iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

iSkin has long been a staple when it comes to iPhone and iPad accessories. Some of my favorite cases ever made have been the iSkin brand. They've always seemed to stand up to the test of time for me and stayed on my devices a heck of a lot longer than other cases ever did. I recently put iSkin's new exo case through its paces on my iPhone 5s to see if the same held true and came away pretty impressed. iSkin was also generous enough to give away four exo cases to a few lucky readers, so follow along to read more and find out how to enter!

The exo case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s by iSkin boasts dual-layer protection that comes in a few different color options to suit your personality. For the more formal occasion, there are standard black and white options. For bolder personalities, there is a pink/purple option as well as a teal/yellow. I received both the black and the teal and yellow. I find both to be very tasteful and well designed.

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

Although the exo case is only one piece, it's actually constructed of two layers of lightweight but durable materials. The first thing I noticed when I pulled the case out of the wrapping was how sturdy it felt despite it being so lightweight. Putting it on my iPhone was easy enough. Just slide your phone in starting at the top and it snaps right into place. When it comes to actually removing your iPhone, it get a little trickier. I found the best way was to push both sides of the case on the bottom. I then just used my other hand to pull my iPhone straight out. Not the easiest case in the world to remove but definitely not the hardest either.

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

When it comes to actually using the case, the first thing you notice is how light the case really is. I was afraid it would add quite a bit of bulk but it really doesn't. I don't know if it's because it's so light that I don't notice it or if it's because the material is slick enough that I don't feel like I have rubber surrounding my iPhone. Oddly enough, I've actually preferred typing with the exo case on my iPhone 5s because the grooves on the back give my fingers a nice place to rest. Basically, my hand doesn't slide around the back of my iPhone when the exo case is on it. The sides also provide a nice slope which is a nice change from the hard metal edges of a bare iPhone.

One thing I always worry about with cases is port accessibility and how hard the buttons are to push down. Luckily, buttons depress great in the exo case and you have easy access to all ports. The exo case complete covers the Lightning port so to charge it you'll need to flip the cover out. The only complaint I have is that the port cover is rather stiff and I can't easily plug my iPhone in with only one hand anymore. I've got to use one to hold the port cover back and the other to plug it in. It isn't a huge inconvenience and something that most people will get used to. I'd also guess that over time the port cover will loosen slightly. I use Auvio brand braided cables from Radio Shack that are a little wider than standard Lightning cables and it just fit. While many cables should fit fine, it's something to keep in mind if you use third party cords.

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

The good

  • Great lightweight design that stays out of the way but still feels high class
  • Dual-layer design creates subtle grooves that keeps your iPhone from sliding out of your hand
  • Doesn't collect pocket lint or dust the way some other silicon or rubber cases do
  • Full access to all ports and buttons
  • Dirt and smudges rub off incredibly easily
  • The case doesn't seem to show scratches easily or at all

The bad

  • The Lightning dock port cover doesn't allow one-handed plug in since you've got to hold it back in order to plug in which is slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker in my opinion
  • Not a ton of color options to choose from, but enough to suit most people's tastes

The bottom line

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

I've been using the exo case exclusively on my iPhone 5s for about a week now and I really don't want to take it off. Coming from someone who typically carries their iPhone naked, that says a lot about this case. I feel it provides enough protection that my iPhone would survive moderate to mildly severe drops but it doesn't sacrifice functionality to do it. The exo case slides in and out of pockets (even tighter ones) incredibly easily and doesn't pick up dirt or dust.

If you don't need extremely heavy duty protection, the exo case is a perfect in-between that not only feels great in the hand, but looks great too.

iSkin exo giveaway!

iSkin was kind enough to offer up four exo cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone 5c. All you've got to do to enter is leave a comment letting us know what exo case you'd want and why. Is your iPhone case about at the end of its days? Have you broken an iPhone in the past due to not using a case? Whatever the reason, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Remember, one entry per person only please! We'll announce the winner next week and contact you about claiming your prize!

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!


I need an iskin! I've had em before but no luck since switching to iphone.
Black would be great!

Sent from the iMore App

iPhone 5 case please, because that's what kind of phone I have. I need one because I am a case hoarder. Dark colors preferable. Thanks

I would like the Yellow and Blue. It reminds of the old school Mariners colors (favorite baseball team).

Sent from the iMore App


Real Garbage....

I can't believe people are fighting for a $3.99 iphone case you can get at Ross or Marshall's .....

I would love that yellow and blue one for iPhone 5s. I usually go naked but it would be nice to have this for when I go on a hike or something

Well it's almost fathers day here in the Dominican Republic and it would be a nice gift for my father. Cause right now he's been wanting a cover for his iphone 5 but he just can't find the right one. It could be the yellow/blue or white/grey.

I'd love a case for my 5s. Haven't found one that's unique, protective and thin enough that I like. Pick me, I would rock the teal/yellow every.

Sent from the iMore App

I just want something free. I'll be getting the 5s in August when work upgrades my phone, but they make us buy our own cases. I heard this is a good one.

I would want the yellow and Teal case. I'm going to be switching to an iPhone 5s in a few days from an Android and have been case shopping. I'm excited to start using an iPhone and I think a cool looking case would be an added bonus!

Posted via iMore App

I never thought I'd see a combination of teal and yellow be described as tasteful, but to each his own. I prefer black cases.

The yellow/teal would work the best for my iPhone 5. I actually had to spend months with a broken BB Torch because I didn't have a case on it when it fell. I wasn't eligible for an upgrade, so it was VERY painful.

Thanks iMore!

Well, I would want the black and white one. I'm not find of yellow as a color. Anyway, the main reason I would love to have it is that I just got this iPhone 5S after a short stint with Windows Phone 8.1. I think iOS 7 is awesome and iOS 8 will be so much better.

Please pick me. I could really use a case and not carry this beautiful device around naked.

Recently dropped my new iphone and it left a dent on one of the corners, I really need a case guys wish me luck on winning this one! P.S the black one is the one i want!

I switch between the official apple leather case and keeping my iphone naked.

I'd prefer the black case for my 5S if I win.


Black for the 5.
The phone is caseless and on an oriental mouse rug when I'm at my desk, but in a case everywhere else. The phone's worst enemy may be a cement floor, as I saw one drop one inch down onto such a floor and little permanent pockmark bites were the result.

Sent from the iMore App

I need a case for my relatively new iPhone I'm using a hodgepodge of soft/hard cases and the white/grey would work great with my iPhone 5s. Thank you.

I reckon that I need the one for the iPhone 5. In black, please.

Why you ask? I am tired of lugging around my phone with the hand me down "Keep Calm and Carry On" case my wife handed down to me.

Save me

I'm working with a small IT company. They gave me an iPhone for make us easier to run the business together. Times flew very fast. I need to leave my seat empty very soon. So I need to give them back the phone to them. Currently, they gave me a UAG case. So, to return back their kindness, I would like to give them iSkin exo case as a big thank for them.

Dear, Mr.A
Thank you for giving me chances to working together with you guys. Such a great experiences for a fresh graduated teen like me. Really appreciate the iPhone. It helped us a lot to go through our days. Right? :)

I don't own a phone but to win the iSkin case would get me going to buy a phone quicker. Folks are always asking how can I operate without one!! Well, here is my incentive. Thanks iMore.

Damn, I am loving this case.

I remember last time i bought a plastic case (Won't be giving name here :P) for my iPhone 5s, which was totally uncomfortable to hold, though it was protective. But because it was not comfortable, i removed it one day and decided to go caseless. And guess what, phone fall from 2 ft and had a dent on top.

I wish i could get this iSkin exo case for my iPhone 5s. It looks good and grip is powerful and looks comfortable.

Thanks. My 2 cents.

I currently use a great case by Incase, but it leaves the top and bottom bezel expose, so guess where my phone landed the other day! Bottom bezel is all scratched up now and I would love a new black case that covered this damage and offers better protection, the iSkin will do both these things!

Sent from the iMore App

I use a belkin candy sheer and it's good for slimness but not much else. I need a case that won't scratch and slip out of my hand! I need this case! A black case please!

Sent from the iMore App

I would like to get one in either blue/yellow or white inCase skin, because the case i use on my phone demands i remove it or else the aux cable in my car won't fit. which led to my phone screen to shatter from the top right corner after accidentally dropping my phone and not having the case on. P.S. i always look forward to your reviews Allyson, as you give personal experience on reviews, like when you mentioned that one-handed plugin was difficult with this case.

Hi i׳m from israel.
I really want to surprise my wife with her new iphone 5s.
She will love the yellow and blue color case
Im sure 100%.
Good luck all ;)

I just upgraded to an iPhone 5S to replace my 4 which will soon be non-compatible with iOS 8. No preference to color. Your reviews are informative and through. Keep up the good work.

This would be a gift for my favorite iPhone 5s user and she could use a new case. The color, I will let her decide.

The all black exo would look sick on my white iphone. I've got to have a good case on. You never know whats going to happen. Thanks

I have been looking for a case for my wife's iphone5S. She is very picky when it comes to cases, but I think she would LOVE this one. Her favorite color is Green. She dropped her phone in the toilet once without a case, and I replaced it. I keep telling her she needs a case for it.

I have an iPhone 5 and I use it for music production, along with my iPad. I need to keep my tracks safe as my phone is now out of warranty (sigh). It would be slim, stylish, and protective all in one!

Sent from the iMore App

Would like to win the iPhone 5s version case I don't wanna get the back of my phone scratched up.

Sent from the iMore App

My fiancé would like pink/purple for her iphone 5. she doesn't like anything bulky and this case will protect her iphone.

Sent from the iMore App

My case for my iPhone 5 has had it. I need a new case that will protect my iPhone. Iskin looks like it can be that case. Please help a man out.

Sent from the iMore App

I would get a black iPhone 5/5S Exo because 1) the good review from iMore, 2) my current case looked nothing like the eBay picture that I hoped for and ordered based off of 3) my current case doesn't even protect the top and bottom of the phone.

When I bought my first (and still only) iPhone (the iPhone 5), I was also paranoid about protecting it, so I bought the massive-sized Otter Box case, which has done a fabulous job protecting it - my iPhone 5 is still in very nearly perfect condition - but I also discovered that the Otter Box case was so huge and sometimes awkward to use for typing near the front side edges of the case, that I wanted to try something with a thinner, less obtrusive profile that still had good protection.

This exo case looks like it would be a great fit for my needs, and if iMore says it works well for them, then I'm willing to give it a shot.

Ideally, the all black exo case for the iPhone 5 would be my choice, and I would be really thankful for it if I'm lucky enough to be the chosen recipient.

I would want something that is sturdy, and the exo case looks like it holds with a nice grip to the phone and is sturdy. It also looks streamline and is thick enough to protect the side and power on buttons.

The black case would be nice, as I don't currently use a case and it would be good to start doing so before I regret it.

I really like the blue/yellow case tested. It would be perfect to replace my cracked Speck CandyShell Grip. It cracked in two spots and I need to replace it.

I would like a pink/purple once for the iphone 5 as a gift for my mom as those are her favorite colors and she only has one case :)

I love pink n purple so I want a pink/purple Exo case. My iPhone 5s case is broken and at this time I am not able to buy a new one. I would really like to get 1 Exo cover cuz it seems like it's going protect my phone well n it's pretty. Thank you!

Yes, please! Naked 5s here and having had an iSkin case in the past, I'd feel good about this. Either the "claro" or the dark gray "aura" would be my style...

I just upgraded from a 4s to a yellow 5c and can't find the right case. I want something that will protect it, be aesthetically pleasing, and not cover up the pretty yellow color. The white iSkin exo is perfect! I want to proudly show it off with my yellow phone. Please pick me!

Sent from the iMore App

Love the black/black! I rarely go without a case and this looks like a pretty nice one. I think my 5s would love to wear it.

Sent from the iMore App

iPhone 5S. The pink and blue because those are my wife's favorite colors and because she refuses to put her phone in a case. Now she wouldn't have an excuse. Thanks for doing awesome giveaways!

Id love a neon green case, they look awesome and id like to show off your product to get my friends to buy some. Need a case since i dont have one on my iphone 5 white 16GB.

my sister bought a new iphone 5s gold i want to give her a gift as next month is her birthday but i spend all my pocket money to buy computer games

May i please have a case;) my bumper is at the end of his days and i can't affor another one, my dad gave me this iphone as a graduating gift, and i would hate for his hard working gift to break.I hope i could win one i would really appreciate,and if i had to choose i would really like that blue and yellow case.please :)

Thanks for doing great giveaways. I'd like the black one for my space grey 5s. Is used the black Apple leather case, but I do like this one better.

Sent from the iMore App