iPhone 5s pre-orders seemingly going gangbusters in China

Apple isn't taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5s – at least not anywhere local to anyone at iMore – but today sees the process getting underway in China. And by all accounts, it seems to be going pretty well. As MacRumors points out, however limited supplies might be, multiple sell outs are being seen already:

It appears that initial supplies of the iPhone 5s are limited, and multiple stores have sold out of all models of the iPhone 5s, though some are still offering the "Space Gray" 16GB version. Most models of the iPhone 5c remain in stock.

Chinese customers can pre-order online for an in-store pickup, in a move to try and reduce the impact of scalpers, something that has been a fly in the iPhone ointment in recent years over there. So, Chinese iPhone fans will still be queuing up come Friday, just like the rest of us, only they'll be safe in the knowledge their desired purchase is already reserved. For everyone else around the world, we'll have to get up really early and get in line.

Source: MacRumors

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iPhone 5s pre-orders seemingly going gangbusters in China


This year I'll be getting my subsidized. So no line up for me. It also means I probably wont have it on the first day. Sadly this ends my 10 year run of not being on contract but I get to pay $100 for a 32GB 5s =)

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