Longer, more powerful battery for iPhone 5 purportedly gets sneak-peeked

Longer, more powerful battery for iPhone 5 purportedly gets sneak-peeked

If the new iPhone is going to do more than all iPhones before it, including LTE 4G networking and a bigger 4-inch, 16:9 screen, and not run out of juice faster, it's going to need a more powerful battery. And a more powerful battery is just what the latest round of parts leaks purport to show off. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman and Sonny Dickson presented the pictures, and peg the details at 1430 mAh, 3.8v, and 5.45 wHr.

If this battery turns out to be what Apple's going with in the iPhone 5, it would make it 10 mAh, 0.1v, and 0.1 wHr higher than the current iPhone 4S battery.

When Apple switched from the 3G iPad 2 to the LTE iPad (3), they managed to keep the same battery rating, though not without making the new iPad 0.6mm thicker, and chocking the frame full of as many battery molecules as possible. The iPhone 5 might get a better, less power-hungry LTE chipset in Qualcomm's 28nm MDM9615, however.

With the new iPad, the battery also had to support a monstrous, demanding new Retina display. The iPhone made the jump to Retina back in 2010 with the iPhone 4, but if rumors of that 4-inch, 16:9 screen prove be true, Apple will also need to light up 1136x640 pixels, up from 960x640 in the previous two models. That's only an 18.33% increase, nowhere near as big a jump as the new iPad's 2048x1536 upgrade from 1024x736, and newer, more power-efficient panel technologies may help, but every bit of additional battery drain will add up.

Speaking of which, if Apple gives the iPhone 5 a variation on the new iPad's Apple A5X system-on-a-chip, which includes a quad-core graphics processor, the battery will have to account for that as well. It's possible an iPhone A5X would have better power efficiency than than the iPad A5X, but like it won't require less power than last year's Apple A5 in the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is also rumored to include a new, much smaller Dock connector, a new, much smaller nano-SIM card holder, and a new, thinner in-cell screen technology.

A taller iPhone, even if slightly thinner, with other components shrunk down as much as possible, could ultimately provide for a bigger and slightly more advanced battery, and do it in such a way that Apple can provide LTE 4G networking and a bigger Retina display, and still maintain battery life.

We'll likely only know for sure on September 12, just over a month away. In the meantime, hit the link below for all the details on this latest part leak...

Source: 9to5Mac

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Longer, more powerful battery for iPhone 5 purportedly gets sneak-peeked


Battery life is very important. I'm sure Apple knows this that's why they made the new iPad thicker.

The new iPhone battery has to be better than the 4S's. The difference has got to be more than 10mAh. It's going to power a bigger screen and an LTE radio!

Only 10mAh more than the 4S battery? That's not particularly impressive in and of itself but If that amounts to better actual battery performance than the 4S, that would be impressive. The different color renders are cute, but is Apple really going to do that? Where's the pink one? Georgia will probably get the pink one. :-)

10 mAh is nothing... LET chip, higher processor, bigger screen is going to suck the juice right out of this thing.

I'll take this with a my pole of salt, It's a leak for something, but it could be for the new iPod touch for all we know. The device really doesn't need that much energy. Either way, there is always a reasoning for what Apple puts on the devices. And to be honest, I always found that when it comes to battery, Apple doesn't try to improve the capacity to the maximum but instead to the bare minimum, taking design above usability. We'll totally see what will be the final verdict when its release and... and then taken apart again Lol

What's the 4S battery life like these days? I have one which will just about go 2 days without a recharge. Is that the norm? Should i send it back?

2 days? Are you constantly on airplane mode? For me it depends a lot on quality of cell signal... if I have a signal that jumps from 2/3g my battery dies very fast.

Typically I have to charge my phone once during the day before going home. I don't let the battery get in the red before charging. I'm paranoid about having my phone die... plus I watch videos on my commute home

I bought a Mophie battery case for when I know I'm not going to be near a charger. I never have to worry about this with my BlackBerry.

A better battery or just better battery life management is very welcome in my eyes.

I have an iPhone 3GS, and this morning I charged it all night to a full 100% of battery and I was just sitting on the bus on my way to school in the morning and it died. I wasn't even using the internet, I quit all my apps, and none of the apps were using my location. I made sure of it. I have replaced the battery before but it did nothing. At this point 10mAh doesn't seem like a lot to some people, but for people like me, who's phones run out of battery faster than the speed of light, we are very grateful for the effort. I am sticking with this iPhone until September 21 when I can finally get my hands on the 5, and I don't think some people know how excited I will be!