App Giveaway: Win a free copies of Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iPhone and iPad!

It's that time of year again - back to school! With school, comes papers, projects, and presentations, so TiPb is going to add some excitement to these otherwise non-enjoyable things and gift two copies of each of the apps in Apple's iWork touch suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote! Excited?

For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us which app you want and why (which classes will you use it for). If you're not in school, that's ok too, just let us know how having the app will benefit you.

Ready? Set? Go!

Must have a US or Canadian iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!

Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 459 comments. Add yours.

Alec says:

I would love to have the Pages app. I am an English minor and do A LOT of writing. This could save me so much paper! :)

Theweirdness says:

pages! it's the poor student's publishing app :)

Tz616379 says:

I would like to receive Pages as a prize because I could really use it in university. I need to be able to type up reports, essays, etc. It would be great to use. You're probably asking why I don't just use a computer. Well, I don't currently have one.

Pacripalda says:

i'm interested in the number app! i do a lot of work in excel and would like to do it on the go on my ipad so it would look even better!

rs8 says:

Pages for layout prototyping...

Justin Partain says:

I need pages so I can apply to jobs and potentially go back to school! I don't have a computer but I have my phone, so I need a word app on my phone to make resumes!! Please please let me win!!!!

jplizarraga says:

I would like pages, I know my son will use it more than me in his iPad now that school has started

Luis Aldaz says:

I would like to have Numbers on my iPhone 4 to keep track of the status on orders from my clients. I'm a graphic designer.

deeptali says:

Hi Keynote is the one i need as i am working for not for profit where it could be useful for presentation which i can prepare while commuting. Thanks

iArnie says:

I would love a copy of the Numbers app. I already have Pages for my iPad 2 and use it nearly every day. Numbers would be the perfect app to accompany Pages!!

Rev. Tucher says:

Pages would work really well when working on a sermon and all I have at my disposal is an iOS device and not my big ol' clunky laptop.

SMS22 says:

I would like pages home computer just broke and parents jacked my laptop so my iPad is the only thing I'm left with at college and really do not want to depend on the library to get my papers done

dunn.brian says:

Keynote for sure. I am a sophomore in high school and I am constantly making PowerPoint presentations.
This app would be a big help for me when I am making last minute adjustments. AP classes are demanding.
Thank you for the chance to enter! I hope that I am considered.

Joebin says:

Keynote! I would love to use it for presentations. The current set up is the MacBook Pro hooked up to the screen with the iPhone Remote app.

Dbirch1 says:

Pages will help me alot. Please!!!

fedemancebo says:

Pages!! Because everyone need a text sheet!

Kevin says:

Numbers for sure! I like carrying around all the data I need, e.g. travel itineraries, budgets, etc. Love the blog!

Vitalijs_A says:

Well, since i am at collage and all i have an Iphone... I could use pages to do notes during class, hate the traditional pen and paper it makes my notes messy.

Craig says:

Having these apps on my iPhone would be awesome, as I could then do quite a lot of my work whilst out and about without the need for my MacBook.

Kmratliff75 says:

I am a student at Miami University in Ohio. These apps will benefit me because I prefer iWork to office, and it will help with my projects in Communicatinons and English.

Jason Schmidt says:

I'll need that Keynote so I can do a presentation on my iPhone.

Brian Staulcup says:

I want Pages so my son can create documents on his iPad!

bigdaystingo1 says:

These apps would be awesome in all of my classes. Writing for management would be the most beneficial with the pages app. Writing numerous letters, memos, and emails can because boring. I'm sure marketing management would be a perfect mix with numbers and pages. Help a broke college kid out!

Jonathan Miller says:

I would absolutely LOVE to have pages on my Iphone! It would be such a beneficial app, especially for all my pre-med classes!

Tony Grawe says:

I teach junior high geography and we are in dire economic straits. We are also way behind in technology. I will use these apps for my students to create presentations, to create pages that the students can access and to keep track of student records. I know that my students would see the use of these apps as a step in the right direction toward using technology in the classroom.

Fábio Morbec says:

I want Pages. This is the best app for writing rich text on iPad.

Jstdoitt21 says:

I have a start up that is just going to be getting off the ground, i help young athletes stay off drugs and alcohol!! I could really use pages so i can write works, letters, waivers, and other articles that i need to get my business going! I would love to sit at starbucks or on the field w my ipad or iphone and be able to do some of these tasks!!!
God Bless

phoenix91#IM says:

I'd love Keynote. I'm making tons of presentations on my laptop and on-the-go editing on an i-device would be phenomenal. Also, the possibility to navigate the presentation directly from my iPhone would be an awesome feature. Thanks, tipb!

GadgetGuru72#IM says:

I'd probably use Pages the most, but I have an upcoming presentation and Keynote would come in very handy as I wouldn't have to lug my laptop around. Fingers crossed.

Bill Stegemueller says:

I would use pages in my day to day work as a pastor.

Mick Smoo says:

Pages please cos I never win anything.....

Chris says:

Pages for taking notes while studying International Economics (starting in 3 days)!

fastlane says:

I use the desktop Pages and use Quickoffice to edit on my iPhone, but it's a pain sometimes when the .docs don't open (for whatever reason) in Quickoffice. So, I'd REALLY love Pages for iPhone for doing business on-the-go!
Ehhh... but I never win anything, so...

tmbflyer says:

A copy of Pages for the iOS would be very beneficial to me. As a student of engineering, it helps to take lots of notes and organizing those notes are just as important. What good are class lectures if it isn't in any organized. Considering I just purchased a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, I could really use Pages and the keyboard very effectively.

NovaTornado says:

Definitely pages because of all the typing and notetaking I'll be doing as a freshman in college. My writing 140 class and environmental ethics in society are two classes that will benefit greatly from pages.

Delrahim69 says:

I want pages, I've been using my iPad at work and pages would allow me to work on stuff away from the office. Ive debated on buying it lately, but hopefully I can win it here!

dloveprod says:

I need pages for school.

Mpetraznik says:

Being a special education teacher requires thinking outside the box when it comes to lesson plans. The moment I brought in my iPad my students couldnt wait to try it. We make presentations all the time and having keynote would allow my students to make their own in a fun, hands on way.

Bickb8 says:

I will use Numbers to update my personal spreadsheets on the go and sync back to my MacBook. Pick me TiPb!

Gabeco96 says:

I always wanted pages for my iPhone too make reports , projects for school and to take notes for all my classes

DouglasD says:

I would love numbers. I'm a graduate student and I teach several research classes where I am grading assignments on the fly in the lab. It would be great if I could record their scores on my iPad in the class. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Bickb8 says:

I will use Numbers to work on the Family Budget while on the train. Pick me TiPb!!

Chad says:

I will be able to use it on my iPhone as I help build my business! Funds are a little too tight while we get off the ground!

Joshuaegginton says:

Hi I'm starting my GCSE's next week, and I think the pages app would really help my English but also presentation across all of my work. I believe it will also help me want to learn more because I will enjoy using it.

hockeyhammer says:

I would like Numbers because I already have Pages and Keynote but having such a powerful spreadsheet creator/editor would greatly benefit me in subjects like math and geography so I can create graphs and charts to present and wow my classmates and teachers. Using my iPad as an only computer is sometimes challenging but apps as advanced as the iWork series makes my life that much easier.

Dexter walker says:

I would love to have pages but any of them would do. I am currently a graphic design major and this would definatly help in my art class where I must critique. I now have blackboard so it will now be possible to do my online homework from my iPhone!

danmcg says:

Pages! To be able to grade my students papers, or at least make revisions on the iPad would be so fantastic!

Knedberg says:

Pages Please!!! I have two business's and this would help so immensely in sending documents to clients not to mention the ease of transferring to the main Mac! I Love my Apple products.. Once you go Mac... You'll never go back! From a recovering PC user :-)

hobojo says:

i would like Pages please. my wife lost her job, and now she wants to become a nonfictional writer. i have a pc, and it sucks!!! i just bought her an ipad 2, in hopes of helping her along. Apple's Pages, along with her new ipad, would be a great tool for her writing. please help support my wife's dream. thank you

Israel Laveaga says:

i always have to edit some of my pages files for lessons i prepare. Having them on my phone would be a great help. I could even do a little keynote to go along. how fun!

Arty says:

Man, I've been considering the iWork suite of apps, in particular Pages. I've tried a few of the free applications for keeping notes, but they don't have the formatting flexibility that I need.

Stynkfysh says:

I would like to have the Pages app as it may help me to finally take adequate notes that can aid me in curing debilitating diseases.

Chris Holmes says:

I would use Pages for my classes at school. The power that pages offers is superior to any free word processing app that I am using at the moment. My iPad has become my primary computer device that I use for all my school work.

SzyMen1990 says:

I'd really want to have Keynote;)
I'm on my 2nd year of medical school and during classes concerning preclinical subjects we have a lot of preparing presenations;) Very often I'm made to do last minute corrections and Keynote on my iPhone would really help me out!;)

Pfelz says:

I would like all of them so I wouldn't have to buy them for my daughter.

Knedberg says:

Pages please!!! I have two business's that I own and operate. I could sure utilize pages to get quick documents to my clients nit to mention the ease of transferring the files to my main Mac! I love my Mac products! Once you go mac you'll never go back! From a recovering PC user :-)

Bbo says:

From day one i felt the need of those apps.
In work:I can transfer my works with me and finish theme at home.
At home: I can start a project and finish it a work.
Those apps are a must for me!

Christian Ryding says:

Numbers, so i can make some serious charts!!:)

Boutabek says:

Nice apps, good for work and home projects.
I like them all.

Mikedshaffer says:

Pages first, then Numbers at a close second. With iCloud coming these are going to be killer apps when I use them with their twins on the Mac.

Fernando Gil says:

I wish to win Keynote, because a good presentation is everythIng, in life or in business. I'll use the power of this app in business and try to inspire the people who works with me.

Jake says:

I'd have to go with Numbers. I already have Pages, and don't really see myself using Keynote enough to make it useful.

Wes says:

I want--scratch that--I need keynote for presentations at work.

Avenged110 says:

I would love to win Keynote mostly because I already own Pages, but could really use a great mobile slideshow creator. There are sometimes where I may need to work on a project at school and using PowerPoint can be painful. Having Keynote would really simplify my presentation assignments allowing me to even submit them from my phone.

Jay says:

I am a college instructor and would love to be able to use Keynote on my iPad 2 for presentations! I teach various graphic design classes and PowerPoint just doesn't cut it.

Kevin Schumacher says:

I would like numbers, I do all my budgets in Numbers and it would be great to take them with me on my iPad.

Soto619 says:

I would love Pages and use it for my career as an Elemantary School Teacher : )

Volsmcm says:

I would like Keynote. It would help me create sales presentations. I am currently using PowerPoint and having to save it as a PDF. This causes me to lose all animation.

Nile Brown says:

I would love pages. I need it for school papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My language arts teacher is always assigning new work! It would help alot because im on my iPhone more than my mac!

Gaspar_Reyes says:

I would like pages because it would be a great app to type my papers for junior honors English and I already bought keynote

Kickenkid7 says:

I would was pages in all my classes since I bring my iPad to class

Todd says:

I would love to have Keynote. I am a teacher and I just converted my classroom into an Apple wireless wonderland...this is the last piece of the puzzle.

Michael Looney says:

I would love to win numbers. My job currently has me using a PC with MS Office. However, this coming year I will get the option to upgrade my computer and I am trying to show my superiors that a Mac with Numbers would be just as effective. With this version I can show them the versatility of the program to not just be used on an iMac or MBP, but on iOS as well.

Bbaulier says:

Would love to win Pages. I'm a recent switcher and need a word processing app.

Maggie4Life10 says:

I would like to win Pages. I own Pages on my MacBook, It's awesome. But I would like a mobile version when I'm on the go or in School when in-class. Thank you TiPb for doing these giveaways!

Volsmcm says:

I would like keynote. It would help me in creating sales presentations. I am currently having to use another program and save the presentation as a PDF. I lose all animation.

Austin says:

I use my iPhone for all my school related work and it has been terrific. I'm currently a sophomore in high school taking AP European History, Honors English 2, and AP Biology. The teachers in all of these classes anticipate that there will be several power points we will need to make. I do not have Microsoft PowerPoint and I do not have anyway to make power points. I would really appreciate this app and it will help take one more stressful task off my list.
Thank you

rprather says:

I need Keynote so I can work on my scientific presentations!

James says:

I would love pages! I am a journalist at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am also a theatre director and use my iPad religiously, and would love a great word processor app.

T-Will says:

It would be great to be able to use Numbers to track my gas mileage and have my financial budget on the go on my iPhone.

Alexander Maciel says:

I would like Pages! I am a college student in a small college. I take the bus and have huge gaps in classes. Since the are limited computers and my laptop is a hassle to bring everyday, having pages on my phone to write papers and culinary reports would be hugely helpful in me being able to get work done. Especially since I have alot of classes that run until 8:30pm or later.

Volsmcm says:

I would like keynote. It would help me create sales presentations. I am currently having to use another program and lose all animation.

Sjshore75 says:

I could really use Keynote for iPad. I am a Marketing Manager in the advertising industry and having Keynote would allow me to have a greater impact when creating and presenting sales data and presentations to prospects and current clients. Keynote would be another way I can differentiate myself from my competition allowing me to bring greater value to my market.
Thanks for the opportunity says:

I use could use keynotes to do listing presentations on my iPad for my clients. I could use numbers to keep up with my expenses and pages to create feature sheets! iPads are awesome for real estate and will be even better with those apps on there :)

Josiah Wilson says:

I'd definitely make use of Pages for a number of my English courses. I'm using ThinkBook for note taking, but Pages would give me full-blown word-processing for papers and projects.

Brandon says:

I want number because I do all of my budget work using it!

kmiahali says:

I would love a copy of pages because I constantly run to my iPad thinking that theres Microsoft Word on it and then I realize that I don't. I always type my papers in Notes and then sync to my gmail and then copy and paste to Microsoft Word and reformat. And these apps are so expensive for a college student, I could buy lunch for two days with $10. I really wish I could get a copy Leanna. I know I'll put it to good use and it would really help me out a lot! :) thanks for giving everyone an opportunity to win!

shareinnc says:

I teach English at a community college. I would like to win a copy of keynote as I use presentations for all of my courses.

Hans says:

spreadsheet spreadsheets spreadsheets! That is my work all day long but with iPad numbers my life would be freed up for being mobile and not chained to my desk at work. Then I could go to the bathroom and keep working on spreadsheets too.

Sjshore75 says:

I could benefit from Keynote for iPad. I am a Marketing Manager in the advertising industry and having keynote would empower me to create and present sales data to clients and prospects. Keynote would also be another way I would be able to differentiate myself from my competition allowing me also to bring greater value to my clients and my market.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Rededominicis says:

I'd like to try Keynote. I'm trying to integrate the iPad into the company I work for and Keynote will help us with our presentations.

Donivan2009 says:

I would like to have pages to do my english comp papers and other schol work. I use my ipad daily for scool. I will be real surprised if i win! I never win anything, and there are a lot of people tryin to win!

Felipe Diaz says:

I would love to have a copy of Numbers! i would use it for my spreadsheets and by able to edit them while on the go!

Kyle says:

Typing in Google Docs on my iPhone... Well... It does what a vacuum does to say the least. If I had a Pages, or Numbers, I could be so much more efficient in my typing-filled schooling lifestyle. Just think of all of the literary and mathematical wonders that could be expelled from my iPhone!

Rick Cain says:

I could use pages to write english papers this semester :P TiPb rocks!

Jarod Taylor says:

University student (pre-med) who could really utilize the apps, however certainly can't afford the suite. The iPad itself was a21st bday gift! Thanks!

Bobby Mitchell says:

i would want keynote mainly because im a college student i already have pages but i think keynote will be useful in school too thats why i would want keynote more that numbers because i dont think numbers is going to be all that helpful if i have to do a presentation

Affine says:

I would love keynote. I have to present all the time and would love to just bring my iPad and VGA cable so I don't have to carry my laptop!!

Athomas1964 says:

I would love to have a copy of numbers. I do tech support for the iphones, ipads, and touches and I only have pages and it would help to have that when people ask questions about them

Iain says:

Numbers would be an awesome tool for typing up lectures, patient notes and study notes at varsity. It would make life easier and simpler. Thanks

checko says:

Keynote is the app I want! My wife is a teacher and she's always making presentations. This would be awesome for her.

Bgsufn says:

I am a teacher at a small school and I would love Pages! We have Office Pro but Pages would inspire me to create for my students!

Sylvie says:

I'd use Pages to work on my articles from anywhere and not have to be tied to a laptop.

Nathan Deveaney says:

So, most of my professors use Powerpoints, and they just throw the powerpoints online so we can download it, that way we can just discuss the information in class, but I never bought Keynote and I'm not lugging my macbook to class all the time, so I could totally use a copy of Keynote for my iPad, just to streamline all my notes :D

mk3s says:

I would get Keynote! I have both pages and numbers and i need to finish the trio!

serwan says:

I really like to win pages, it is the perfect app for mynfirstbyear in collage, because i realized that i dont use paper in my new life, i want change my life from classic to full of new tevhnology

One_angrydwarf says:

I am not in school anymore, but I could really use all of these apps at my current work. They are all using 10 year old pc computers and an operating system that matches. I have been bringing in my Mac book pro just to get work done more efficiently. However, it is all on my dime. Have these apps would make my job 100x better. Working in the entertainment industry like I do, I am working 24 hours a day. Mobile apps save lives...I have pages, but would love the other two.

RussK says:

I'd use Pages for work and not need to bring my laptop everywhere.

captainmorgan says:

I would really love a copy of Pages. I'm a money strapped college student who really wants a simpler way to take notes and draft/write papers. While my laptop is helpful, it's kind of bulky and heavy, so being able to use my lighter, smaller devices to write things up would be so great. And typing in Notes or Google docs is ok, but it's not as seamless as I'd like it to be. I'd really appreciate a copy of pages, TiPB! Thanks for this opportunity!

Super Roses says:

I would love Keynote because I have to give alot of power point presentations as part of my job duties.

Jpyoung says:

Numbers would be great as I'm going to be a newly certified fire academy instructor in the state of Michigan

Bapunch says:

numbers for iPad. so I can do spreadsheets from front porch rocking chair. pretending I'm working hard.

Odette says:

Pages would be great ! I'm retired but always studying something new...

DN Direct says:

I would LOVE to have Numbers because I am a Financial Planner and I specialize in helping families getting out of debt and building wealth. It would be WONDERFUL if I could use this app to help explain, show, and help families understand with such a powerful, visual, and simple application. The reason it would help explain, is because while I help the families, I educate them on HOW and WHY it works the way it does. That way they understand why something works and they don't just have to trust I am doing the right thing for them.

Mecie says:

I would like a copy of pages and that's why because i want to use it for school.This year is the most difficult for me and i must be a good student :D My parents gave me an iPad 2 as a gift for back to school.The app will make my school projects way easier.Hope i win it :)

danhodo says:

I need Pages for work, I'm constantly moving around lugging my computer with me and if I could just carry my iPad it would be great!

Fernandohn says:

Im a freshman this semester and i own an iPad 2 , i came to realized that I will have plenty of projects and essays to type, however my laptop is way to heavy for me to be carrying it around. So it would be better for me to use my iPad I would use it to write my assignments with Pages.
Thanks for such a great opportunity.

Donnieanton says:

I would like pages because I volunteer tech support in the retirement community where I live now and would like to see how my flyers would come out in pages as opposed to word. I do not have a Mac only an iPhone and now that is universal my poor old mom could use it on her iPad for the community volunteering she does as well. That's why I think I should win, oh and plus you guys rock ;)

Ld_modeling says:

I would love to have a copy of keynote because I make presentations for history class every week, I usually try to use the notes app but that is nothing compared to keynote! I never bought keynote because I was not able to pay for it. Thank you for making thus co test and giving everybody a chance to win!

Donald Adams says:

I would love to have a copy of Numbers for my iPad. It would help me calculate grades wherever I can get work done so I don't have to be at home or in my office.

Fernandohn says:

I'm a freshman and i just started my classes, it's only the beginning but by now i realized that i will be doing a lot of typing work. I have a 17" laptop that is way to heavy for me to carry around, i also have an iPad 2 which i would love to use as primary typing tool due to its portability.
Thanks for this Great opportunity, u guys Rock!

Nilesh says:

Wud luv to have a copy of such wonderful piece of software, and all thanks to TIPB, ur the best guys, keep rocking

Kerry says:

It would be great to have pages to sync documents between my devices. I'd probably use it in all my classes!

William Kenneth Stein says:

Must have Numbers! I'm in spreadsheets all day, every day!

Shravan says:

I would love to have a copy of these on my iPad as i can get a lot of work done, on my commute to work and the iPad is my primary device to get it done. With iCloud integration, it would be easier to continue working when i actually get to the office or get back home. SO hope i can win, would love numbers or keynote.

Jeff Dorn says:

I direct the Shapes Mentoring Program, a non-profit providing caring adult mentors to children of prisoners. 70% of these kids are expected to go to prison themselves, so recruiting mentors is so vital. Keynote would allow me to use my iPad to present the program to potential mentors and community groups. Thank you for the opportunity to receive this app free and allow us the chance to more effectively impact the lives of these kids for good.

CD says:

I hate Microsoft app at office... And i decided to work at home with my Mac and iPad... I really need Page and Number to love working in my doc office... Thank to help me!!!

Cdiaz255 says:

I would love pages to redo my resume as I am a under employed navy vet .

iamlynda says:

Ooooo!!! Either pages or keynote!! I'm coordinating a conference in Laje Louise in Feb. Either one of these would be just wonderful! TIPB ROCKS!!

Kyle625 says:

Keynote please? I, unfortunately, sell advertising for old-fashioned terrestrial radio. It would be so sweet to make my presentations on my iPad with keynote instead of showing clients printed out, black and white power point slides. I would be "the cool sales guy" :)

jhoffmeyer says:

I'd like Keynote so that I could better manage my presentations when I'm going between meetings and don't want to carry a laptop with me.

Kyle Crow says:

A copy of Numbers would help me with my weekly paperwork for my restaurant. Every week I have to fill out a 6 page long inventory sheet that has every week. Using this app could save me at least 2 hours worth of work every week!!! With Numbers I would be able to import my inventory sheet in, do all of my inventory with my iPad, have it integrated into my laptop via the upcoming iCloud or Email it to that laptop, and then I would have my paperwork done in half the time. All I would need after that is an AirPrint compatible printer and I would never have to touch my computer again to do my weekly paperwork, getting me back to what I love, my customers.

CRT says:

Keynote is what I need now that I must make presentations using Apple TV to a large group.

Michael Fabrizio says:

I would love to have Keynote for my iPad. I am one of the few individuals who still loves to write out their notes but teachers post the slides online before the class. It would be useful to have the slides on my ipad so I could better follow along with out having to look up to the projector which is often blocked by the person with the large head in front of you. Also when giving presentations in my graduate classes, an iPad would be much easier than bringing in my entire laptop.

Guillermo Cardona says:

The one more important for me would be Pages, on a day to day basis we always need to do some report, essay, research, etc. Even thou Numbers and Keynote complete the package for a full office suite. Is a great way to fully power my iPhone and future iPad to have a great tool at my fingertips.

Kylejohnson20 says:

I would like Pages. Im a Mac newbie and would like to switch to Pages to stay in theac ecosystem. I would also like to work on the publishing side and learn that. Thanks for the opportunity!

usozgirl30 says:

I would be pleased as punch to have any of the three. Our real estate office is converting to macs and I would love to have any of these fabulous app for my ipad that goes to the office with me.

Hardy Mayer says:

I would like Numbers since I already have the other two

CAP811 says:

I'd rock the Keynote presentation over an AppleTV connected to the meeting room projector and totally smoke the PowerPoint zombies. And close the deal for ONE BILLION BILLION dollars. And then Id be able to buy Pages and Numbers too.

djf_jeff says:

I would like Keynotes because I would use it to make presentation to our client in place of my current laptop.

John says:

Pages would be great on my iphone so I could make last minute touches to my documents before school on the go

Bird_Flu says:

This would be great for work so number would work the best.

Doug says:

I'd like Keynote. I'd like to do dive training presentations on the road.

Rickster says:

I would love to have Pages because I have no editing software on my ipad. It would be nice being able to take notes while in class and even doing my reports and research for other things aside from school. Thank you!

kevin says:

Would love pages to update docs on the go...

Okiebear says:

I am writing my Doctoral thesis, a little bit at a time, usually on the run. Being able to do it on an ios device, would help me use extra minutes more wisely.

Sksmith says:

I would like a copy of iworks to take notes in class, write papers, and conduct research at the library and other archives. I currently drag around a laptop....

Brent Lacy says:

pages for iPhone would be wonderful for staff meeting notes....

Jrres says:

I have Pages and it's great, numbers will be great for me to keep track of schedules for the employees I supervise and keep track of my personal inventory, keynotes would be great to make presentations of new ideas. I'm so usto working with windows it will be great on my iPad.

Brandon Leafsfan says:

Pages would be the app that I would use the most because most of my assignments are writing essays and this would be really useful because I could make changes quickly at any time.

Philippe Ehlert says:

I would like to win pages becouse i'm always with a lot of monographies to do and it could help me if i'm on the bus or subway going home (belive I take 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach home) and while I travel i'm writing some ideas. Thank's Tipb! :D

Jhoove09 says:

I need Keynote! I just started a creative marketing class and we already have two presentations due in the next week. I was content to use my MacBook for the assignments until I read this post and realized that my iPad would be the perfect companion during this class. Having a mobile presentation would allow me to move around and interact with the professor and the class, making my presentations much more enjoyable. That is the point of creative marketing, right?

gibhyder says:

Pages please. It's so much better than trying to take notes in the notes app and then emailing it to myself after.

Vicious_Cid says:

I use Keynote and Numbers primarily on the Mac.

SC says:

I am trying to write my first novel and to plan a year of teaching in a special education classroom at a performing arts school. My iPad has been a very useful tool, but nothing on it has replaced e true word processor experience. I don't need more barriers to getting done what I'm trying to get done - I need more barriers removed. Pages would be a huge boon, and may well make the difference.

George says:

I'll use it for assessing students progress. This would be neat because i would post there progress on the bulitin board.This would stimulate their interest in performing much better on their porfolio work. I would like to have numbers.

Dome says:

Numbers! If I can track my budget on my iPad I barely need to turn my PC on.

Jhoove09 says:

I need Keynote!!! I just started a creative marketing class. The professor has already assigned two presentations due in the next two weeks. I was content to do the presentations with my MacBook but after reading this article, I realized that it would be much easier to present my information with the iPad in hand. It would offer me the ability to move around the room and interact with the professor and students. This app would make my presentation so much better. You wouldn't want a poor college student to have to pay for this app, right? Right? RIGHT? :)

rchartier says:

I am a university student and am taking business. I constantly use numbers/excel for doing budgets and such. I also use pages and word for papers. I have been wanting to get these apps to do last minute editing on my iPhone but being a student, money is tight. I would love to win these apps to help me in my studies!

Vladrac says:

Keynote. So I can give ultra cool presentations at my Windows-only workplace.

Mrupert says:

Keynote would make work life a breeze as I live in PowerPoint hell!

Christiangallik says:

I want pages and I would use for English and papers and stuff like that

NJL says:

I would like Pages for the convenience it would afford me working between the iPhone and iPad. I would use pages to write reviews for my team at work and also to keep track of projecs and notes. When iCloud launches, it will let me seamlessly work between my iOS devices.

Joey Mendoza says:

Not gonna lie I just want the apps for free. :)

Cfroisland says:

Numbers... Because I use spreadsheets to make spending decisions, budget, and create databases but I don't have Numbers yet!

Mrupert says:

I would love a copy of keynote as I live in PowerPoint hell!

Jordo Taylor says:

As I prepare to enter the senior year of my college career, I am more than confident in saying that my most valuable and well utilized learning tool is my iPad. My iPad has helped to make made everything about pursuing a career in Elementary Education an even more progressively fun and hands on experience. I am excited for where my iPad will take me next and even more excited for where Apple (and more specifically the iPad) can take our youth in the vast world of learning. As an aspiring teacher, I know a utilitarian learning tool when I see one.
As of now, the only thing my iPad is missing (aside from iOS 5) is the Pages app. Pages would make typing my college research papers and dissertations so much easier and, well to be honest, fun! I would love to win the Pages app and add it to the hand full of power-house apps that make my iPad what it is: a tool that makes learning easy now, and that will make teaching fun later.

Cfroisland says:

Numbers! I use spreadsheets for decision making, budgeting, planning, and databases...

Patrick Sweeney says:

I'd love the chance to do my budget on the iPad using Numbers. From the screenshots, it's got a nice interface and I know it'll have that Apple touch to it. I'd be able to check if I have that extra dollar for a new iPad accessory anywhere I go!

Mrupert says:

Keynote would be a relief as I live in PowerPoint hell!

AndreH says:

I would like numbers so I can go into a car dealership armed with my spreadsheet when I make a deal. They hate that.

kalyanb says:

I need a copy of Pages. I need to prepare presentable notes, never bought pages as being in India these Apps becomes even more expensive when you convert the price in indian currency.

greenapple5 says:

I would love to have Pages for doing my school work on the go.

Mrupert says:

Keynote would be a relief as I have to live in PowerPoint hell!

Roberto Romero says:

Keynote would make my life much easier! I would use it for all my classes! Most of my teachers frequently require me to present slideshows :(

ridzie says:

I start my annual speaking tour in a month and am switching from PPT to Keynote on my Mac. I'd love to be able to have it on my iPhone gratis.

Derek Heckler says:

Pages on the iPhone would be awesome! Always need to edit my paperwork on the fly.

Bodie_lane67 says:

Keynote, graphic design, art, business

drewspr00 says:

I already have pages, But I would love to have a copy of keynote so I can do presentations in my seminar classes!

Dean says:

I would absolutely love to use pages on my iPad 2 for my freshman year in High School... It would make writing all those hard papers a breeze since the app is so versatile and offers so much...

Niffty75 says:

Pages, I just want to win for once.

Caseyahcann says:

honestly, any of those 3 apps would be absolutely amazing!
but I would love pages. I'm a third year science student, and thus have soo many reports to do that it would be a lifesaver to quickly be able to edit, results, change things in the discussion and add in things to the methods. As science is constantly changing at a incredibly fast rate, having the ability to quickly edit things without having to find a computer would be a life saver!

DataCentre says:

I would like to have Pages. I am a bus driver and have many security incident reports that I must do at the end of my shift. After a long day driving, it's hard to get these done at the end of the day. It takes so long and takes away the time that I get to spend with my wife and daughter. With Pages, I could do these up on my breaks and email them off to my supervisor, and get home in time for a sit down supper with my family. No time wasted! :-)

Edonatto says:

Simply it is the best software. It is made by apple. It would help me in my work as a Doctor

Wyrecords20 says:

I would love keynote and Pages since I taking a composition class in college and I will help me do my homework on the go with beatiful images. I have not purchase it because of its price. And I also have an airprint enable printer.

Tonystewart3433 says:

These would be awesome for school!! TiPb, can I please have these.

Ikhan1 says:

I would like to use pages to take decent notes and sync to my mail. Number I would use to keep track of my expences.

Shawn Anderson says:

KEYNOTE, for my Marketing Class!

schmittx says:

Numbers for me!...Use it to manage my budget each month and having it portable on my iPad would be sweet...thanks!

Brian Loft says:

I'll use Numbers to keep track of my students' grades in my IBL calculus class. My iPad is new, and I really think Numbers would be one of my "every day" apps.

myerscb says:

Pages would allow me to make my software docs on my iPad.

bill says:

I would like pages...I am too cheap to pay 9.95 for the do I get the app if I win??......bill

Scott Grund says:

Graduating paralegal this fall. Keynote would kill the competition for court room presentations!

ArtDiz23 says:

I am wanting to get pages and have been really looking for an app to help with my studies. I am currently taking International Business and Small Business. I have been trying my best to use Ipad only. I will buy this app either way but being a college student on a budget this would help. Thank you either way.

Pedro Agustín Cela says:

I would love to have Numbers. Right now I'm starting the career of Direction on a Film Academy. For this, I need to use spreedsheats all the time, for entering the information about what I need in film, in each column.
The iPad 2 is one of my best friends, so why not using it during my career? Hope you can consider me for this.
Thank you!

George says:

I would love a copy of pages so that I can demonstrate another awesome iPad app to friends and colleagues!

Ricardousa_21 says:

Numbers... Because I use spreadsheets to make spending decisions, budget, and create databases but I don't have Numbers yet!

Scott says:

Being a teacher I would love a copy of Numbers! I can use it on my iPad to record student assessment data so I can have a realtime view of student understanding. With the iPad it is then easy to share student progress with my team, parents, and students to determine what our next steps are towards success. This would be great!

Lukster97 says:

I would use numbers for my math and business class, when we're in that section. I probably don't need it as much as the rest of these people. Sorry. But it would be a lot easier than going to find all the graphing paper and everything. Plus I already have keynote and pages. Thanks :)

Patrick Sullivan says:

pages to type papers for english and psych

IamHahn says:

keynote would really be great for my wife and I to create slideshows for our children's church.

TM0ney says:

Keynote so me and my kids can use it for school reports to liven up data and stories.

eyraud says:

i would like Pages!
then i will have one less excuse to continue to procrastinate on my great american novel!

Healthplexrocks says:

I am a middle school language arts teacher. When I teach writing, it is awesome to be able to present information using Keynote. In addition to that, having Pages would allow me to prove to my kid that writing essays using all this technology is actually very fun! :-)

James1111 says:

Pages would help for my English class. I could type my papers and homework without a computer!

Jimdrah says:

A copy of Numbers would allow--albeit a tad pathetically-- me to keep track of all those dang Groupons, Living Socials, Tippr, DailyDeals, Plum Districts, CrowdDeals, HaldOffDepots, Yipits, kgbdeals, (could keep going), to avoid allowing any to go unused before the expiration date.

Chad Blosser says:

A copy of Keynote would be especially beneficial in my role as a trainer and educator in Virginia's EMS system. This would allow me to be able to conduct training without the need to haul a huge laptop around.

Hiral says:

Keynote for my weekly presentation.

Chad Blosser says:

A copy of Keynote would be extremely beneficial to me as it would allow me to conduct valuable EMS training and education without less hassle. I would be able to leave the huge laptop at the office and travel lighter.

Igalsc says:

If I'll have Numbers on my iPad, it'll make it easier to work with excel reports (I have to do it on a daily basis)

Kory Capps says:

I would love pages because I am planning on doing a lot of traveling and I want to write a book in the process.

Bobster0425 says:

I'm a youth pastor in a rural area in in IN and would love to have Keynote for presentations to the teens! Thanks!

Korycapps says:

I will be traveling a ton in the next few years and I would love to have pages so I can write a book on the road.

DamnSkippy says:

I would love a copy of pages.

Edwin Penguinair says:

I'm a A/C tech who does a lot of side work, and Iworks would help me take my skills to the next level by been able to make my own personalize flyers, invoices, and all kinds of things that would make me a bit more professional. I'm trying to set my self apart from the average Joe.

KekoaLani says:

I definitely need numbers to do inventory for the computers I inventory at school. Thanks for the chance to win a code.

Peter olivo says:

I would make most use of pages because I've seen it's full capabilities and it is truly a revolutionary piece of software that is a mst have for every college student. Not only is it very east to use and user friendly but I am a senior in my undergrad getting my BS in History. I write paper after paper in all of my upper level history courses and papers would satisfy that often daily use of writing especially since I'd much rather carry around my idevice rather than my actual laptop because it's much easier ad convenient to lug around. In addition, pages would be of the greatest benefit for me because I am an intern at a district attorneys office and I am constantly writing reports for attorneys and in that setting I especially can't carry around my laptop therefore I carry my idevice whic again proves to be of a more convenience for me. So I deserve this because not only do I constantly write report and research paper after paper but I can't get any other program on my idevice that comes remotely close to being as efficient and user friendly as pages.

Bacco says: that a file can be opened in Excel again, it's time to use it.

Robbiesawyer says:

Would love keynote to use for training meetings for scouting

Peterolivo says:

I would make most use of pages because I've seen it's full capabilities and it is truly a revolutionary piece of software that is a mst have for every college student. Not only is it very east to use and user friendly but I am a senior in my undergrad getting my BS in History. I write paper after paper in all of my upper level history courses and papers would satisfy that often daily use of writing especially since I'd much rather carry around my idevice rather than my actual laptop because it's much easier ad convenient to lug around. In addition, pages would be of the greatest benefit for me because I am an intern at a district attorneys office and I am constantly writing reports for attorneys and in that setting I especially can't carry around my laptop therefore I carry my idevice whic again proves to be of a more convenience for me. So I deserve this because not only do I constantly write report and research paper after paper but I can't get any other program on my idevice that comes remotely close to being as efficient and user friendly as pages.

Jonathon Abeyta says:

Pages would greatly help me in my college career. I am trying to become a mechanical engineer and I believe that the technology that the iPad and Pages use are going to be integrated somehow into the electronics that are used in cars. Maybe one day, everyone will be able to use an iPad right in their dashboard. But first, I need to write the papers for my professors. Pages would allow me to write them with ease.

Topypunk says:

Numbers would really make my meteorology class ALOT more interesting and make this final class of my degree memorable because tipb and apple helped me get there.....
Then I can use while not being able to find a job....

Ade1806 says:

I really think a copy of pages would make my ipad experience complete by helping me out at work as a registry clerk.

Gvardia says:

Keynote would great. I work in marketing, so have to use PowerPoint all the time... And we all know how MS PPT is.

BeyondtheTech says:

I'm for Pages first, Numbers second. I'll buy the opposite of whichever I win.

Nate says:

A copy of pages would help me a ton. I have so many times I'm going somewhere and it's much easier to write it up on my iPod sometimes

C4D_m0nk3y says:

A copy of Numbers would help me at work. I am a CAD Coordinator and this would come in handy keeping tabs of jobs and project costs. I also teach on the side and numbers would help me keep track of the marks of my students.
The iPad has made my life easier, and Numbers would be an excellent complement to it.
Thanks TiPb!

Steven Gladney says:

My wife is a college student studying in public affairs and I would love to obtain a copy of Keynote for her to use with her new iPad 2. She is using Pages now for most of her Document creation and getting most of her class books using Kindle and Pearson apps. So having Keynote to do her class presentations would just about complete what she needs to use her iPad as her everyday machine.

fcs132 says:

I would love to win a copy of KeyNote because I'm just in high school a freshmen to be exact and I. Goto a high school for engineering in new York so constanly I will need to make presentations and it would be best to make them on my iPad since I don't have a Personal pc, and I like making presentations and feeling like steve jobs when presenting my cool new slides. Thanks if TIPB

fcs132 says:

I would love to win a copy of KeyNote because I'm just in high school a freshmen to be exact and I. Goto a high school for engineering in new York so constanly I will need to make presentations and it would be best to make them on my iPad since I don't have a Personal pc, and I like making presentations and feeling like steve jobs when presenting my cool new slides. Thanks if TIPB if I do get it it will be the first paid app I have and it will make a nice birthday give my birthday is on the 18th thanks again

WatersWest says:

I would love to have a copy of Pages/Keynote/Numbers for my iPhone and iPad. It would be one more reason to leave my MBP behind. Keynote, especially, once AirPlay is active in iOS 5, would be really handy for giving presentations on without have to lug around the MBP.

David Strom says:

Pages! Finally I will be able to write that fascinating novel on the trials and tribulations of an aspiring writer in his long quest to write the great American novel while touching nothing but glass with his finger pads.
He will test the limits of oleophobic gorilla glass; stare longingly at the beautiful barista at the counter, using the iPad as a mirror to avoid notice. Love will bloom over paper cups filled with lattes. Long discussions speculating about Rene and Georgia will fill the time.
The novel will mesmerize millions by plumbing the depths of the human soul, and explore the interaction between modern technology and basic human interaction. It will be dazzling, but without Pages it will never get written.

Steve says:

Keynote enables me to create great brochures and programs for community events. Who know, if I win the iPad version charity donations may rise, hunger and need may decline and - get this - we may have world peace!

Rob says:

I would like Pages because it would allow me to do my essays for my History of Graphic Design class.

Gregg Lowrimore says:

I could use a copy of Numbers and/or Pages for doing my photography invoices and proposals on my iPad. That would be awesome!

Clifton Dildy says:

I'm taking a business administration course so I think keynote will help with my presentations

rrasho24 says:

Pages... I find myself using my ipad2 for both work, school and play.. Be nice to take it to the next level

Santosh Purohit says:

I work for software company and need to use pages, numbers and key notes all the time for many purposes.I get this all done using my pc. But when back home and try to use them in my iPad ,icannot do it ...the free copies of these apps could be beneficial for me and In case , I am happy I can convince couple of my iPad friends for the same ...please please give it tome

Justin Adams says:

I would love a copy of Pages! Pages is the perfect tool for me to use my iPad or Mac in class to take and organize my notes for each class I'm in and also give any papers I write a professional polish that every grad level paper would need to get by. Then being able to access that from my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook would be great and I'd have multiple places to print thanks to AirPrint and time to work on all devices when needed. It's a def must have for any student!

tennessee says:

Pages would be perfect for me. Classes will be starting next week and having the capability to work on reports, etc. from my iPad would be terrific.

extol4000 says:

A free copy of Pages would benefit me greatly. I am headed back to school in the spring.

Alex Lauren says:

I would love a copy of Numbers. I am on a non profit board and being able to update budgets and other files on my iPad would be great.

Damonbogetti says:

can i only choose one? if i don't, i would like all three. i would use them for grammar, science, and possibly literature or math. iif i had to choose one, i would choose pagess. it would be the mst useful for me. sorry for the typos, my ipad keyboard case is a little glitchy...

Brandon W says:

I would need pages because I would use it for my English classes, my technical reading classes, my spanish classes, and other classes as a useful app for notes. In the past three days I have used 32 pieces if paper. I want to help save trees!

extol4000 says:

A free copy of Pages would benefit me greatly. I am going back to school in the spring.

Matt Pru says:

Keynote would be awesome for accounting class!

Franzenjg says:

I am a teacher and am trying with all of heart to go digital in the classroom. Keynote and pages would be amazing. Keynote especially because I am trying out an apple tv in the room and this would allow me to present wirelessly from my iPad. Thanks for considering.

iamjose says:

Pages! 4 people in our home going to school... It would really be helpful!

Binkser says:

Pages would be great to have! I currently use iWork on my Mac so being able to to edit my homework last minute on the train on my way to class would be great!