iPhone 5 photos with 3.7" display - real, fake, or really fake?

M.I.C Gadget got their hands on some photos of what could be a prototype iPhone 5 with a larger display in the white varient. The unit looks to have a 3.7" screen with edge-to-edge glass running an unknown version of iOS and a new proximity sensor reported to be included in the official White iPhone 4. Or it could be a KIRF.

iPhone 5 rumors have been escalating recently, and this latest photo adds no real clarity to the mix. On one hand we have Joshua Topolsky's 4-inch display with a teardrop MacBook Air-style chassis, on the other, the same design as the iPhone 4 with a faster processor and better graphics? Or neither?

Your guess is as good as ours at this point. Check out the pics

[MIC Gadget]

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 photos with 3.7" display - real, fake, or really fake?


Rememer when gizmodo came out with the IP4 pictures??? 9 out of 10 people said really fake, ugly and unaple, a few months later they were all buying it.

Early prototype, neither new iPhone will have more clicable home buton, just a touch area as home button with gestures, size is ok

This looks too close to the original design but then again, iPhone 5, according to WSJ isn't that far away so I don't see why it can't be real...

But at the time we did not know that. You say "it was real" because it WAS! silly. But we are talking about WHEN it was leaked.

What he means is that when it was leaked and before it was confirmed many people said it was a fake and whatnot.

The new iphone better have a clickable button. U really want to put the phone in your pocket and have it go on and off?

good luck playing games with a capacitive home screen button where your thumb will press it nonstop.

Clearly YOU never used that button and you still need to tap it. lightly moving your finger accross won't do a damn thing kid

besides I have on my EVO and it works just fine. People who never used those buttons shound't be talking.

I have on my EVO and it works fine. People who never used that kind of button shouldn't be talking

the screen was shopped onto the photo. the angle of the lower edge of the screen isn't the proper angle.

Okay everyone needs to get off their spaceship and look at the details of this super FAKE photo. Why is it that the guy's hand is in perfect focus, his fingernails are in perfect focus, the keyboard, cords, and even the phone itself are in perfect focus... yet the "magical" device's retina display is out of focus. Try taking a picture of your iP4 with ANY 0.1MP camera or greater and I bet you'd be able to read the letters and icons with perfect accuracy.
The screen looks like one of those cardboard cutout things you find as a "here's what it looks like!" placeholder inside cheap cases.

The picture is likely a one of this plastic models, based off of the "drawings" that leaked awhile back.
Will the iPhone 5 look like it? I think it is likely.

clearly fake. the home screen says the screen is all the way on the most left frame but the furthest left frame is always universal search, which according to this, does not have an icon on the bottom anymore and doesnt exist

UNLESS..........they have changed the way you access it. You are correct that the search screen is always your "first" home screen, but if the IOS has been altered, this may have changed also.

this screen is not only broader, its also a little higher which would solve the problem of apps not looking the same. it might be fake, but this is probably the way apple would do it

They are copyrighted/trademarked by Apple or whichever company, the foreign ones are commonly used words. Game center, App store etc aren't used on devices other than apples, where as settings etc are!
I don't see how people can have the time and money just to make up fakes, I find it pointless lol
Guess we'll see in a few months

I don't know if this is real or fake but if the iPhone 5 looks anything like this, I'll definitely be skipping it this year!

If I was Apple, I certainly wouldn't be calling that an iPhone 5. iPhone 4S perhaps but there's nothing worthy of a new model number.

Could be real, idk i don't have to device but it does look plastic like including the screen, almost like aplastic mockup? not sure.

If you look at the lower left corner it's flatter than it's opposite corner and it's not as round as the other corners. Also you can see the band around the glass on the left side is a lot thicker than it is on the right side. And the persons hand would have to be deformed to look like how it does in the picture. If you follow the antenna band from the bottom and go up, it gets thicker towards the center of the phone. The screen is blurry compared to the rest of the image and there's no magnifying glass for the search, which is the furthest left screen wihich is what the pictured screen is on, meaning the search screen is missing completely.

Definitely looks like its bigger than 3.7" i mean compare how far the ear piece is away from the edges compared to the iPhone 4. Looks bigger up above.

If you look at the picture you can see how all the icons are pulled out wider than normal - obviously a stretched out picture.

Super fake! We have that kind of phone hir in the phillipines and its being sold rili cheap cuz its an iphone copy im very sure cuz our helper has one exaclty the same even the color