Poll: If Apple doesn't release an iPhone 5 this year what will you do?

While I refuse to believe the rumors are true, and will keep refusing until Steve Jobs (or whomever) ends their WWDC 2011 keynote 100% new iPhone 5 free, I simply have to ask -- If Apple doesn't release an iPhone 5 this year what will you do?

If you just got a new Verizon iPhone you probably don't care as much (maybe you're even a little relieved?) If you think iPhone 4 is still way ahead of the competition, maybe it doesn't matter to you either. If you plan on getting a white iPhone 4, could that hold you over? But what if Apple just broke your heart yesterday, then what? Is it enough to make you take a good long look at an Android-based alternative?

We might be facing our first June since 2007 without a new iPhone. What will you do? Vote in the poll above and let us know the details in the comments below!

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Poll: If Apple doesn't release an iPhone 5 this year what will you do?


I don't believe they won't release anything either, even if they just did an iPhone 4GS it would be better than nothing. A5 processor and double the ram.

You guys keep on saying iPhone 4S/4GS or iPhone 5 using some weird criteria. (Yeah, some say an increment in model number really represents a chassis design change.) It really doesn't mean much whether Apple calls it a 4G/4S/4GS/5 or what you believe such model naming means.
Whatever it will be called, if the next iPhone includes an A5 SoC, it will represent a huge change. Bigger than 3GS to iPhone 4. It's a gigantic change in GPU and a pretty big change in CPU. That's really a generational change.
Yes, that's a pretty big upgrade.

Stick with my 3GS , ip4 didn't impress me to make the upgrade . I may take a look at new androids this July .

Hope my 3gs get back from repair soon or maybe just get an iPhone 4 and then just skip the 5

Only time will tell. I strongly believe that Apple will release iPhone 5 this year. It's only rumors. Just like what your other article said. If the iPhone 5 was not announce from apple yet nothing is true. I hate rumors...

If Apple doesn’t release an iPhone 5 this year what will you do?
I guess the world will still turn, the lights will stay on, the great circle of life will carry on turning.
Surely we have better things to worry about?

Yeah Paul, absolutely right. The moaning and gnashing of teeth about the next iPhone or a White iPhone is just ridiculous. It'll be out when they feel like it. End of story. Zzzzz

i've got an 18month contract so i'll be waiting for iphone 6 anyway, but they WILL release a new iPhone this year. iPhone 4 is good. but the speed the industry moves, 18 months - 2 years is a long time to not release a new model, Just ask nokia and sony ericsson, when Apple came along releasing a new iPhone every year, it blew their product cycles out of the water.
iPhone 5 will be a 3GS-esque upgrade, released as normal.

Just to annoy you further, O2 in the UK have recently changed their iPhone plans, amongst other nice things, when I upgrade, I can choose a 12 month option ;-)

It's true that 18-24 months is a long time between products these days, but isn't that just obscene! I'm actually getting a bit p***ed off with Apple releasing new products in the same range barely before the previous one has gone out of warranty, let alone become technically obsolete.

Buy outright from apple? Gon on prepay? That's what I do. Can still get 'unlimited' text and data etc.

Relieved I won't have to find money to buy the iphone5 this year. I would be happy with a new Iphone every two years instead of every year. Love my Iphone4

Tell em Justin!! I'm good with my iPhone 4. Still the best camera I've seen on a cell phone. Still got all my apps and new ones every day! I'm good. But a software update and some UI freshness is more than welcome.

What about Windows Phone 7? Been eyeing some WP7 devices lately and some new ones from CTIA look cool. This summer it's either an iPhone 5 or possibly give WP7 a spin.

It really depends on Verizon. My wife and I are planning to switch before the unlimited data plan offer is up; so that really will make our decision. I absolutely need that plan, so if there's no 5 I will probably go with an iPhone 4, but there will be a part of me wishing it was a Motorola Bionic.

I will also probably buy an iphone4.I am a verizon blackberry user who wants to switch to iphone. I just want an official apple statement saying its not coming out this year if that is the case. I just don't want to finally make the switch now and have my brand new iphone 4 be obsolete in 2 to 3 months. Of course I would rather have an iphone 5. I am just waiting for an official word saying that it will or will not be released this summer.

I'm in a quandary. I've been patiently waiting for a Verizon iPhone. I cannot upgrade unit the end of April. I was going to wait for the 5. Now i don't know what to do. I currently sporting a dumb-phone. I wish they would just come out and say what they are going to do.

i'm in a similar position but i'm stuck with a pre. my contract endes in august but i'd pay $50 to get out of the contract. but when nothing came last year from palm i decided i'd get the next iphone. but it never came on sprint and so with only 5 months to wait i decided screw it i'll just wait 5 more months, pay the fifty termination and switch. now after almost a year a delay would mean another unknown term. just sucks. i hope it's not true or 'll probably have to just get an iphone 4. But i know if they come out with a 64 gb iphone with 1080p recording i will be pissed off.

Still rocking a 3GS and perfectly fine with that. Not eligible for upgrade until April 2012 so I'll probably wait for whatever comes out next summer anyway

Still loving my 4 I could care less about a 5 yet. Let apple take their time to make another great groundbreaking device!

I still have a 3G, and nothing happened to me yet because I haven't upgraded (besides a couple of games that don't run, but that's all).

My 3G has some pretty annoying speed issues. Google Maps runs pretty slow most of the time now, and sometimes the whole phone is slow until I manually clear out the memory using a 3rd party app. So I'm definitely looking to upgrade soon. Plus, I'm a gamer, so running those latest-and-greatest apps is a big plus =]

Ever think your mysterious speed issues might be caused by your use of "third party apps"? Apple has a walled garden for a reason.

I don't understand AT&T customers who won't upgrade. Don't you guys get new cust pricing if ip5 comes out in the summer? So your cost would be $200. You can sell your current ip4 for way more than that. In the end you will be with AT&T one more year. How is this not a hot deal?
Up here in Canada, we don't get the same luxuries. We're on 3Y terms while never getting new cust pricing 12 months in.

i'm with you man... it makes no sense to me. You're already paying ~$100 a month on your phone bill and you are using an outdated device that runs like sh*t on the "premium" service your paying for. You could pretty much upgrade for free and have a much better experience. Those unlocked and on T-Mobile excluded of course.

I'm loving my 3GS and for the heavy duty load I have my IPAD 1 (and my 6-core PC). Iphone 5 have to be really awesome to get me to part with my handsome 3GS; I don't even think a 12 mp camera with image stabilizer, temperature sensor or whatever they might come up with is going to make me switch. I wonder what Iphone 6 will look like?

there are 12 core athlons now lol big bucks no whammies... i just got a pre plus in july 2010 and since they wont be upgrading the op system ( even though i already did with webos internals help ) i bought an ipod touch 4th gen. i see what the clamor is about the iphone 4 and ipod touch 4 but i wont be getting a new ipod touch 5 if that helps anyone.

I'll wait until whenever the iPhone 5 is released, be it this June or some other time.

I won't be upgrading until the 2 year contract on my iphone 4 runs out so it doesn't really matter to me.

That would MASSIVELY SUCK. My crappy Pre is barely working and i've been waiting for one whole year already just for a june iphone. It's never coming to sprint so with my pre dying june was it. you're answers see wierd. i don't fit most of them. i don't have an iphone and i'd be dead before i bought a white phone. i gues i'm an other. i'd ether buy and android phone or buy a iphone 4 and be pissed off to no end if an iphone 5 gets released within a year.

could download preware and the repository changes and freetether and get an ipod touch 4th gen and have a similar expirience to iphone for $204-$229 and tetther ur ipod to ur pre badda bing lol theres a few like myself i have seen that has done just that

My pre barely works. I have preware. the screen is dead in many places. it freezes for minutes at a time. reception stinks too. And sorry webos is not special to me. And there is NO chance i want to carry two devices any longer. i often now leave the pre in the car cause it's darn near useless to me. oh the keyboard has about 6 keys including the spacebar that don't work. Makes typing suck. I love my ipod so i'm combining the two, ipod and phone. The Pre is gonna get thrown down a well or i may literally wipe my ass with it. Keeping it is NOT an option. There are at least 5 android phones i'd get before keeping it. And i have no interest in engaging in any more of that patching hacking no apps laggy featureless interface after June. I'll leave that to the webos Taliban over at precentral. Worst purchase i've made.

Are we assuming everybody has an iPhone 4? =] I actually have a 3G, and am long overdue for an upgrade. I bought the 3G right before the 3GS was released, so I learned my lesson and want to get the latest. But if there isn't an iPhone 5, I'm hesitant to buy a 4 now and potentially have a 5 announced within a few months.
I guess I might just buy an iPad 2, since I know that's the latest =]

I'm with you, Josh! My 3G is slowing down every day, and I'm due for an upgrade on 5/31. I'm planning on waiting for a 5, but if one doesn't come out, I may go for a 4 anyway. Come on, Apple! Just let us know what you're doing!

exactly. they assume everyone just goes out and buys everything. The only apple thing i have is an old 80G ipod video. I've been waiting for a phone so this delay is an issue.

There has been no rumor that the next iPhone won't happen this year. The "next year" thing is mostly a mis-interpretation from bloggers who don't understand what Apple's "fiscal" year is.
Whether it is in June/July ("normal" time based on history), September (late FY11 from some rumors) or December (early FY12 from other), it's still 2011.
I still think this primarily stems from Apple not awarding component contracts until the last possible minute. So any rumors based on component orders won't be accurate until closer to the launch date in this scenario. I base this theory on the iPad 2. Nobody really knew when it was coming until about 2 weeks prior. Apple has successfully shut-up its component and manufacturing contractors.

Whenever they release the next version just wish it will take the iPad 2 as it's design cue. Maybe just a bit less sharp at the edges. It will be worth the wait I think / hope?!

Maybe the delay is due to a lack of current production capacity to produce a 4" Retina display on an iPhone. Can't take a step back in display PPI after saying how awesome it is on the iPhone 4. Maybe the same delays in production that made the iPad retina display have to wait for the next iPad version will not be ready until later this year. When the retina iPad comes out :D

Call me an optimist, but if Apple delays the iPhone 5, I'm thinking it's because the next gen iPhone is going to be a huge upgrade to include NFC and/or LTE. If the delay were just until September and due to a massive upgrade, I might just forgive Apple. Maybe.

I agree. I think any delay means they are including massive updates/changes, not just one or two minor ones, like "more ram". I rather wait for a truly enhanced iPhone 5, not some 4S pacifier

I like my iPhone 4, but I won't lose any sleep worrying about if a new iPhone will be coming in June or not. There are bigger things to worry about....

My problem is I get bored of phones quickly. I couldnt have the same phone for 2 years if they skipped this cycle.
The thing people don't realize though is that the 3G to 3GS was a massive jump in speed, way bigger than 3GS to iPhone 4 (do a side by side comparison, you'll see). If they made that big of a jump again from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S (or whatever you'd call it), it would be amazing!
If they did a iPhone 4S type release + one other feature (except NFC, they'd really have to sell me on that), I'll buy it.

I have an old iPhone 3G that's been plugging along just fine. I'm eligible for an upgrade in April of this year but have been debating waiting. Not because I think I'd get a 5, but to see if the price on the 4 drops when a new one is announced. I'll end up with a 4 either way.

I'm happy with the iPhone 4 and could use the time to get some cash together before another iPhone comes out. I'm OK waiting a while for iPhone 5 as long as my iPhone 4 doesn't feel sluggish after future firmware updates.

I'll continue to use my iPhone 4. I'm not in the habit of plotting a device purchase before I even know what it's capable of.

Shoot Steve Jobs. I love the man for all he has done, but if he doesn't release the iPhone 5 I will shoot him.
P.S. No, FBI/Steve's bodyguards/the woman all iPhone-nerds love (Georgia), it isn't a serious threat :)

I have a 3GS and really don't want to wait another year to upgrade but if this one keeps chugging along I will bide my time to a hopefully January release of an LTE phone compatiable on both blue and red.

If no new iPhone ends up getting released this year, it won't be that big a deal for me; I'm still content with my iPhone 4 for the foreseeable future. But that Samsung Galaxy S2 does look tempting; I would like a larger screen (at least 4 inches), 4G compatibility, and a Swype keyboard.

I find it hard to believe that Apple will just leave money on the table. Even if it was a slight spec bump it would sell like crazy especially if they released it in white. For me, the current Hardware is just as good as anything out there or even better. Apple is not into the spec war and at the end of the day, the HTC Evo 3D won't blow away my HTC Evo. All Apple has to do is just keep innovating with the IOS. Those updates alone will allow it to go another year. I'd just like to see better cloud service, facetime on other non-apple devices and better notifications.

what will i do if apple doesn't come out with a new phone? um who cares? just switched from my iphone 4 to android and it's way better. apple could have an amazing product but they are scared to let developers develop for it. good work apple for letting another great opportunity slip through your fingers.
Oh and for all those people that have owned every generation of iphone: you're an idiot. just skip generations and save yourself the 300 some dollars a year!

ahh, continue to enjoy my perfectly fine and capable iphone 4, jeez! is it that big a deal not to give greedy ass apple 200-400 every year for a couple of changes in a phone?

My 3GS is still working fine for me. Was thinking of upgrading this year with the 5, or whatever it is going to be called. But also thinking of waiting until the next version in 2012, to sync the upgrade schedule with my wife's phone. Hopefully by then it will be 4G.

My 3G works OK, but its showing its age. If a new iPhone isn't announced in June, I'll be a little pissed, since with that knowledge I would have bought a 4 in January when I was eligible.
However, I fully expect to see a new iPhone at WWDC, or at least a teaser for one to be released in Aug.-Sept.

Barring some huge upgrade, I will remain with my iPhone 4 until LTE models (and networks) are ready. Verizon is much better than ATT in my area, but I am not willing to give up simultaneous voice and data. Even if I ultimately end up staying with ATT, I'll wait to upgrade until that choice becomes available.

I am happy with my Verizon iPhone, I would just hope for at the very least, a capacity bump to the 64GB

I was not even planning to buy iPhone 5 I was thinking maybe if 4inches is going to be worth it but don't think it would be for the following reason.
I plan on getting iPad 2 and that has dual-core and large 9.7 screen.
Also I am not an just a fan of Apple products I like most other smartphones.
I have a Nokia E71x
Android on (old) iPod Touch
I want to try WP and WEBOS

I think it'd be a good time to try out android for me, and save some money over AT&T while I'm at it. Getting old waiting for jailbreak tools to be developed just to have a phone work the way I'd like it too. They're getting pretty damn fast developing them but I'm impatient lol.

Doesn't make sense in my opinion (even if it has an A5 processor) to release a new iphone especially if it's not capable of taking advantage of LTE. I'll just keep my iphone 4 for another year.

I still have a 3g so I've been waiting a long time to upgrade. I'm not that impressed with the Iphone 4 so if they don't announce an iphone 5 in April I think I will just look at other phones.

You have a 3G and aren't impressed by the iPhone 4? What the what? Do you even use the phone for anything other than voice calls (at which this phone is also superior at in so many ways; i.e. Noise cancelling microphones)?

Lols really? You idiot. You might as well go back to the nokia brick phone and play snakes... Kill yourself now while you can.

Wow not impressed with iPhone 4?! I went from 3G to 4 and skipped 3GS because 3GS was pretty much the same as 3G. But the iPhone 4 is a much much much better upgrade. It's a completely new phone. Faster, thinner, cameras are amazing (I posted two albums online, one from the iPhone 4 and one from my pro Canon SLR and most people couldn't tell the difference, that's impressive for a cell phone. of course if you're a hardcore photographer you can tell) also full use of the newer iOS and the wonderful Retina display which I have to say did not disappoint at all. 3G is definitely outdated. So you should take a gooood long look at the iPhone 4 and if you still don't want it, well have fun trying to find a phone that matches it. There are maybe two that are decent competition but if the iPhone 4 doesn't impress you then they probably won't either. Good luck my friend.

Exactly, bro I came from a 3G to an iPhone 4. It's an amazing leep. The phone does everything the 3G does and more 1million times better. You must have extremely high standards if it wasn't impressive. I bet if it came with a screen made of diamond, you wouldn't be impressed.

I'd be thrilled that my then year old iPhone 4, which I've always expected to keep well into this year no matter what anyway, will continue to be un-obsoleted for so much longer a time than I had expected; making the long wait till my next responsible upgrade that much easier to bear.

amen, brother! nothing makes my heart sink like seeing my gadgets become "last years model." definitely not looking forward to obsoletion-day for my i4.
at least my 2008 unibody macbook still LOOKS like the new ones, even if it has a removable 4 hr battery (HA! yeah... right) and no thunderbolt.

Whats the big deal? What is going to be so spectacular about iphone5 that is going to make iphone 4 look dated? Great form factor? Check. Retina display? Check. Amazing camera and front facing camera? Check. I wouldn't expect apple to change the form factor much (the original was almost the same from 07 - 2010). Unless they are going to make it as thin as ipod touch or give it an LED notifier I'm not really that interested. I am much more interested in an OS update that fixes notifications and the way we operate the phone.

3GS owner. Contract is complete in August. I will weigh my options in August.
What I'm looking for are:

  1. A5 SoC with 512 MB RAM. It's the best SoC on the market today. Won't be anything better for awhile.
  2. 64 GB storage
  3. Thunderbolt (faster charge time, faster sync time)
  4. 3.8" IPS 960x640 screen at about the same width (~2.4 inches)
  5. Thinner

I'm fairly ok with 3G and WiFi-g. LTE? Wait and see on the costs.

My sentiments exactly. I'm still rocking a G1. I remember being jealous of my dad's iPhone 2G when he got it, but then the G1 was announced and it blew my mind. Being a part of Android and how much it's grown and matured, it's been really fun to laugh at people whose iPhones can't do basic things that my G1 can. Like my dad's jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3G that can't send or receive MMS, among other broken features. I laugh and I laugh.

Your G1 can't even do half the things Android 2.2+ can do, let alone the iphone. I'm sure if you put angry birds on that thing, it will catch fire from having to work so hard.
Take your door stop of a phone and troll somewhere else.

Yea right bud. My brother has a G1.. He hates it. Hes actually only having to keep it because he is being punished for calling the stepmom a dumb a$$ on twitter POS of a phone bro.

This I could believe. But they would presumably still have North American and World versions, right? Who else needs CDMA?

I was planning on upgrading my 3GS to a 5 this summer, as my 2-year commitment will be up by then. If rumors point to a fall release, I'll hold out (barely), but if it's 2012, I'll have to go to iPhone 4, as my 3GS is not holding up well already. :(

If Apple doesn't come out with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this year then I flat out refuse to buy an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this year! So there! That's how I'm gonna stick it to the man! ;-)

If Apple doesn’t come out with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this year then I flat out refuse to buy an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 this year! So there! That’s how I’m gonna stick it to the man! ;-)

I really don't think they would hang on to the hope of a white iPhone 4 if they were preparing a new Model, they would save their resources for that. It's not a big deal I'm happy with my iPhone 4 and probably wouldn't of upgraded anyway. I'm more interested in software updates than hardware at this point. If they ever eliminated my desire to jailbreak I'd be happy.

3GS owner here:
No option for "I'm a patient man, I can wait"?
Here's a few things I'm waiting for if Apple wants my money for their next phone: Larger screen, at least 64GB storage, dual-core processor, NFC, at least an 8 MP camera, 4G LTE capability on AT&T. On the software side: better notifications, widgets. If none of those things comes to fruition on iPhone 5 or 6, I'm moving to Android. I'm also still waiting on a Evo-speced HTC Android w/ dual-core, 4G LTE, and NFC on AT&T.

I don't agree on the NFC and LTE. If you look at the thunderbolt on verizon, you will see that it gets horrible battery life and it's really thick because of the LTE radio in it. Apple isn't going to sacrifice battery life or thickness for something like LTE.
Next is NFC, even if my phone had that, I would never use it. Cellphones are still #1 things that people steal from others. Just think, next time someone steals your phone, they also steal the NFC feature which could be used as a virtual payment system aka bye bye $500 phone and hello compromised bank account.

Well, I honestly wouldn't be using NFC immediately, but it'll be something convenient to have once a stable infrastructure is in place to take advantage of it (at least in the US). Security may be a concern honestly, but it's just as unsecure as loosing your wallet or credit card.

Just got a Verizon iPhone (my first iPhone, btw), and I am plenty pleased with it. I don't really feel the need to upgrade immediately, and being a broke college student, I couldn't afford a new phone right now anyway.

I have a 3GS. I've been holding off getting a new phone til the new one comes out. I'm really hoping, given all the leaks with the iP4, this delay is a smoke screen from Apple. I'll just keep waiting if it's not.. But the 4 is looking better and better.

I'm due for an upgrade next month, but I'll wait (however long) for the iPhone 5 - content with my 3GS. I may buy an iPad 2 to make the wait easier :)

I wouldn't mind waiting for September or so for the iPhone 5 IF I can have my white iPhone 4 in April!

Think u guys can save some money and avoid the next economic crisis by keep loaning for $

I love the design of iPhone 4. There's a part of me that would want a white one, but the BIGGEST and most important thing to me is a software upgrade. If they just release iOS 5, and NOTHING else, I'd be a happy camper!! I am so burnt out on the same iOS for 4 years now. And yes, Android is looking more and more appealing to me, not for the hardware, because frankly, I think the hardware is very subpar from Apple, but it's the software. And I'm a total hardware guy. That's saying something. I would sacrifice a beautiful phone design to go to a platform that is refreshing, allows you so many customization tools, non-rooted/ROM'd, just pure stock, that I have never had from Apple. And yeah, I'm a die hard fan boy, but I can look at Android objectively and say, 'wow, that looks so cool, maybe I should try it out.' I have friends who have the new Thunerbolt from Verizon, and I can honestly say it's a whole bunch of AWESOME. I just don't know, if after 4 years, I can keep holding out for this magical iOS 5 that I'm not sure can even revolutionize anymore, because it's safe to say Android is soaring past Apple. Though it's not perfect, as neither platform is, it's got a lot more to offer at this point.

I think it would make sense for apple to release new iPhone in aug sept due to iPad release in April alot of ppl who will consider buyin the iPad may be put off as they would rather buy the new iPhone. and releases are too close together for ppl to afford both. but if iPhone and and iPad launches were further apart 6months or so most ppl would be more tempted to get both.
Well I would be

it really depends on what ios5 does for the iphone 4. i mean, the xbox 360 has remained a top seller for years now due to software upgrades, maybe the iphone will do the same.

My iPhone 4 is still stellar. iOS5 and iPad 2 will be enough, if there's no iPhone upgrade this year(highly doubt that though).

This iPhone 3GS owner will wait it out. However, I think it would be a big mistake for Apple to postpone the 5. Android is too attractive for them to take their foot off the innovation pedal.

I'll wait, because I have to. My original (2G) iPhone is getting a little long in the tooth, and I was hoping to upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it came out. Upgrading to the iPhone 4 doesn't make too much sense at this point.

This is pure speculation to try to make Apple stock go down. Are people really that stupid to believe every stupid rumor they hear of?

I have a 3GS and have been very happy with it. Depending on if I have the resources for an Ipad2 I'll hold out till the 5 arrives.

IF they make us wait until fall for the new iPhone, I'll just wait. The iPhone is the best cell phone I have ever used, even with AT&T's crap service. I know one thing for sure though, if it the next iPhone has Verizon's LTE, I'll switch.

My iPhone 4 contract won't end until July 30, 2012 so i'm hanging out for the iPhone 6 (or other better phone if there is one by then). I hope Apple stick to the July release schedule otherwise there will be no iPhone 6 waiting for me when my contract does end.

to those morons who wish for thunderbolt- it's by gonna happen since it is based on pci express and last I checked that isn't on iphone , NFC isn't that widespread and how has that worked out for google?- not great, LTE?- the thunderbolt probably had horrendous battery life and thats why it was delayed and still has bad battery life

My upgrade with AT&T just came up Feb 22, 2011 and I've been waiting for the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 4 is a great phone, I've waited this long so I decided to just wait till the IPhone 5 was released. If they delay the release, I will be extremely disappoint. Plus my wife wants to ditch her WP7 Samsung Focus for a iPhone 5, and she'll also be disappoint if she has to continue to use the Focus.

I guess I will just stick with my dying 3G until the iPhone 5 comes out. I really like the iPhone 4, but I would rather have enough time to save for an iPhone 5.
Besides, I have my iPod Touch 4G. I can play with that since it's pretty much an iPhone 4 with less RAM and no phone capabilities.

I'm one that has theorized the delay of a new iPhone since we got wind that the iPhone4 was going to Verizon for the many reasons stated by many in prior comments. Strategically, it does make sense as long as Apple does release it by third quarter. We are in a downed economy, so stretching out release dates makes sense. After owning a Blackberry for many years and also an Android tablet, I can say with confidence that the iPhone is still ahead of the game and still sets the standard. If there is a cool app out there for a device, majority of the time it will be available for the iPhone and not the other platforms. Since the iOSs usually work for the older devices, this keeps the prior owners happy long enough until they are ready to upgrade. Having a delayed iPhone release will not hurt Apple, it should actually strengthen their sales especially if it will be a LTE version.
In regards to the Thunderbolt release and battery life, I know one of the Verizon managers who said that the delay was due to a software issue which caused the battery to completely drain within 2 hours. Android gives good competition to Apple, but the iPhone is definitely much more refined, smoother, and user friendly!

I had the iPhone, iPhone 3G and then the iPhone 3Gs. When the iPhone 4 came out I held off and when the Droid X came out I jumped the AT&T ship and headed to Verizon. I went back to the iPhone when it came out on Verizon. Android did some things much better, but iOS's integration with OSx and iTunes can't be beat. I had issues with getting my music, videos and photos onto the DX (I didn't put much effort into it) and the iPhone connects to my Chevy truck allowing me to play all my music thru the trucks stereo with ease. I also think the camera of the iPhone works much better than the DX camera. So, until Android can sync with iTunes and photos and connect to my vehicle audio system, I'll stick with the iPhone.

Be completely content if its because their working on making the Iphone 5 worth while. LTE time is here, and while early rumors said no way, it keeps looking more and more like IPhone 5 will be able to utilize Verizons LTE network, and anyone's who got a taste of that, and is a heavy streamer, It will be worth my upgrade Ive had available for over a year.

I will most likely shoot myself in the face. I bet the sun will also stop coming up. I bet the world will just freeze up.

Seriously? I had to choose "other" just to say "I'll wait for the September release then."? People can't wait an extra three months for a phone? Sheesh!

My iPhone 4 works great for me, but AT&T here in Sacramento is worse than a bad April Fool's prank. I'm excited to jump ship with the new iPhone 5 and go Verizon. (friends at work who went Verizon sit in the break room with full bars watching videos while I struggle to even check my email.)
I would look at Android, but with an iPad and an iMac, I want to keep the compatibility going.

I recently just got the iPhone 4 in Verizon so I hope it don't come in June but if it does I will some how find my way to get it iPhone 5

I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July so my decision will be influenced by the news that I hear before then and the current selection of phones. I really wouldn't mind an LTE phone since Verizon has 4G service up here in the metro Detroit area but I don't want a huge 4.3" screen that is too thick and has terrible battery life. If there is an Android phone out by that time that meets my needs and doesn't have as much lag as my old Droid X does, I may go back to Android on a 1-year contract. However, if iOS 5 is released and has some significant updates, I may just stick it out until something that I TRULY have to have is released.

This is probably a smoke screen from Apple or an April fools joke.
The iPhone 4 is still amazing!!! and with iOS 5 it could be leaps and bounds better...then you throw in a jailbreak and you have the best all around phone that does whatever you need it to.

It's all about iOS 5 for me. There's little wrong with the iPhone 4 apart from some OS improvements. A big enough upgrade would be like a new handset.

I would prolly get a white iPhone cause I like the white look andgivemy old one to a family member. I love my iphone4 and ifthereisno 5 I am ok with that!

I am on Verizon, tried to get a 1 year contract on the iPhone, but no deal. They only offer 2 years. I was hoping they would announce the iPhone 5 in June but it looks like I have to wait a bit longer. So I still wait for iPhone on Verizon. I don't want to be roped into a 2 year contract on any phone. If iPhone 5 comes out with same 2 year contract I'll just be forced to pay full retail.

Apple and iOS just does it for me. No matter how tempting and nice some android phones look (and their are a few) and some great features they have over the iPhone, IMO iOS is just too polished and smooth compared to android. Even on a seemingly amazing phone as the new Thunderbolt, I still can't get over how the browser lags. Even my old "collecting dust" 3G had a better browser than what they're serving up on these new android devices. I'll stick with my iPhone 4 til the next iPhone arrives.

I'm tired of att signal issues. I really want to switch to verizon but I will wait to see what they announce. If they say no iPhone until holidays I will probably buy a used sAmsung fascinate Just to see what android is like

I know a lot of people, including my boss and my husband, who bought the HTC Evo in the last few months, and every single one of them loves it just as much as anyone I know who has an iPhone.
For one, I've been holding out for Verizon, and now that they have the iPhone, I'm just waiting to see which comes first, white iPhone 4, or iPhone 5.
I think either way, you'll be happy with Android.

The iPhone 4 still blows away any Android phone, why worry. I'm ok waiting until the iPhone 5 is what Apple believes is ready. My iPhone 4 still feels and runs like its brand new, and I LOVE the glass... assuming the next one will be dumbed down for the idiots that can't handle glass, I'll wait and see - maybe I won't upgrade. I prefer a classy piece of hardware to a clumsy plastic oversized phone like most Androids are.
I say fall is perfect timing.

Lol @ dumbed down for idiots . You take this glass thing pretty serious huh !
Fall is perfect timing because you probably just brought the 4 and you don't want to be one of those people with an ' obsolete ' phone , which will enviably happen.
Throw your precious iPhone 4 on the ground and get over it.

OTHER - I skipped iPhone 4 during my unemployment and now that I am employed again, I have held off since the iPhone 5 should be right around the corner.

I post very infrequently, but I feel compelled to add my $0.02 to this conversation. I have a 3GS. I'm not unhappy with it, but I would like to upgrade. Apple may not want to upgrade right away, but IMO it seems silly to wait until 2012. The iPhone has set the standard in "app" phones since 2007. Why would apple cede this ground? The don't need to make a change in form factor to zoom to the head of the line. Here's what they could do (again, IMO): A5, 64g, fixed antenna, white & black, aluminum backing and 8MP camera (maybe with a slightly stronger flash?). All of the current iPhone 4 accessories (read: cases) would still work, battery life would be improved, pic quality would rival stand-alone cameras. The iPhone 4 would be as obsolete as the 3GS is now (almost all iOS 4 works on my phone), and ATT/Verizon would keep secure a good chunk of their apple fans for another two years. I don't know if we're likely to see anything in June, but by September would be nice (with an announcement about a month ahead of time).
Just my $0.02. Let me know if my logic makes sense or if I'm missing something.
Thanks for reading my dissertation.

I agree. I have a 3GS, purchased on Day 1. Battery life is getting poor. I need a new phone, and will wait for the iPhone 5.

Im with you. I'm using a 3GS now and I'm happy with it as well. It was the main reason why I didn't upgrade. Battery life was perfect until 4.2 came and I strongly feel that the phone became slower , especially after 4.3. It's a shame we can't retrograde back to 4.1.

I have a 3GS and didn't qualify for a reasonably priced upgrade to the 4 until recently. Now that I can upgrade, I was holding off for the refresh, but I'm seriously going to have to look at Android or WP7 alternatives as my battery life sucks, I can't use Personal Hotspot (which I increasingly need) and I don't want to waste money on a phone that will likely be replaced just a few months after I was planning on replacing.

I'm not jumping the gun to get the 4 if the 5 doesn't come out. I'll be patient and save my money. Definitely not going to android either. I'm too wrapped up in apple. I have an iMac with iTunes, iPhoto and safari which are important factors in setting the iPhone apart from regular phones like androids.

Hey didn't you all hear, the thunderbolt is outselling the iphone, steve jobs must be crapping his pants right now, this proves that simple isn't really all that much better, and it proves that keeping technology relevent sells more "beauty".

Let's face it, Apple needs to put out an iPhone in June or July to keep their market share. Android is slowly creeping up on Apple and to just sit back and act like they are the king of the hill is foolish. Apple could slap a new camera, faster processor, and larger screen on the 5 and sell a million units. If they chose to wait until the fall, they risk losing these sales. If Apple wants to reset their release timeline, they could always offer an iPhone 5 pro in September along with an iPad 2 pro. That would satiate people crying for more advanced features like LTE and at the same time offer old 3GS phones an update in the summer as planned. Just my two cents.

Is there a similar poll for those of us who don't already own iPhones? I've been holding out for Verizon, then when there was speculation that the LTE iPhone might come out this year, I decided to wait.
That said, I think you might get a whole slew of different results from those of us who still don't have one. Perhaps I'm the only one who doesn't, though.