iPhone and iPad gifts for students - TiPb holiday gift guide

'Tis the season to be gifting and with iPhone and iPad being pretty much the perfect tool for students, there will be lots of elementary, high school, and college kids to shop for this year. That means not only devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all wrapped up and ready to go, but all the great apps and accessories that go with them. Do you know someone special who's in school? If so, here's TiPb helpful holiday gift guide!

Don't need anything for a student? Check out the recommendations anyway, something great might still catch your eye. If not, no worries, we'll have plenty more holiday gifts guides coming your way this month!

Elementary school

We don't know about you but our kids have pretty much put aside their (or more likley our!) iPod touches and gone head-over-heels for the big, bright screened iPad. And since we panic every time we see them stumble, run, and jump from sofa to table to who-knows-where-else they're going, we make sure we have a nice, safe, squishy case on that baby to save it from our babies. Griffin's FlexGrip fits the bill here. It's durable, provides good protection, and is easy to grip so they have less chance of dropping it. Once the iPad is safe the very next thing we want is for it to be silent. Endless games, stories, music, and learning is fun for them but we want to have our conversations, enjoy our shows, and otherwise keep our sanity while they're having their fun. Enter the BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset. Yeah, again, the name says BlackBerry but the price says cheap so we won't feel bad when they lose or otherwise destroy them.

High school kids will no doubt like the latest games as well. If they're CoD fiends than Modern Combat 2 won't disappoint. And we're sure they'd love some "fremium" upgrades for their farms, restaurants, and other social games as well (even if we silently curse their creators beneath our breath). For the studious, however, we turn to both the earth and the heavens.


If we're packing our iPad instead of a netbook, the Griffin Elan Passport offers style, protection, and space to tuck our IDs and more. We also rock it for iPhone, at least those of us who are fans of the Euro-sized wallet look. And while the freedom of Stereo Bluetooth appeals to us, with the prices of tuition these days we understand the need to keep costs down, so we're happy with the MOTOROCKR S305s. We can hit the gym, the dorms, or the library without any cables to slow us down. And yeah, we'll reach for the stylus occasionally as well, especially if we're whiteboarding or just doodling some notes. Lastly, since we never know when we'll be able to plug in and re-charge, we love -- love! -- the Smartphone Experts S&C Retractable Cable.

Speaking of whiteboards, both Sadun's White Board and Penultimate have a lot to offer. We're also really happy with Good Reader and Air Sharing as they let us keep our files handy and chew through them like nobody's business. There's so much educational ninjary you can perform with them we'd need a whole article just to get into it. (Not to mention what you can do when you start adding online services like Dropbox.com or Box.net into the mix!) Papers is great too, and offers some extra features for students. iStudies Pro helps us get our learn on and Inkling is just on the verge of becoming really interesting for text books.

Your picks?

Remember, you're part of Team TiPb too, so if you've already picked the perfect gift for your iPhone or iPad business user, or have the perfect idea for one, let us know in comments!

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Reader comments

iPhone and iPad gifts for students - TiPb holiday gift guide


This read more like the iPad gift giving special. While I realize the few apps mentioned can be used on both iPad and iPhone, it's a huge assumption that everyone either has or will be getting an iPad to outfit.
I see 1,000+ high school students/day - not one has an iPad, or has plans to get one. Many of them have iPhones or iPod Touches, and more plan on getting one of these smaller devices.
I realize the thrust of the gift series is to get people into the SME stores, but this could have covered so much more!

I agree with "Alli" that this is written toward those who have an iPad or is getting one. Clearly, no students have plan to get an iPad since it doesn't function so much like a computer like using MIcrosoft office and word and ppt is needed for student all the time like me. Also iPad is Lisa pricy for some students and I doubt any parent will it one unless they're rich of course. My iPhone is pretty much all I need and at school I see that like 3 kids have iPhone so this article isnt exactly true toward most students

Well i'm a student and I have an iPad, I use it every single day for school to take notes and work on presentations. Sure it doesn't have Microsoft office but pages & keynote work just as well, and they work with the computer versions of ppt and word..

I agree...should have more variety, not just iPads, there are tons more iPod touchs and iPhones out their than iPads. You can still sell em accessories for those...
@ Lawls - very true, just cause it doesn't run Office doesn't mean it's not awesome for students...it's the .ppt/x, .doc/x formats that count, not the app it's created in. And even then it doesn't matter if it's just a paper to be printed out and turned in.

Some good picks in there, a few I'll look into getting maybe. I would have liked to see a bit more iPhone/iPod Touch focus though. In my high school there are quite a few iPhones and it seems half of the school has an iPod Touch. I've only seen a handful of iPads at school, though.

Invisible shield is a must for an iPad, it scratches very easily. Don't wait to buy a shield as a scratch can develop very quickly!
Good selection of products here.