall, do they stay on that pattern the next year, and so on? I cannot see them putting one out in Sept, or Oct, and going back to June the next year. Barely 8 months. Nope, I say June 2011.

Actually MOST of their parts come from Korea and China. Japan is as rich and overpriced as the us

You all missed the boat, they actually launched it 10 days ago, were you all in a coma! I got mine, 5 inch screen, 20 megapixel camera, built in microwave, 12 volt jump start capability for those times when your battery is dead on the car. Leather back panel and new ultra sleek and 'in' plastic fascia made from recycled water bottles. But the best thing is the superb ability to sense what you require from thought so no keyboard or touch screen, you just think it and it happens.

Okay, lets see if I've covered all the bases...
This just in - as reported by (a technology analyst / part supplier / blog / website) the iphone 5 will be (delayed / released) in (June, July, August, September, October, November, December, 2012). If delayed, it was caused by (a new revolutionary IOS, the shortages in Japan, the inclusion of a mystery Sony camera, Steve Job's health, Apple just F-in with you). This announcement will mean the (end, explosion, revolution, or MAGICAL growth) of Apple.
When the iPhone 5 is released it will have (a glass, metal, carbon fiber) back, with a (5 MP, 8 MP, 1000 MB) camera, (2,4,8,16,32,64) Core processor, with a (larger, smaller, side-ways, denser, lighter, 3D, Holographic) display, and (Zero - Cloud, 16, 32, 64, 128) Gigabytes of storage. It will be on the (2G, 3G, LTE, CDMAT) network. This phone will be released on (AT&T only, AT&T and Verizon, AT&T, Verizon, and now T-Mobile). The alleged price of the new phone will be (199.00, 299.00, 1,000, your right kidney).
What did I miss?

What really confuses me is this -- as far as I know, NOTHING in the iPhone is made in Japan. The first news of a camera being made IN Japan was by Sony, who's never made an iPhone camera before.
Again, WHAT PART IS MADE IN JAPAN? Just because most Americans can't tell Japan from Korea, doesn't mean they AREN'T COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ECONOMIES. Why would the US outsource to Japan when the prices to make electronics are no lower there? Hell, Japan outsources automaking to the US to produce cheaper Toyotas.
I'm just still unaware of the mystery part that's made in Japan. Someone help me out here. All the major parts are made in Taiwan, China and Korea - according to all the sources I've ever seen. And yes, SAMSUNG IS NOT A JAPANESE COMPANY.

As you say, Sony CEO said they're supplying the camera, assume for iPhone 5, and Apple did not sue them, so it must be true! I am aware that Samsung is not Japanese, I am European and studied Japanese aswell as travelling the world, so I am not a typical no passport holding American!

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Don't understand why everyone's panicking & upset about this "rumor." This gives them MORE than enough time to perfect the i5. All the "better notifications, bigger screen size, better attenna etc" wishes can probably be granted now with this rumored delay.

I think we're missing something here, remember Apple is most likely to do a spec-update while keeping the same body, very similar to the 3g/3gs. Therefore i think the current Iphone's being assembled are the next phones only the manufactures wouldn't know it because they just see the Iphone 4. that way,no one can leak it if they don't know what they're looking at.