iPhone 5 renders [Speculation]

iPhone 5 renders [Speculation]

MacRumors commissioned CiccareseDesign to make some renders of what the iPhone 5 just might look like based on the case leaks we saw earlier this month. And... I like it. It gets rid of the glass back of which I was never a fan, and adds back in some thin new -- and yes, sexy -- curves.

The designs show manufacturers what areas need to be open or exposed for cases, but reveal little else. In the past, this has caused some misunderstandings about future features. iPad 2 cases seemed to suggest an extra port at the top of the device, but that turned out to be a space for a microphone hole. Similarly, there are a few areas on the iPhone 5 case designs that are open to interpretation.

As MacRumors says, basing a render on a case design is tough. Are the screen and home button bigger or is more finger room simply being left around the edges for new gestures? I know what I'm wishing for, how about you?

Check out the rest of the renders via the link below.


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iPhone 5 renders [Speculation]


I think Daring Fireball linked to an article about calling gadgets sexy on gizmodo. I thought it was prety good and I am wondering about whether it is really the appropriate term in this case.

Yeah i dont think apple would go backwards in shape and size now that the iPhone 4 shape is dominate. i suspect the shape of the iPhone 4 will move into the iPhone 5 but it will be half the thickness, bigger screen, etc. All these speculations are simply Chinese knockoff bullshit we see every year. I am pretty impressed with the say apple has kept the iPhone 5 from leaking to the public.

I hope the new iPhone doesn't resemble the iPod touch 4th gen because the volume buttons are a real bitch to press with 1 hand, awful placement and design.

I can't express how much I want iPhone 5 to have the same back as the iPad 2. Same flat-but-rounded feel, same aluminum. And after using my Samsung Focus for the past week, iPhone 5 MUST have a 4" screen. All that said, it doesn't matter what they put out, I'll be buying it. I'm an unapologetic junkie.

Same here on the buying no matter what. I'm still rocking the 3GS and I'm so ready for an upgrade. It can be a POS and I'd prob still buy it.

Kind of looks like the iPad 2, so it makes sense that it MAY look like this. I didnt't appreciate the iPhone4's boxy feel. This looks a lot more delicate than the 4 though, despite the glass back. I like it and I think I'm gonna buy it regardless lol. I'm also tired of my 3GS but I still appreciate that its been through so much and still works like ' new '.

Last year I was hoping apple would change the design for the iphone 4, and they did that, and I love the result... I hope it won't look like the picture above, cause if it looks like that, I'll buy another iphone 4!

It will never look like that. I am sure that the amount of space above and below the screen will be the same in respect to each other.