Score lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and learn any language for only $179

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Rosetta Stone learning (Image credit: iMore)

Hopefully you've been brushing up on your language skills over the past year. As the world looks to get back on its feet and travel begins to return to normal, it's time to start making plans and figuring out your next destination. If you're hoping to take an adventure overseas or to a new country, working on your foreign language skills before the trip could really come in handy. Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language or improving upon one you already know not just easy but entertaining, too.

With a Rosetta Stone subscription, you can brush up on your language skills anywhere you go. Download the Rosetta Stone app on your phone or tablet, or visit the Rosetta Stone website to learn on your computer. Thanks to the service's latest sale, you can begin your membership for as low as $7.99 per month today via the annual plan. Alternatively, for $179 you can select the Lifetime plan and have full access to learn any language you want at Rosetta Stone — forever. Both of these plans give you the ability to switch languages at any time and learn from any course offered.

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Access

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Access

Rosetta Stone makes it easier to learn a new language, or several, once you're subscribed to an annual or lifetime plan. The latest sale lets you join for as low as $7.99 per month or gain lifetime access for just $179!

Rosetta Stone also has a 3-month plan available for $35.97, and while it doesn't cost as much as the other options, it's not as versatile either. With a 3-month subscription, you'll be locked into learning the language you selected when signing up. Meanwhile, the annual and lifetime subscription plans allow you to learn any language Rosetta Stone offers at your leisure.

There's even a tier at Rosetta Stone that offers live lessons and small group coaching sessions for 12 months. You can pair it with the Lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone for $299 today for complete access to the service. Among the languages you can learn at Rosetta Stone include Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and more.

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