An iPhone 5s lineup in Japan can be a dangerous place to be

If you're brave enough to lineup in the dead of night, or even for days on end for the iPhone 5s, spare a thought for our friends over in Japan. This video was shot as a Typhoon was about to strike the area, and it was the Apple Store outside which they were queueing that came to the rescue.

Colleagues opened the doors early to let the folks in off the street to take shelter from the horrific weather. Dedicated fans cared for by dedicated Apple employees.

Or perhaps these folks are plain crazy. It's open to interpretation, but they really, really want the new iPhone 5s, that much is certain. If you've ever joined an insanely long lineup for the iPhone, tell us; what's the worst weather you've endured?

Source: Kotaku

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Reader comments

An iPhone 5s lineup in Japan can be a dangerous place to be


never waited in line for an apple product but this is the first product ill be lining up for. kinda looking forward to it, not looking forward to the 5-10 hours ill be in line.

For those wondering, typhoons in Tokyo are almost never ANYTHING but slightly windy rainstorms. I'm here, I was here all day 2 km away from the Ginza apple store, which is where this one is, and there was never any danger. Japan is the king of overpreparedness for danger that never comes. It happens every single time a typhoon comes to tokyo... people freak out, nothing happens, life moves on. In fact, it only rained for maybe half an hour here. In my ten years here the worst storm has been a thunderstorm, and it wasn't so bad.

I'm not saying it's foolish to be prepared. I'm saying the way people overreact here is 150x more than necessary.

again I did not say don't be unprepared. But they run around like chickens with their heads cut off. And in the fifteen years I've been here no typhoon has even approached dangerous. (or could it damage this metropolis of steel and concrete)
Be prepared, don't deactivate the subways and hide in bunkers. And yes. Lots of people do.

Ordering at 12:01AM online trumps waiting in line in my opinion. Still nice of Apple to let everyone in.