iPhone 5: What we didn't get!

iPhone 5: What we didn't get!

That's it. The September 12 Apple event is over. The iPhone 5 It's like on your birthday when you sneak a peak at your presidents but secretly hope your mom or dad managed to keep just one small surprise for you. Or when you read the spoilers but still somehow hope there'll be a killer twist at the end.

So it was with Apple's 2012 iPhone event. Anyone who's read anything over the last few days and months new pretty much what to expect, even as they desperately wanted the unexpected. That's on us. Not Apple. But still, there are things Apple didn't do this time that rumors suggested they might, and things they're not doing that the competition are. Here are 10 examples.

  1. Totally new design. I told you the leaks were it. Some of you didn't want to believe -- or rather wanted to believe in something else. Not this year.
  2. Colors: iPod touches come in colors now. So will the Nokia Lumia 920. Not the iPhone 5 though. That's still as black and white as Bond's tuxedo.
  3. PureView-class camera. Nokia raised the bar to the stratosphere with OIS (optical image stabilization) that "floats" the camera so it can stay open longer and collect more light. It also oversamples. The iPhone 5 camera is better than before, but not that much better.
  4. Wireless charging. The Palm Pre had it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has it. The Nokia Lumia 920 has it. Apple doesn't seem interested.
  5. NFC. If the iPhone 5 has Near-Field Communications hardware, Apple didn't talk about it today. Nor did they talk about mobile payments, check ins, or any typical NFC features.
  6. No Wi-Fi direct. No non-network, AirPlay to Apple TV. No device-to-device data transmission. No iPod nano watch.
  7. No super-sensitive touch. Nokia says you can use the Lumia 920 with gloves on. No such luck with the iPhone 5.
  8. Predictive, localized Siri. Unlike Google Now, Siri didn't get on-device text parsing. It also didn't get better contextual awareness. So even though it knows where you are and all your information, it can only do what you tell it. Unlike Google Now, it can't anticipate.
  9. New iOS 6 features. No widgets, no actionable notifications, no nothing that wasn't shown off already, besides panorama photography.
  10. New iCloud features. Sure, Notes and Reminders are coming, but iCloud didn't any major updates we didn't already know about.

Anything else? Any features you really, really wanted to see that Apple didn't give you?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 5: What we didn't get!


I just think it's so offensive (and wrong) the way you sneak in to most of your articles on the iPhone 5 that it isn't a "totally new design," or that it's somehow a retread of the iPhone 4 or the 4s. It so obviously isn't a retread and is different in almost every way.

It bears some visual similarities to the old design which is actually a good thing, but from a design point of view it's completely different in almost every way. It just makes you sound bitter and juvenile to refer to it that way IMO.

I always wonder what sort of "totally new design" people are hoping for. Octagonal? Ninja star with razor sharp edges? Half-sphere?

Don't misread me - I'm preordering iPhone 5 as soon as I can, but I do understand the complaints about the design. I've been very tempted by the new Lumias and even the Galaxy S3. But think about the relatively total new design from the iPhone 3G/S to the iPhone 4/S. Maybe in 2 years after the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 will be a very different design.

i ditched my iphone4 for an s3.. i was worried i wouldn't like it but the s3 with android blows away my iphone. Way more personalized to MY TASTES. The camera is better then my digital camera and integrates with all my gmail, picasa and google accounts.. Best choice i even made.

Ios was feeling old and dated to me after moving from the 3g, 3gs and 4. the 5 is let down in my eyes.. the screen needed to be bigger but stretch it? Really keep the aspect ratio and make it wider. arrgh.. glad i made the switch.. for now.

Stretch it? Your eyes need to get checked then! I'm glad you like to look like an idiot with a book up against your face when talking. This is why your not in charge of anything visual!

I did the same thing I got a s3 and gave my 4s to my wife to get my last upgrade to keep my unlimited plan and was gonna sell it for the i5but after yesterday I'm def keeping my s3 ! Too much like my 4s design and still no toggles in the notification center. Give me a break I don't want to jailbreak my phone anymore. It's got some nice new additions but I'm gonna sit this one out mys3 rocks in all the departments I need and has the features iPhone keeps omitting. Maybe next year.

LOL. Nice. You've never read anything else I've ever written?

I love the design. Your comment couldn't be more misdirected if you'd thrown it at the moon :)

Damn Gazoobee, you have such passion for the iPhone lol. Calm down, he's a blogger expressing his opinions. He has the medium to do it, and it's his job.

Relax. Some iMore readers wanted to see a dramatically refreshed visual style, perhaps like the 3G->4 level of switch. They didn't get it; Apple chose to stay classic. Rene would be remiss not putting it on the list. That's all. Take a deeeeeeep breath.

I don't really get that sense from his writing. That said, it seems that Android sites generally seem to think that way. HTC seems to have a design they're set on and they've used in in the thousands (exaggerating, but seriously it's a lot) of their devices but I don't hear the same criticism. I don't mind this design. I'm sure they'll change it eventually, but it might not be for everyone.

I'm a Droid Guy, and I'll tell you the criticism is there, it's just different because of all the many OEMs making Android based devices. Apple makes (for all intents and purposes) one phone, and they're the only ones who make it. If you don't like one Android based phone design, there are many more to look at. iPhones have been so very similar in design for at least the last 3 years, he (like many) was hoping it might be a little (more) different.

It's pretty easy to know why people complain... Apple is Apple. HTC is just another Android OEM. And I'm not trying to be disrespectful here.

I think sometimes people forget that Apple is a company with business plans, defined goals, etc... People just always want more, and more.

iPhone 4/4s design is beautiful, a huge success, what's the problem with improving it? And, as Apple always like to point out... ELEGANT! Yes, iPhone 5 is more elegant than ever! And inside it's all new... But the focus on design that some people has is very disappointing.

And another question... It's the iPhone we're talking about, Apple's #1 product, the most desirable product on Earth. MacBook's design with the unibody has been around since forever and nobody says a word...

Its the apple mentality that makes it the same design. Duh! Its still the same enough that they could sue themselves over it.

"is different in almost every way"

I wish you would tell that to the judge who thinks Samsung's designs are infringing on Apple's patents. They're way more different than the iPhone 4 than the iPhone 5 is different than the iPhone 4.

" The iPhone 5 It's like on your birthday when you sneak a peak at your presidents but secretly hope your mom or dad managed to keep just one small surprise for you."

WTF is this?

That is a great line! I agree entirely with it. I really felt that way with the iOS 6. I was hoping something else big would be announced, like maybe password protected folders or pages, or at least a change in the homescreen (besides the extra row of apps). Oh well.

Also, Mr. Ritchie, have you guys written an article comparing the two best smartphones out there (iPhone 4S at the time or now the 5, and the top end Android OS phone?)
I have an iPhone 4S now and I am trying to decide whether to get the 5S (when it comes out and my contract expires) or the top end Android.

I saw this (http://www.imore.com/apple-iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-htc-one-x-vs...) however do you have a text passage explaing the phones and perks and jerks of each?

AndroidCentral did a comparison of several phones. Yes, they admit they're a bit biased in places, but they are still pretty fair about it and give honest opinions and reasons for their bias. These are considered the "top" phones currently from each of the big three Android OEM's:


Well, that's exactly how I felt, so good job Rene. Apple isn't doing so hot lately preventing leaks, and like he said, we saw for weeks what we'd be getting, but collectively wished that Apple had something extra-spectaculary up its sleeve...and they didn't.

" Anyone who's read anything over the last few days and months new pretty much what to expect, even as they desperately wanted the unexpected."


re: "The iPhone 5 It's like on your birthday when you sneak a peak at your presidents but secretly hope your mom or dad managed to keep just one small surprise for you."

I think you meant "presents," not "presidents," when you were cribbing my X-mas comment from earlier... :-p

It seems as though a great deal of thought went into the new design. It looks more different than people give it credit for.

I just think that nobody realizes that the new iPods overshadow the phone... The pods are just brilliant looking. I'd buy either one before upgrading phones.

First, no new design is a GOOD THING in this case, I think. Similar to how the MacBook Pro didn't change for years until there really was something better in design (move towards the MBA). If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. (And I'm REALLY relieved to see it isn't that much taller than the 4S. Other phones are just becoming boat anchors and bloated. If I want a tablet, I'll get a tablet... I want a phone to fit in my pocket.)

I LOVE that they have gone to materials other than the mirrored finishes. No case needed for this.

re: "No Wi-Fi direct. No non-network, AirPlay to Apple TV. No device-to-device data transmission. No iPod nano watch."

Would it be possible to get this in software? (I've no clue... just asking and hoping.) I'm really hoping for something like this on my iPad, and hopefully without waiting for a new model.

Nope therre werent any major features that was not on that list. Im a bit disappointed that your sources and leaks proved to be true but more power to you..... 2020 cant get here fast enough...

I currently use an iPhone 4 and really like it but the new iPhone 5 looks like a very good upgrade. As to what it didn't include in the new iPhone 5 I feel that some of your points are good and others not so valid. There is really no such thing a "wireless" charging. The charging mats or something somewhere is plugged into the wall. If most night stands and desks are as full as mine then there is little room for a mat. As for a new look what do people want? Any phone is basically a rectangle. A phone made of a usable size starts to limit looks further.
Personally I feel the phone needs to be small enough to use with one hand, fit in my pants pocket and still allow me to sit and retrieve the phone. I saw a guy with one of the largest displays in a parking lot and there was no way that phone could meet my size criteria. Also I believe the "leaks" are stealing a lot of new product announcement thunder.

There will always be features left off that someone else believe essential. As to this new phone, if you list all of the new features including software it is an impressive update.

Either way keep up the good reporting. Disagreements and discussion Leeds to innovation which is good for all.

To comment on your wireless charging: it is wireless because there is no direct connection from power source to phone and it is fantastic. Worked great on my Pre+ and the charger was a tiny hockey puck, not a mat. Glad to see some manufacturers are including it. Apple should have. The pogo plugs on my Nexus are good (and better than plugging in a cable), but still not as good as induction charging.

"there is no such thing as wireless charging"

where have you been?

search youtube for "Wireless electricity, TED talks 2009"

(demonstration of WiTricity, TED talks 2009 - implemented on a blackberry, iphone, and nokia)

sure...now samsung or nokia might need a plate to rest on to charge...but once they've popularized the technology, which i predict very soon, these existing phones can sit in your pocket while adapters plugged in your home or office wall sending wireless charge a few meters away (of course iPhone may adopt this technology to as demonstrated in the video by putting on a sleeve, pretty much like what nokia did with their 820 for back panel)

You will regret the Galaxy S3, it may be bigger, and have a few features Iphone doesnt.
The software and lag is brutal.
I had mine for 5 days, returned it and will be going back to iphones asap.

I agree with what you say. That is the case for the S3 with Ice Cream Sandwich. I have gone to town with my friend's S3 running Jelly Bean, project butter, Youtube it. I was amazed. Night and day difference.

I personally own two S3's and have never experienced the lag that you speak of. Must have been the unit you had. Coming from someone who uses iOS as well.

unless you like the OS better, what exactly about the galaxy are you trading for? Removable battery? Larger screen? NFC?

I use android now and I prefer it for my phone, and I don't even have a high-end device... but I'm not sure what you expected.

In addition to what's listed above: Expandable microSD slot, battery life, HDMI for my presentations, 2GB RAM (unsure how much the ip5 has), larger screen is ideal for taking notes with S-Note (although I'm also considering the Note-2). Note-2 is the same as the S3 except for quad-core with LTE. S3 is dual.

EDIT: Hacker friendly is also a plus for when I begin my java development courses.

I've done much research on competitors, and used these devices first hand. I've enjoyed my 3 years with Apple, but it's time to be un-biased and move on.

dude..i have iphone4, new ipad and bought to my wife iphone4s earlier this year but as you said apple just helped me to switch to s3...thank you apple

I agree with the article. I know that we may get too picky some times and expect miracles from Apple. I am not sure I see the functionality of the longer screen. I would have rather seen a more proportional increase to the screen size (length and width) rather than just being taller.
My humble opinion.

Is it really worth getting. I mean i did not read about any new features that will make you drop your iPhone 4S to buy the 5

The idea is that the iPhone 5 should appeal to current iPhone 4 users ( and the 5S to 4S users ) on a 2-year upgrade cycle.

Apple, and the carriers, don't expect/want you changing every year.

New iCloud feature: "Start a movie, TV show, podcast, iTunes U lesson, or audiobook on one device. Pause anytime, and you can pick it up later on another device. iCloud remembers right where you left off. It’s just smart that way."

Otherwise, good list.

The iPhone 5 in another step in the evolution of Apple's design as technology permits them to do so. Apple looks to achieve a perfect balnce between function and design and that is why they sometimes are forced to leave out features that may tax the battery or push for a larger phone. NFC will be added when they can do so without compromising something else. That's how I see it anyhow. I think the iPhone5 is exceptional in design, especially when considering they added LTE and kept the battery life.

What the competition didn't get:
1. Actual retail stores with real support that's even remotely like Apple's. No carrier to screw with directly.
2. Timely software updates
3. In-cell technology making for a more responsive, thinnest phone, and best screen
4. Nano SIM
5. 8 hours of LTE
6. App on the level and quantity of Apple's
7. itunes
8. Full backup/restore
9. in phone search
10. airplay mirroring
11. time shifted multiplayer mode
12. software integration with hardware
13. No lag

Sadly, some of this stuff the competition will never get..

What the competition has:

1. Samsung Store - Australia
2. 1 maybe 2 updates per year truly isnt timely, however it does take a while to get approved for carrier, also other phone companies run it through testing, still have 1-2 major updates per year not including small feature updates periodically
3. Seems like the nokia has better ppi and a better touch screen,,,,,
4. who cares?
5. 8 hours LTE really means nothing.... is that on or off or what? I can connect to LTE and my phone is on longer than 8 hours
6. quantity - ehhh lots of junk apps on both platforms, quality - most competent developers will develop for both at this point, not doing so would just be stupid since android users have a huge following
7. I have Itunes... its slow.... rather have complete cloud based, samsung kies does implement some of itunes features
8. Samsung Kies and HTC sync allow full backup and restore
9. Apple squabbled Samsungs universal search otherwise they would have it
10. Samsung has allshare
11. A game added this feature.. this game could easily be released with this feature to other devices
12. ok
13. most newer phones are lagless

Sadly, some of this stuff you are too lazy to look up and will never get

PS I have ipad 1 and 2, ipod touch, macbook pro, windows PC, and a GS3 phone so I have used all OS's regularly

You did little to rebuke anything I pointed out.
1. A store in Austrailia? You're kidding right?
2. Blah blah. Bottom line, no timely updates if at all. Look at Nokia. Look at your various half baked Android phones running bloatware they have to update first.
3. The lumia 920 is a nice screen. Remains to be seen how it works with WP8 and whether that screen is too sensitive resulting in unwanted touches. Until then, you have to give the edge to iphone.
4. point taken
5. that is usage. I'm sure it means nothing to you.
6. Are you serious? Apple's app store is far superior to anything out there.
7. Samsung Kies? Is that more bloatware or something? Either Google comes up with something or not. Don't bring up bloat ware.
8. Again with the half baked bloatware.
9. Bottom line, they don't have it.
10. All share? LOL
11. But it hasn't happened..
12. Yep, no one but RIM has that ability and perhaps Google/Moto (but hasn't shown it)
13. Keep telling yourself that..

"3. ...Until then you have to give the edge to iphone."

Good Lord, are you serious!? iPhone gets 'the edge' by default?

For now you do. Maybe in November or whenever they decide to release it we might know different. Products that are actually shipping always get the edge.

(you should do your research before posting) Not every carrier requires SIM cards.
Other OSes are still more advanced than iOS6, if prompt updates are such a big deal, Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumnia. with vanilla system, mind as well get an iDevice, instead of getting a "premium experience, like the GS3 and its smart enhancements"
Thinner phone, Same mediocre battery? Couldn't compromise cuteness for a better device, Not every iPhone has to be a girl's phone.
iTunes is crap in other OSes other than Mac, Sucks in Windows. Google Play store is web based, and easy to use with multiple devices.
Full Back up, you mean like wires and all that? so 2007!!! how about in device backups and restores, same for apps and cloud services too.
In phone search? most phones had it before the iPhone, many still do.
Airplay mirroring? ala Samsung all share, which is DLNA compatible, which means, it can be any device brand, color, shiny or matte, or full with glitter!!! (hey, im gay) or with your PS3 or XBOX, fully compatible with no hick ups.
Software integration with hardware? How about App integration with the OS? like facebook integration? (baby steps).
Windows 7/8 has the best transitions, and fastest response, Jelly Beans is quite good and more responsive than ICS, JB has the best UI over all, make it how u want it, clean, widget galore, or clustery full of icons and folders, ala iOS. And if your smarter than the regular user, there is a huge community for Android that are constantly making tweaks, themes in all colors, upgrades, etc, that one can never get from the manufacturer. *Note unlike Apple and Verizon, Samsung and other manufacturers, advises to install custom ROMs and work with them to get the best out of their products. Apple just steals their ideas, but still condemn their actions. Fine, hires them, then they leave a few yrs later.

Not trolling, just a few less things to not be ignorant about. Gotta stay progressive, its 2012, cant keep up with new? Then stay behind!

Support pro choice, and marriage equality.

"We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive." - C.S. Lewis

"Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." - G. K. Chesterton

You know it would have been nice if they would have implemented some jailbreak features that should be standard with the iPhone. Case in point, biteSMS. Couldn't Apple have figured out a way to populate SMS reply within the app/having the app in the background and quickly resuming the app thereafter? Or even SBSettings, they couldn't even be bothered to make a quick toggle menu to turn on/off wif? A lot of the features on the 4S were courteousy of jailbreaking (Notifcation Center- IntelliScreenX/ Camera button on lock screen -Camera Lock/ Banners at the top of the Screen- it was available in Cydia, but the name escapes me at this point.). But seriously, little things like that can enhance user experience but I don't see why Apple is so slow when it comes to this type of stuff when WP8 and Android devices are capable of this. And no I'm not a troll, I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4 32GB and an iPad 2. Just wondering, that all. Am I along on this one, or are there jailbreakers that understand where I'm coming from?

Of the things on your list, only one of them seems really important to me that is hardware related - the Wi Fi Direct. The other things like improved Siri features, iCloud features, Widgets, etc. are all software and can be added any time. So from a hardware perspective I think they got the important things right. I do NOT want a giant Galaxy phone - its like cramming a tablet in your pocket. My sister has one and its ridiculously huge. I want my phone to be small, light and durable, and I think Apple has the right idea here. I also love the quality of the Apple product - the IPhone5 is a work of art in that regard. The Samsung stuff is cheap plastic. In the end, quality and service rule, and Apple does a great job with both.

The part of the keynote where Cook asks were all the Android devices are is pretty funny. My guess is probably where a couple of my friend's devices are... in a bin collecting dust. One got an Android tablet when they signed up for some Cable service. They used it for a while, but then bought an iPad. My other friend fixes PS3's and someone traded their Android tablet to him for a PS3 repair. He's a major tech geek, but just finds it too 'clunky' to really use regularly. It's literally in a box collecting dust. I'm guessing that is exactly why the huge disparity in 'sales' % vs web usage stats.

And yea, some of the huge phones out there are a bit nutty. Like I said in an earlier post, if I want a tablet, I'll get a tablet. But when I want a phone, it needs to fit in my hand and pocket.

well-said, RN...exactly how I feel. I checked out the GalaxySIII just to see what all the hype was about. Bottom line, it's all about the design and the craftsmanship. When you hold the iPhone, you can just tell you are holding a product that is designed to perfection. Most, if not all, other smartphones feel like they were piece-mealed together by ten different design groups whose goal was to get something to market quickly and cheaply. Apple's products have hundreds, if not thousands, of designers and engineers directly involved in each product but you can never tell that from their finished products. This is the culture and legacy that Jobs and Ives created at Apple. Let's hope it's in their DNA to keep it that way.

Once again we see many comments from people apologizing in behalf of Apple. No new design is a good thing? I'm glad most people don't think like that, or we would be still driving Model Ts.

I guess Apple has set up the bar so high that they themselves are having trouble passing it. It's a price we knew Apple would pay eventually. And not having a leader like Steve Jobs will just make this more apparent. Apple is starting to behave like every other company around, predictable and somewhat boring. Was this what Jony Ive called the most important thing Apple has ever done? I sure hope not.

I don't see you explaining why Apple *needs* to have an entirely new design - besides change for change's sake.

By that reasoning Apple never needed to change the first iPhone design.

Why Apple needs to improve its design? First and foremost because no design is perfect, and to imply that the iPhone design is perfect is incredibly shortsigthed. For example:

1) I hate the rear camera position - it's too easy to get your finger in front of the lens;
2) The home button wears out too fast and is an entry point to water and dust ;
3) Aluminum and glass are not good environmentally;
4) Oleophobic coating wears out too fast because we talk with our face against the glass and it needs cleaning several times a day;

And that is just from the top of my head. Apple it's a design company, just look at the back of its products and you will see a "designed in California". It's something Apple is proud of. Apple design sells products and it is their fiduciary obligation to improve it.

It wasn't reasoning. It was a(n implied)question. You wanted justification from others but has not provided any for your position, from what I'd seen.

There needs to be a reason for the design to change. You've provided yours.

Aluminum, although abundant, is very hard to extract, needing a lot of energy not to mention the destruction of environments to extract it. Its recycling process also produces toxic material.
Glass is also energy intensive to produce, and quartz extraction destroys vast sand areas.
In both cases, recycling is generally below 50% ( because of people, not because of the materials themselves), which means that new material is always needed. On top of that, the expected life of an iPhone is two years, while its materials are designed to last much longer, in terms of energy and resources.

And you think a cheap plastic smartphone is environmentally friendly in comparison? I'll put aluminum recycling up against petrolium fractionation any day.

You make a new design or change an existing one when you have a good reason, not just for the sake of change itself. This is a fundamental reason so many companies fail at product design.

While I understand that yet another chip inside the device may be a disadvantage for battery life it's sad to see that Apple -- just like so many others -- seems to think that NFC is only a solution for mobile payment…! The NFC technology can be used for so many other things already and once it's available to more users people will come up with even more innovative use cases…!

And even though there are many more Android devices out there the iPhone has enough leverage to help NFC become mainstream so it's a bummer that they decided to sit it out for at least another year…

I don't know if I should be mad at iMore for getting my hopes on Apple doing more than giving us a taller screen or that I should be sad for iMore in that all Apple did was give you a taller screen after giving us good mock ups of what they could have done with the extra pixels. I guess that Panaorama mode is the Siri moment?! I blame myself for following these blogs and thus not being surprised at anything they showed off. (´・_・`)

I really like this new model, enough to even get one for myself and the wife. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but what else can you really ask for that's not here that would be a deal breaker? We've owned (not just used) every generation of iPhone except the 4's, an HTC MyTouch, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi, HTC Incredible S, Nokia Lumia 610, and currently I use a Sony Xperia P. I consider myself to be in a good position to comment on "which is best". With regards to both hardware and software, frankly, none of them are perfect.... for everyone. I feel like I have to remind everyone once in a while that not everyone wants or needs or can afford the biggest fastes phone. Some people don't want to have to use a certain piece of software to sync their phone. That some people are concerned as much about style as they are about functionality, some are not. The iPhone has always been behind in terms of it's hardware, but their implementation has always been top notch. Thanks to Android though, Apple has had to push itself harder. And for that I thank Android. I don't love any platform any particular, nor do I hate any. But as phones evolve someone always has a feature set that pushes the right buttons whether that be Apple, Android, or Windows. In the end that's great... for those who are the true fans of technolgy.

Is using gloves with your cellphone really that critical of a feature? I can say if it's cold enough to wear gloves, pulling my cellphone out is the last thing on my mind

This is my question because i personally am a fan of the windows platform running on lumia devices, I honestly dont understand what the big deal other than apps is on the iphone. Can one of you users tell that aside from a lightning connector, a taller phone, same screen, slightly better camera that rene said himself is no pureview by any means, and some improved innards what is to revolutionary? Not trying to start a Os battle here but from my perspective the L920 has better design because it stands out, Bigger 4.5 Puremotion HD+ supersensitive touchscreen display with 60hz using clearblack display that has been improved upon to make the viewing on said screens even better. Using a 1.92 ffc with a 8.7 mp bsi pureview rvc, and regardless of the commercials the verge proved that low lighting was better than the competitors, has HAAC recording, can also do screenshots and stills while recording, and, floating lens, though granted they did say they were still tweaking the optical image stabilization. running on a dual core snapdragon s4 processor with a gig of ram and 32 gb of storage with wireless charging and for many wp users 25gb of free cloud storage with option to increase it. Software wise i get it not everyone likes the live tiles display of the lumia but it isnt any less efficient than ios or android, all in all the Lumia is a killer device and its being overlooked because of a couple of bad commercials? while this iphone which really isnt anything special imho, is getting praised as the best thing since blow up hooker dolls...(which i knew was gonna happen but besides the point.) Just explain to me why its so revolutionary? is it preference to the ui? is it the amount of apps? i just dont understand,,


Didn't see this post before but figured I give answer. I've already stated that I'm moving from the 3G to the iPhone 5 so that's a huge plus. I think everything you written is spot on when it comes to what the guts of the Lumina are when plotted against the iPhone. And yes the design is nice, though I'd just say its different. I think you have to look at why people buy iPhones and the specs aren't the first thing they think about. Does it have phone, check. Can I play music, movies and look at photos. Check. Apps, double check. Now the last thing is huge. Am i likely to have friends that also have an iPhone. triple check. That's where the iPhone has its advantage over everyone else. Love that or hate that, they were the first ones to make the iPhone. Not a smartphone, but an iPhone. You might be crowing about how amazing the Lumina is and rightfully so, but 9 people out of 10 know "iPhone" as an iPhone. That one person out of ten knows a device that is a smartphone called a Lumina. Once W8 gets to that Kleenex type threshold (BlackBerry for example) then they can play with the big dogs. But they aren't there yet. Again just my two cents

"And yes the design is nice, though I'd just say its different."
very different thats a good thing brings individuality to your phone which i feel has become just as much of a fashion statement as anything else.
"Does it have phone, check. Can I play music, movies and look at photos. Check. Apps, double check. Now the last thing is huge. Am i likely to have friends that also have an iPhone. triple check."
Lumia 920 has all that, ill swallow applications, but one thing to consider is most non iphone phones play nice with eachother.
i also doubt that 9/10 are iphone i think a more fair solution is 5/10 android 3/10 iphone 2/10 windows phone and thats based on mindset.
im pretty sure windows phone 8 is a contender all in itself
but with technological feats like the lumia 920 makes it a flagship assuredly.

The thing that bothers me is when i got my lumia 900 all my iphone buddies were impressed by the design but they touted "can it do this can it do that?" regardless of how practical or impractical that feature was. Now what happens is the iphone is behind on the impractical features and because the lumia has all the practical ones and the impractical ones they are not touting "OH THATS NOT PRACTICAL!!!" but i dont get it my single core lumia did all the functions of a smartphone and looked nice and had decent amount of apps and was fast fluid and responsive and its like well my iphone does x y z now my phone does abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and now it doesnt matter because all you need is abc? that doesnt make any sense thats just blind brand loyalty..

@Rene Ritchie

So I'm just going to start off by saying I'm liking the drive by's on on TWIT and TNT. MacBreakWeekly too maybe

Anyhow I have to admit that the tone across many if not all of the tech/apple blogs have been, "we knew this all before, nothing new, Apple hype is just that HYPE" But I think you need to step outside of the "Tech Bubbles" that all of you write in and the audience you write for and look at the other 99%. I can only use my family and few friends as a limited example, but I emailed pictures of the iPhone 5 to my wife and mom. My mom just retired and has been sporting around a flip phone from Rogers forever, but she's played with our iPod Touch while filming her grandchildren. My wife is a nurse and by default has only ever used a Blackberry Curve as her work/home phone. Both haven't really kept up with the ins and outs of what Apple has been up to probably since I brought home my iPhone 3G 3 years ago (crazy) So when they both commented how cool the iPhone 5 was, both want white, it got me thinking about the rest of the people out there that aren't upgrading from a 4S or from any smartphone at all. Millions and millions of people are going to see this phone as their first "iPhone" and for all of the blah out there, for them, THIS PHONE IS AMAZING. Just thought you should remember that as a writer. So many people aren't as in the know as you may think. Now on to your list

1. Colors: Really if people want colour they add a case. Anyhow the case manufactures would probably have sued for monopolistic practice from Apple.
2. No PureView-class camera. Damn it my iPhone camera doesn't float. Garbage!!!

3. Wireless charging. If I still have to plug something in isn't it better just plugging it to the phone. What if I loose my $50 charging pad?
4. NFC. Maybe its just that I live in Canada, but other than Timmy's and the Esso Gas Stations, and my works front door, I don't think we are really missing anything.
5. No Wi-Fi direct. No non-network, AirPlay to Apple TV. No device-to-device data transmission. No iPod nano watch. It's All about AirPlay to AppleTV...YEAH!!!
6. No super-sensitive touch. For all the times I've used my iPhone in the rain or while its snowing and cold outside...Oh I haven't. Next
7. Predictive, localized Siri. When they take Siri off Beta, I'll start bitching. Until then its my and Apple's personal hobbie.
8. New iOS 6 features. No widgets, no actionable notifications, no nothing that wasn't shown off already, besides panorama photography... Thank goodness you can still by Android made by Samsung in Canada for that stuff.
9. No New iCloud features. I think the cloud is still a lot of hype.

That's all the sarcasm I can dish out. Just my two cents. Hopefully the people that are not happy with the iPhone 5 will jump for W8 or Android. It's a great new open world when it comes to smartphones. Don't despair...there is choice out there.

listen man i get what your saying but what i mean is that in the lumia there is real innovation. you can play off the floating lens ois pureview cbd and super sensitive display but i know many girls who have long fingernails the super sensitive display would be perfect for. color wise if the phone can stand damage why not just save money on a case and buy the phone the color of your choice, thats not very sensical, the point of my rant was to show that there is real innovation even if people want to downplay it and really lose a charging pad? have you ever lost your charger? Facts are facts all you got was a bigger iphone thats it i mean if you really dont want to accept that there is nothing i can do about but if you talk to anyone who actually knows about technology they will all say the same thing you live in an apple world where everything they say is truth because the iphone is not the most advance smartphone in the world it was at one point but now theres just so much new tech and fantastical tech it is that the iphone is just that just another iphone this is all just mho. i dont expect to get anyone off the iphone i just want the facts to be stated... spec wise and design wise the iphone flopped. if you disagree thats entirely your right and i wouldnt hold it against you.


"Facts are facts all you got was a bigger iphone thats it i mean if you really dont want to accept that there is nothing i can do about but if you talk to anyone who actually knows about technology they will all say the same thing you live in an apple world"

Two fold answer is I do live in an Apple world (MacMini, AppleTV, iPods, iPhone) and for me the jump from my 3G to the 5 will be cool. I think for many of my non tech family and friends that aren't in the Apple or iOS world (which beyond the Apple hype is a huge percentage) this is an awesome phone which has a large enough eco-system to allow novices to get in the "smartphone world" easily.

I think when you use the word innovation, its really a hard word to quantify. Small example, my 17 month old made the home button on our iPod Touch he's chew toy. As such it didn't work. Brought it into the Apple Store and they showed me he soft button Gestures modes. I learned how people with multiple disabilities can use iOS devices and here as an "able person" I'm using some of the innovative aspects to still enjoy my broken iPod. I have no idea if the Lumina can to that and it doesn't matter. The point is throwing around what is innovative on one phone to another just doesn't pass the smell test anymore. Totally not putting you down for your use, just arguing that (and I should have stated this in my previous post) people like what they like and they are going to drawn to that first and for most. A floating lenses, which is amazing might be as big a deal to the masses, and super sensitive is awesome until you have some under the age of 3 play with you phone.

I totally agree with you that spec wise the iPhone isn't winning the war and unless like me you're jumping from my limping 3G style might not be up there, but I think Apple isn't trying to win over iPhone 4, 4S, Android, W8 users per se. Between iOS and Android there are probably 50% of North America with these types of phones. They don't need to fight to win them over. They need to sell to the other flip phone, Blackberry users out there. And IMHO this phone will do it hands down. Just my two cents and honestly I just pulled the 50% stat out of my ass. Cheers

Cool in response to that i would say (and no disrespect intended at all because i know how kids are) but why would your child be using a piece of 300$+ tech none of my business what you do with your money products or w.e but my 4 year old niece gets coloring books and disney movies. Again not judging you or anything at all but im talking about sheer developement of tech. revolutionary things that have never been on a smartphone screen or in a smartphone since the smartphone wars began. theres nothing wrong to me about apple getting people up to the times but saying that this phone alone will be the one to do it is a bit much dont you think? im just as heavily invested in the microsoft ecosystem as you have proven to be in the apple ecosystem but unless you have used both (which i have) i personally have to state imho that microsofts platforms all around meaning media i.e Xbox Live Xbox music, production I.E. Windows 7/ 8 and mobile i.e surface wp8 and ect.. the unification between the systems is seamless, add interoperability i.e products that talk to eachother via nfc wireless stereo connectivity while charging your phone i mean its there and microsoft is executing with the relaunching of most if not all of its major operating systems and application software. i just feel that people are so infatuated with the idea of apple that they look past the bigger picture ms is trying to piece together. i mean i like apple better than android because of my distrust for google and apples similar mentality at operating systems that microsoft has taken. but i feel in terms of sheer innovation in the sense of technology as a whole and not the example you gave which i believe is touch screen usability alone i feel microsoft is doing big things and like them or hate them the least people should do is respect them.

@TechEnthusiast lol to answer the first question in three words "Moo Baa LaLaLa" A book written by Sandra Boynton. I lost the hard copy and searched on youtube to see if someone recorded a reading of it. Stumbled on the fact that she created a half dozen interactive apps of her book. Downloaded the app of the book. He's been hooked every since. Yeah I'm doubtful my dad would have given me his camera back in the day to play with (probably cost more then $300 back then) but these kids (my kids, since I can only talk about them) have been using, playing, biting these iOS device since they were born. I've got a 4 year old girl and 17 month old boy. My daughter colours on the iPod touch and is able to use the remote to start the AppleTV and watch movies with her brother. Not super rich (we handbrake'd all of our Disney movies in MP4 verisons and streamed they to the AppleTV) My kids just grew up into this mess so no offense taken by you asking.

I'm totally getting what you're saying and I guess for me, I'm ok not to peak to much behind the "Wizard of OZ's" curtain. I'll admit Jobs got me at, "It just works" and that has been good enough for me. I grew up coding in basic and even went into high school actually studying up on Pascal and Cobal just because Computer Science class was cool. But I've turned geek lazy.

Eco-Systems are a game changer for sure and probably as you described make it a no brainer to embrace W8 phones with your Windows and Xbox integration. I roll with our MacMini, AppleTv and iOS devices. If i am missing anything inside that world, its not enough for me to care (I can't get Hulu or HBO Go here in Canada on my AppleTV but I got Netflix)

I do AirPlay through the AppleTV and with three 3 year old Airport express plug ins, we've got wireless audio all over the house

I can't say that Apple/iOS is levels better than the Windows world but it keeps me happy and I've probably sold more AppleTVs to friends (both the original and the 1080p version that Apple should be paying me) that I feel its an eco system I can get behind.

one last note, NFC as cool as it maybe hasn't really gone past coffee houses and gas stations here in Canada. Not sold that it will go anywhere. I like the Passport idea though. Also Apple needs to get on with AirDrop for iOS. Its a sick little feature for the Mac

Finally I don't hate Microsoft..Just enjoy my shine orb more


at least we can agree and disagree for the sake of personal preference and not on fanboy status :D enjoy your new iphone and whatever else you get ecosystems considered and hope your kid has fun breaking your stuff :p cheers :D

I'm figuring tech blog comment sections should allow you to check off if you're a fanboy or not. Keeps the nuts to one side.

As for breakage, I've finally caved and will be giving AppleCare my money. Little boys just tend to wreck more stuff

To all the iPhone 5 haters. The new iPhone is thinner, lighter, and has a bigger screen. That to me is a pleasant change. Everyone keeps saying android phones this and android phones that. Android doesn't make or design the phones. HTC is one of many who make the phones. And when was the last time they made dramatic changes to the appearance? Their phones are too big. And to all the self appointed designers out there Apple has done pretty well so far so why do drastic changes?

again i dont hate the iphone i dislike apple but i dont hate the iphone it is a great product but to give it as much praise as you do is wrong in a pov of advancement of tech. I feel like people in here a bit too proud to hear what im saying..

Spot on - it's a very sincere blindness. The iPhone IS a good phone. No denying that. Nobody needs to have the best thing available, so there's no reason everyone shouldn't buy an iPhone.

But buying an iPhone every year is like voting for the same political party every year becaues of blind loyalty. Personal preference aside, as its often corrupted by this very point, it's politically incorrect to be a member of a political party, when every election the parties likely change their manifestos so considerably that they probably don't represent the same philosophy they did last time.

People are totally free to prefer the iPhone, for whatever reason, but when it comes down to techy debates on sites like this the conversation always transforms to blind squabling that seems to revolve around the sincere belief that the iPhone needs to be justified in every way.

I won't be buying an iPhone this time, but I certainly hope I'll remain unbiased enough to consider alternatives to what I've had before. Blind loyalty inhibits progress. Arguing that Apple are right not to include stuff like NFC, or even MMS back in the day, isn't a good philosophy. Apply are within their rights to leave out NFC but if NFC is ever going to become something we can all use and enjoy, what faster way to usher in a new tech than to support it with the single most successful handset in the world?

With the iPod touch refresh where does an iPad mini fit in? I fail to see how they could release an iPad mini w/o the retina display now that the iPod touch has it. $299 looked like the price point to me for it but now it would have to be only 8gb.