Rumor: iPad 3 and iPhone 5 both on track for LTE

iPad 3 and iPhone 5 both on track for LTE

Nikkei Business is reporting that the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are both on their way with LTE 4G radios, set to debut on Japan's NTT DoCoMo in summer and fall of 2012 respectively. Yes, we already suspect an iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are coming next year, and yes we already suspect they'll both have LTE options on networks that support it, but it's still nice to see the usual rumors popping up along the way.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have met with NTT DoCoMo president Kiyoyuki Tsujimura and VP Takashi Yamada earlier this month to work out the details of the arrangement, and the companies have reportedly reached agreeable terms.

As to the timing, summer and fall Japanese launches don't preclude spring and summer U.S. releases, but as we saw with the iPhone 4S this year, Apple isn't afraid to move the timing around. Could iPad 3 take over the old iPhone WWDC spot in June 2012? We'll have to wait and see...

Source: Nikkei Business via BGR

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Rumor: iPad 3 and iPhone 5 both on track for LTE


I'll say this. IF the iPad 3 has a retina display, a 1080p video camera AND off-contract/month to month LTE support like the iPad 2 has currently, I'll probably be in line to buy one FINALLY.

Definitely will push me over the edge to switch from the iPad 2 WiFi to a LTE + WiFi model. I'm severely missing the jailbreak with MyWi for my 4S; it's hampering my iPad usability!

Nope, unfortunately. I was kindof expecting one by now, but im sure the usual people are working hard on it.

It's doubtful. I bet none of the above. Not even an ipad 3. Think ipad 2S. Better camera, faster, siri, and hspa+.
Tone down those expectations.

I think it would at least have to have 1080p video recording and LTE. Retina display? Who knows, but if not, I won't buy. I've never really been all that impressed with the iPad's screen. Regardless of if my expectations become reality, I'm just stating what expectations must be met for me to even consider an iPad.

Oh course they will be LTE devices. It would be a gigantic FAIL if Apple could not bring LTE devices to market 9 months after the competition.
Yes, they did it with the original iPhone (lacking 3G), but this is a very different market now. A significant upgrade to the 4S is needed for the next generation.

Which is why Apple didn't put LTE in the 4S. I doubt they'll put out a new device that gets worse battery life than the standard set by the 4, software battery draining issues aside.

I think Apple trying to make things thinner might bite them a bit when considering LTE. I think making a slightly larger battery to accommodate LTE is the way to go, and personally I'd be happy with iPhone 4 thickness, larger screen and excellent battery life.

Hi Brad, interesting choice of requirements. Would you actually make movies with your iPad as opposed to your iPhone or other smartphone? Right now the camera on the iPad is worse than iPhone because Apple doesn't expect people to do photos or video with iPad. Also, would you shell out extra for a cell plan for your iPad, rather than tethering to your phone?

One major change from the original iPad is that the iPad 2 allows you to video chat with FaceTime. This is a feature that’s quickly become popular, as it allows you to see who you’re talking to in real time.