Purported iPhone 5 pics show bigger screen, tweaked antenna band

While iPhone 5 might only debut this fall, that apparently won't stop the purported image leaks from Vietnam. If accurate -- and that's always a big if -- the pics show a much smaller bezel which could be indicative of that larger, up to 4-inch display we've heard rumored before. Also, the black breaks are missing from above the volume controls, which either places some doubt on the veracity of the pictures, or indicates Apple may have done some work following iPhone 4 attenuation and de-tuning problems.

A couple more pictures after the break. Check them out and let me know what you think -- real, fake, or really fake?

[BiteYourApple via BGR]

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Reader comments

Purported iPhone 5 pics show bigger screen, tweaked antenna band


From tha looks of these pics I have only 1 word... FAKE!! lol
Honestly, I'm all for leaked rumors n pics but these are tha saddest pics I've seen for tha so called iPhone 5. These pics just look like tha iPhone 4 wit out tha blk bands which can be easily Photoshopped out, n unless u show tha entire phone, tha screen looks completely tha same as tha iPhone 4, nice try :-/
I honestly don't mind if it is released on June or on tha fall as long as Apple does wut it does best n release an amazing phone. If they need sum more time, than by all means Apple go rite ahead, i know u don't need my approval but if pple stop n think about it, u would realize that Apples iPhone is worth tha wait. Just look how tha iPhone 4 still beats any of its current competitors #ImJustSaying

I disagree. I have an iPhone 4 now and I regret buying it. In fact, I think it sucks. Sometimes I use it, and I say to myself "who the hell thought of this?"

Regardless of of the authenticity of the pics I think we can with a level of certainty expect Apple to address the antenna design. The thinner bezzle enlarging the screen I think is also on the way, given the growing number of android phones going 4". Even though we don't see it here I also expect they're dumping the glass backing for a metal one.
I would be (pleasantly) surprised if they ditched the physical home button for a touch sensitive one; given it's the last "moving" part on the phone.

Yeah, I'd say it's fake. If you look closely enough to where the antenna break was, right beside the microphone, you can see that it looks like someone smudged it out.

Even before those were confirmed as being fake, you can easily see that it is, because the side bezel looks the same size as the iPhone 4. If the aspect ratio is to be preserved and the screen sized increased, then the side bezel would be even less than the first generation iPhone.

April Fish (Poisson d'Avril) is French for April Fool. Vietnam was a French colony fore a long time and many people still speak some French over there.

The Vietnamese use Roman letters with lots of diacritical marks these days, but like other nations such as Korea in the Chinese sphere, they mightn't write much in Chinese characters but they understand them. 四月魚 is like super simple characters you'd learn in first grade.

even if fake, people have failed to remember apple likes to make things smaller.
a future phone could have the exact same screen with a smaller bezel
to instantly think a smaller bezel means a larger screen is leaving off one entire options from the list

So then, why does the competition make 7-inch tablets while Apple has decided to stick with the 9.7 for the iPad? I get your point, but with touchscreen devices, making something smaller doesn't necessarily make it better.

It's in out out in out with this attena next theres going to be a picture with the antenna as an accessory!!!