iPhone 5s to have 64-bit processor for twice as fast graphics and CPU

iPhone 5s to have 64-bit processor for twice as fast graphics and CPU

The iPhone 5s has just been announced from Apple's iPhone event today. It will be the worlds first phone to have a 64-bit processor inside which means twice as fast performance when it comes to graphics and CPU.

Apple says the iPhone 5s' new processor will have a 40x CPU improvement and 56x faster graphics over the original iPhone. Those are some big numbers. Now we have to wonder what Apple plans on doing with that extra power.

The iPhone 5 currently has a 32-bit processor in it and we'd image the iPhone 5c will have the same given the cheaper price point. This is most likely one of the tentpole features that will set the iPhone 5s apart from the iPhone 5c.

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Reader comments

iPhone 5s to have 64-bit processor for twice as fast graphics and CPU


This will be great for gaming, but for Facebook, twitter, and SMS, you know, the only things most people do on their smartphones, you will see little difference. But hey, it sounds great.

64 bit just seems like a bit of overkill that most users won't even be take advantage of. It is like the Samsung phones with octa-core processors. Time will tell how well it is implemented. One of the biggest things Apple needs to focus on is battery life imo.

And Samsung falls even further behind the power curve.
Speaking of which, where are the spec-crazed fandroids now?
Are they all jumping from the "spec ship" and into the "experience ship"?
Oh wait. No, I guess they can't. Not even with "Butter."

I can't wait to see what Apple and devs do with this much power. The Phandroids have been silenced, I only see a few brave, yet ignorant souls post a senseless comment. I am excited about the iPad getting these specs, I may just replace my laptop with a new iPad plus FREE iwork, imovie, and iphoto.

Does this affect how existing applications need to be coded? Will they have to be updated, or is all that handled by the OS internally. Just interested about the implications.

I just hope people see this for what it is TRUE INNOVATION at a level only Apple can do. It amazes me how people today would rather bitch and complain that Apple did not innovate enough than to see what Apple has created. That's our society today. 64 bit architecture is a massive leap foreword in mobile. It will be a game changer. Just think when Apple brings this tech to the IPad's along side the A7X

Going 64-bit just means an OS can access more memory. It makes no difference to CPU/GPU performance other than that. Do a teeny bit of research before spouting off about how brilliant this is, because it isn't.

For the record, 64-bit doesn't mean "twice as fast." It just means a larger pipe for memory. I'm a fan of 64-bit processors, don't get me wrong (all my PCs have one), but it doesn't automatically mean "double the speed" just because the number is twice as big. :-)

Also, with greater bandwidth comes more potential for stability issues (historically). I think since 64-bit processors have been around for such a long time, however, this shouldn't be a problem, even in a mobile implementation.