iPhone 5s and 5c will be released on September 20, 5c available for preorder September 13 [updated]

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available for purchase on September 20th with preorders starting on September 13th for the iPhone 5c in the United States, Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the UK. An additional 100 countries and 270 carriers will receive the iPhone 5s as well by the end of 2013.

Pricing for the iPhone 5s will stay at the same price points as every other year. $199/$299/$399 for the 16, 32, and 64 GB models respectively. No 128GB models available this time around. How many of you plan on preordering or are you going to line up at an Apple Store on September 20th?

Update: The September 13 date discussed in the keynote it seems only applies to the iPhone 5c, as confirmed now the listings are up in the stores. The iPhone 5s it seems has no pre-order facility at this time. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Apish Staco says:

y no malaysia ???? argghhhh

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simplylaurakb says:

Only the 5C is available for preorder, not the 5S.


What he said. Sucks by the way.

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pendragyn says:

They are screwing over the users who want to upgrade their current devices by not offering a pre-order for the 5S.

Karl Jolly says:

iphone 5s showing on UK Apple Store as preorder on the 20th September. Only the 5c is from the 13th

pendragyn says:

Is it showing pre-order on the 20th or order? In the US store it says pre-order on the 13th for the 5C, and order on the 20th for the 5S. Hopefully meaning you can't order it before, but there will be some available for purchase on the 20th.

iRy757 says:

Ugh now I'm forced to live the iPhone release experience. Damn.

simplylaurakb says:

In the US, the 5C is available to preorder Sept 13, and to buy Sept. 20. The 5S is only available to buy, online or in stores, September 20.

lbaxter says:

Hitting up eBay to find someone's soon-to-be-upgraded iPhone 5 since neither of these is appealing.

Personary says:

Unfortunately from all the other sources it looks like the 5S will not be available for pre-order. I've never once stood in line for an iPhone release, but may suck it up and try to this year. From all the horror stories I've read it sounds like supply is usually extremely limited, and only the first few in line actually get one. Who knows... I really want to upgrade from the 4S though.

Richard Devine says:

Over 2000 people waited outside the London Regent St store last year, and they all got an iPhone 5, so it wasn't really the case last year. Let's hope it isn't this year.

Behshad says:

yes but thats a big store with a huge stock of them. Lookin at smaller areas, they will get a limited suply and they will not have the right combination of color/storage. Been there done that.

ame says:

I might have to do that buy online pickup in store thing...I am buying this one, and I am using an upgrade and gift card. And I am not doing the in line nonsense.

barrcuda70 says:

I will probably keep my iPhone 5. And wait until the iPhone 6 comes out.

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Enzo83 says:

I'm just going to keep my iphone 4 and enjoy what I can out of iOS 7 until next years iPhone 6. Sigh. :-(

Behshad says:

Why wont they allow for an iPhone 5S pre-order ? So if you order it online on Friday the 20th, the earliest you get it is Monday ?

stephen007 says:

Honestly, I think it's to generate lines at the stores.

CORYK333 says:

Feel the same way.....looks like they are trying to get back that elusive "hype" (which I personally don't care about, I'm in for the 5s anyway......but I can def see Apple wanting to see media outlets & the general public geeking out on release day @ stores)

Behshad says:

if youre in for " 5S anyway", you will care cause you wont have a choice to pre-order. Only 5C can pre order.

Behshad says:

yep but that takes away from the convenience . I will pass this time around cause I do not wanna "risk it", as I was planning on shipping out my 5 to Amazon this friday as soon as my pre-order would go through.

rdstryr says:

This makes a lot of sense because doing this might also convince/force some people to take their old iPhones and traded them in with Apple rather than 3rd parties.

Behshad says:

some people = suckers ! lol :) ;)

rdstryr says:

That's why I added "force". You only need to be smarter than the person you are trying to fool.

Chris Summers2 says:

Ok, apple did some pretty cool stuff with this new phone. People are doing exactly what they did last year Bitch! Then once it's finally in their hand they buy. Their is some real substantial technology jumps with this phone and its camera. Not a bunch of gimmicks you play with and turn off. Like everything Apple does they think on a different level and see the future of mobile. We will get our bigger screen next year, but apple is not going to sacrifice the technology just to spit out a phone. When you hold an IPhone it's a modern work of art and it has a way of stirring emotion like no other phone can. Remember the first time you held an IPhone and think about how it moved you. No plastic peace of S@$T! with a massively oversized screen and useless features can strike that same emotion. How many peace of cheep China tech laying around the house can bring about true change. The finger print sensor technology has the potential to really fundamentally change security from simple password to a credit card security system that is truly secure not just some stupid three digit number or an NFC chip no one is using. I travel all over the country and NFC is simple not a main stream technology, but this finger print ID system has real potential to bring about change. Apple will take this tech slowly and methodically and do what they do best bring about true change. Not just throw a bunch of features at a wall and hope it sticks.

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Christopher Swidrak says:

That is absolutely true. The haters are people who don't realize Apple has always been about beauty and function first... you pay for beauty, you pay for excellent design. The Galaxy feels cheap in the hand... a lot of people don't care. Apple cares and always has. I'm willing to bet the 5C feels great and works beautifully.

return_0 says:

Because the Galaxy S4 is the only Android phone, right? The aluminum-unibody HTC One? Nah, doesn't exist...


CORYK333 says:

Bra-f'in-Vo!!!!!! Summed it up almost too well.......tips cap to you sir

Behshad says:

You'll be surpised next year when they brag about NFC on iPhone 6 .

pegasusl says:

" When you hold an IPhone it's a modern work of art and it has a way of stirring emotion like no other phone can. Remember the first time you held an IPhone and think about how it moved you. No plastic peace of S@$T!..."

iPhone 5C..? Really?????

aliencatos says:

ont wich canadien carrier the 5S will be avaleble?

Premium1 says:

No preorder for the 5S, must be hurting and trying to get more people to actually come in store and have to get one rather than preorder and avoid the hassle of going into a store.

rdstryr says:

This doesn't make sense because you can still order it online and have it delivered. Maybe they are actually going to have WAY more than enough to fulfill every purchase this time around rather than a shortage like every other time.

justabrake says:

Any chance apple might give a preorder date for the 5s

Daniboy246 says:

Okei, so here`s my problem: i live in norway, and the new iPhone don`t come here until December and i really cant wait so long. So is there anyway i can buy a iPhoneover internet and get it to norway AND it will work with my current mobilecompany?