Resume Designer for iPhone and iPad review: Create good looking resumes on the go, no computer required!

Resume Designer for iPhone and iPad review: Create good looking resumes on the go, no computer required!

Let's face it, no one really likes creating and updating their resume. Unfortunately, it's a task we all must face at one time or another. Resume Designer for iPhone and iPad takes some of the pain out of writing resumes by letting you create, edit, and send them without ever having to touch a desktop computer or an application such as Pages or Microsoft Word.

Resume Designer starts off by allowing you to choose from several pre-made templates, or you can choose to start off with a blank canvas. There are several default sections already set up such as objective, references, work experience, and contact information. There are more to choose from that you can easily insert or you can create blank fields and add titles and information on your own.

After you've entered all your information and created fields, you can start editing the look and feel of your resume. This includes editing margin spacing, text styles, and more. When editing spacing and text sizes, you'll see a live preview of what you're editing and how it'll change your resume.

Under your profile section, you can even add a photo of yourself to personalize your resume even more. Once you're done, you have several options when it comes to distributing your resume. You can either choose to print paper copies off via AirPrint, email it directly to someone, or open it in another compatible PDF app. Choosing the email option will simply insert the PDF into a blank email where you just have to type in the recipient and a message if you choose.

The good

  • Makes sending resumes on the go possible if you aren't near a desktop computer
  • A decent amount of customizations available including fonts, margins, spacing, etc
  • Adding a picture gives a nice touch of personalization
  • iCloud sync will store all your resumes and keep them synchronized between iPhone and iPad
  • Cover letters support as well
  • Much better interface than a lot of resume apps currently available

The bad

  • Work experience should probably have another field for company instead of just title and description
  • Still not as powerful as creating a resume on a desktop, but it gets the job done

The bottom line

Resume Designer is a great way to store and keep track of your resumes on the go. If you ever run into a situation where you need to get a resume out quickly and can't get to a computer, it will get the job done pretty painlessly. The ability to store multiple resumes and cover letters makes it easy to have a resume readily available for different purposes.

While Resume Designer can't completely replace some people's needs for a desktop editing suite, it can definitely get you out of a pinch or handle minimal resume needs with very little effort on your part.

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Resume Designer for iPhone and iPad review: Create good looking resumes on the go, no computer required!

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For those occasions when... I'm at the grocery store and suddenly need to send a resume? I'm sorry, but this thing is really looking like a solution in search of a problem. When exactly am I going to be in such a hurry to generate a resume that I can't wait to get back to my desk? And how am I going to write it without access to my career records?