Spammers take fake iPhone 5 scams to SMS

Spammers take fake iPhone 5 scams to SMS

Scammers never miss an opportunity to scam, and while Twitter, forums, and email have long been subject to disgusting "test & keep new iPhone/iPad/whatever" spam, it looks like the iPhone 5 version has taken to SMS. That's right, not only are they content to waste your time and attention, they're now also wasting your text message totals.

A couple of our Twitter followers received identical scam spam today:

Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to [scam web address] and enter [scam code] will get to test & keep a new iPhone 5.

Needless to say, no they won't. If you get the text message, report it to your carrier and by no means do anything it requests.

Source: @AKMolin, @M_D_Saunders

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Spammers take fake iPhone 5 scams to SMS


Got the message, accidentally clicked the link, hope that doesn't have any negative repercussions in itself. AT&T here. Number was +1 (559) 765-8076

You'll also want to be careful you don't reply to these messages. Even replying "stop". I did to a couple of spam texts I received and ended up with an extra $20 in bogus charges on my AT&T account. Luckily they dropped the charges off my bill no problem but I'll just be deleting these from now on.

You suolhd also know who the major players are. ShoeMoney, DoshDosh, John Chow, BloggingExperement, John Cow are just a few of the hundreds of quality sites available to look

Any idiot dumb enough to fall for this stuff deserves to get taken to the cleaners... I cant believe this crap still works... mind boggling...

•No one• "deserves" to be taken to the cleaners. What the hell is wrong with people?

and your probably an idiot liberal that thinks anyone should be able to do anything they want as long as it bothers someone else or cost someone else money/time/minutes etc. But try and make someone responsible for doing something like this and your all up in arms about it. you must be one of the people doing it!

It's the age old scammer, get something for nothing. A lot of us really want an i-pad. To get one for free is exciting ! So that is how people fall for it. Cause they want. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And please don't judge. For one hot second I was right there with every one else.

I just got the SMS message as follows: "Apple is looking for iPhone5 Testers! The first 1000 users that goto and enter code 7777 will get to Test & Keep the New iPhone5!" Damn spammers.

I just got the very same text, the phone# it came from was 201 423-4234. Glad I looked it up & figured it was bogus!

Anyone can put in a random area code like 202 or 916 and get the number for anyone they want at a low fee and $9.99 a month. Your info doesn't need to be published because you number is added to a database upon activation of your phone. These scam and/or spam messages are not targeted to any one person. They are wide spread. And rule #1 to being a consumer is: If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. So is it the scamers fault if you fall for a scam??? No its yours. Be a smart consumer.

I used to get a lot of spam texts saying free iPad! Especially around christmas time. I went to the website and emailed them saying that I would take legal action if they didnt stop sending me texts lol and I haven't received one since!! Also I would reccomend that if you get these texts definitely reply "opt out" or "stop" cause I've heard of several people being charged if you do not reply because otherwise you will be on the subscribed list.. Luckily I replied opt out and did not receive any charges on my AT&T bill.

I am @AKMolin who got the message I knew it was a scam right away obviously but sent off to warn others about it. I have no idea how they got my number...

I just got the identical text message, did a quick search and found this page! AT &T is my carrier. (Seattle area), and I'm still on a plan that charges me .10/ msg after 200. I've only seen maybe 3 or 4 spam texts of this style in the past year

I've also rec'd this text msg to test the iPhone5, as well as my dad & husband have. Mine was a little different tho, the url to respond to was "" and the pin is 7777. I actually called Apple about this yesterday and the rep took the ph# and word for word of my tx msg as well.
We are on VzW. I've already warned my kids as well in case this msg makes it to their phones as well.

1 1/2 years ago I received the first of these and knew it was a scam. . . "cooking tips 1-5". Haha. I, of course made no contact from my side. A different one came the next month and I ignored it again. The next month we noticed two recurring charges on the bill for 10 dollars each. I know this will be tough for anyone to believe, but I had to argue through three count em three representatives of at&t to get the charges off my bill. They said by me not responding I was opted in. I was also told they wouldn't be able to do this (remove the charges) for me again in the future. I asked how does someone get to hop onto my bill like that. at&t replied by suggesting an additional service which they provide for 5 dollars a month. Then and only then would they be able to help me in the future. (I opted out) These kind of charges have something to do with allowing third party purchases. There have been around twenty since. Now I just reply "stop" to all of them with no trouble.

Just got a message today. Mine was from (it was something different the first time I looked, I swear--must have gotten two messages)! The number called from is 561-755-3756. I'm on Verizon.

iBlacklist will prevent them from showing up on your phone, but I believe you'll still get charged for a text message from your carrier (if your not on an unlimited plan)

According to the FTC everyone who got one can sue them in civil court for up to $1/message. According to the domain registrations for every one of the sites provided shoe the server as there is a form here: I am sure if we all start complaining about whoever is buying this hosting is violating federal law it might convince them to cancel hosting.

in the UK little spam email and no spam texts FTW!! be careful what your email to though i did get a popup that win an iPhone 5 and showed an iPhone 4 with a translucent ip4 lol scamming bastards

I'm on Verizon, using the Motorola Razr. Got this message today from 7036470360
"Apple is looking for iPhone5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to [website] and enter code 1000 will get to test and keep a new iPhone5.

I got one this morning from the number (571)-236-3911. Is it better to reply or not to reply? I don't want phony charges showing up on my account. I'm on Sprint.

My Dad got this exact text two days ago & asked me to go to the website. How did these people get his cell phone number? Are phone companies just giving away our numbers without our permission? This is ridiculous! Can we sue them for this?

Most of the customers who got this message are AT&T customers... Is AT&T trying new ways to get money from customers by sending spam emails, how else most of the people who have posed here are AT&T customers... Just give it a thought...

I got this one:
"Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to and enter code 7777 will get to test & keep a new iPhone 5."
I'm sure they're just guessing for phone numbers - or they stole a list from somewhere. Idiots.

I just woke up to this stupid text..and me being half asleep accidentally called them... Hopefully I don't get charged for anything stupid!!

Got a text exactly like this this morning at around 1:30 am... Checked it out... Thank God I didn't fall for it...

I got the exact message today at 2:15 p.m. this afternoon from #201-423-4239. I would love to know how they got my number It's suppose to be private and listed on the do not call list.

I just got one a few minutes ago. Mine was from (908) 731-1138 and the site I was told to go to was and my code was 7777. How do I tell these messages to stop? I'm on AT&T. Thanks.

I just got a message. The number was from 703-395-3526. I knew it was spam but when to the site to see for myself. It basically asks for your entire information. Mailing, ss# etc. I'm definitely reporting this. I have unlimited texting but will report it nonetheless. Ridiculous

I answered to this text and entered in my information. WHen you chick on the website it looks real. What should i do? i am really worried.

Hi Jessica,
The site did not look real to me. That is why I wanted to check it out. It was a fake silver looking apple. Notify your phone company, the authorities and check your credit report. At best put an alert on it so you can be notified if something is done in your name etc. Hope it all works out. All the best!

Oh no! Jessica,
I worked for AT&T for fifteen years and unless major changes have been made in the industry in the last year I think I can ease your worries. I received this same message and I just ignored it. A third party biller cannot "legally" add a charge to your bill without some action taken by you. Like replying to a text message or initiating a text message. We have all seen the commercials about texting “bunny” or something like that to 4444 to get a ringtone. If you look in the fine print it says that it starts a subscription service. I’ve seen raffles for cars in the mall that say on the back of the entry form you authorize them to change your long distance carrier by entering. My nephew put his mother’s number as a contact and her long distance was changed. You should always review your phone bill and if you find an unauthorized charge call your phone company as soon as possible. You may have to attempt to contact the company that added the charge to cancel the subscription and ask for an adjustment. If they refuse to adjust call your phone company back and they should have no problem removing erroneous charges. If they do have a problem, start talking about filing an FCC complaint and that should motivate them. This message asked you to go to a web site and enter in information. I do not think that they are adding charges to your cell phone. So, I would worry about what info you put in at the website. Did you give your e-mail? You might get a bunch of spam. Did you give your cell phone number or land line? Check your bill for charges over the next few months and have them removed. If you gave your name and home address or even worse your SSN. I would be worried about identity theft. The federal trade commission has information on what to do if you think your information has been compromised. When I got a virus on my computer that was a key logger I got an identity theft prevention service for a year just to be sure. Hope this helps.

I'm on Tracfone (uses AT&T GSM network) and just received one at about 23:05 PDT, which caused me to look it up.
I went ahead and deleted it, so I don't recall the phone number or scam URL. However, with Tracfone, if a message comes again I can delete it without costing me.

Just got this text message from #646-283-6059
"Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to and enter code 0214 will get to test & keep a new iPhone 5"
At&t is my carrier. will be reporting this to them in the morning.

It is a very good idea to report all spam texts to your cell phone company to avoid potentially getting stuck with any fraudulent charges. On Feb. 2, 2012, I received the above cited text regarding iPhone 5 testers and then on Feb. 5, 2012 I received another spam text about receiving up to $1,250 direct to my account if I visit AT&T is my carrier too and I reported both spam texts to them today. The AT&T operator said she would make a note on my account in case anyone attempts to make fraudulent charges. She also noted the sender's phone numbers and said AT&T will investigate the source of the spam. She asked me to forward the spam texts to '7726' to assist AT&T in its investigation. After you forward the text, you will receive a free text back from AT&T asking for the text sender's phone number. After you send the phone number, you will receive another free text from AT&T thanking you for your assistance. Note--the AT&T operator also told me no to be tempted to respond to the spam text even if it is just to 'opt out'...and of course don't click on any website links in spam texts either.

Got the message a few minutes ago. I have AT&T. I forwarded them the message at their 7726 number and got confirmation texts.

I received one only it said go to enter code 8900 352 270 2786. so glad I didn't reply to this,what a scam.Older people would full for this. I almost did.

I received one this evening from 310-498-5344. I did forward it to the number Sarah provided (thank you Sarah) & it went just as she said. I was a bit of a dummy tho, I did click on the link b/4 it hit me it was spam, I didn't do any thing on the site but I wonder if I should worry about just going to the site but not clicking on anything on it or entering any info? From what I've found here it doesn't look like I should be too worried but would really suck if my moment of "der" gets me in the end...any additional info anyone has would be really appreciated.

Got one this morning. Ph # was 571-239-7267, and the website was 5am!! A@&holes. If I knew their home numbers I might call them and wake them up. I was up most of the night with a sick kid and took forever for us to get back to sleep.

I work for AT&T and I was recieving lots of these texts, so I serched the number and found them to be prepaid AT&T GoPhones, in a real person's name, and sometimes, up to 10 activated at the same time. These texts were actually coming to my company phone, a number that is unlisted and never given out. The ones I got were from Virginia requesting the same thing.

Nothing infuriates me more than the scum that thinks it's ok to scam innocent people like this. I've gotten 5 different text messages from 5 different numbers in the past few days, one was at 1:37 AM!! and don't tell me to turn off my phone at night; it's MY phone, I pay for it, I have a family that might need to reach me in an emergency. I haven't responded/signed up for anything/agreed to anything, but it won't stop. There are way too many for the FCC to handle, even if they could find these leeches, so filing complaints do no good. It's so unfair it makes me sick.

I just got a test and keep iPhone5 message today. It didn't give me opt-out as an option so I just deleted it. :( Has anybody actually been scammed by them them and knows what happens to someone who responds?

I got one from 908.731.1440 offering to click on
Hate stuff like this!

Mine came from 407-409-0974 with a "" site listed.
My wireless provider is USCellular.
It must make them a LOT of money somehow, or how could they get so many different phone #s to call from?

Received a message this morning from 404-444-8838 saying, 'You are selected to Test&Keep Unreleased iphone5. Go to http:/iappletestand & Enter Code: XXXX (4 #s were provided) Code valid 24hrs

I also received this message from the same number. I have a LG Cosmos Touch and I am with Verizon.

I just got one of these. The people behind it are scum. I clicked on the link to see if there might be some way to tell them how unwelcome their spam is. The page has a FaceBook "like" icon on it. I didn't want to click it, of course, but it led me to search for them here, and this is all I find. So if they don't have an actual FaceBook page, does anyone know where the "like" link will take you?

I got the message. Clicked the link and entered code. Safari said it wouldn't open it. Hopefully nothing will happen but Ill let you know. Im not sure why I did it, just being dumb. Crap.

I received a text saying,Apple needs iPhone5 Testers: The first 1000 users who visit http:\\ and enter code 1000 will get to test and keep the new iPhone5 Came from this phone number 15712166735

These people are really busy! I got the message from 4046617636
Told me to go to and enter 6713 to get a free unreleased iphone5. Valid for 24 hours.
I do wonder how I got "selected" for this--and how they got my number to send a text to! Although I'm planning to switch to iPhone I'm currently using a Blackberry and am on the Sprint network.

Sunday February 12, 2012 6:34pm PT: Received SPAM Instant Messaging (SPIM) from 917-587-5186 to my Sprint cell phone. Message stated: "Apple is looking for iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users that go to and enter code 7777 will get to test & keep a new iPhone5."

Same here - # 678-545-8300. Seriously it is midnight here and they are spam TEXTING me. Sheesh - can't these dirt bags at least keep it to daytime hours!

The message I got was as follows "The brand you love is looking for testers for the iPhone 5! The first 1000 to enter code 7777 at get to test & keep a new iPhone 5." The number was (213)800-8250

"The brand you love is looking for testers for the iPhone 5! The first 1000 to enter code 7777 at get to test & keep a new iPhone 5."
From the number 201-275-5897.
Clearly they reword once a week.

Im an idiot! I've been working with some apple consultants and was returning many texts....anyway, they have my name, email, address and cell number.
Any suggestions???

You soluhd also know who the major players are. ShoeMoney, DoshDosh, John Chow, BloggingExperement, John Cow are just a few of the hundreds of quality sites available to look

I just received a text stating I had been selected to win an apple product. Go to To claim. I don't even have a smartphone, just a regular old pay as you go thing. Not sure how spammers got my cell number, but I dont think it could have been sent through email. Wish these folks would just get a job and pay taxes!

I got it with Sprint, and glad i went online before clicking on the link eventhough I thought it was a scam.

This is the 3rd or 4th such text message that I've received in the past week or so. 678-3865797. Sprint service.
Make it stop?

Is there any way to block these?? This is what I received today from phone # 617-806-6721: Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!

I got it with Sprint. Number is (775) 790-3462 and I accidently clicked on the link...I seriously hope that it doesn't do anything, oh my gosh.

Here's mine, from 1-818-261-8376.
Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code BETA at will Receive it!
And here is 'Do Not Call List' phone number for cell phones 1-888-382-1222. Do know if it would have blocked this, but I will now be adding my number to the list!

This is a known as a fishing scam. They are seeking your personal information to steal from you.

I just got a text from iphone5...."Go to & enter code 8647 Code valid 24hrs." When I went to the site my security on my computer went red so I knew it was a bogus site and a security risk. Looks like the government would have a group that could catch these scammers and put a stop to this. I get a large amount of calls that try to scam me every day and I always opt out on them and they are not suppose to keep callling me. I am so tired of all this junk.....

I am with Tmobile and got the same text. I don't believe it has anything to do with email. I never check email on my phone and my email address is not in any way affiliated with my phone.

Yep got one figuring it was spam, "Apple is looking for people to Test and Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!"
The funny thing is that in a lot of spam texts/emails, they won't even use some of the simplest grammatical conventions and most of the time you figure reputable companies will check for spelling/grammatical errors. I definitely would not trust a message, "I am you Bank /Name/, log on to www..... now to correct security information".

Here is the text I just got. A different phone number and website from some of the above:
Apple is Looking for People to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that enter code BETA at will Receive it!

*** Thanks for the great info! Just got the following, and new it was BS.
''Apple is Looking for People to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that enter code BETA at will Receive it!

(Apple is Looking for People to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that enter code BETA at will Receive it! )
I received this at 4am, bad enough to get spam but now it wakes you up

Go to and do reverse lookup. You can report as spam or scam at this site. You can do reverse-lookup for any phone number.

I just got the message and thought this can't be real and looked it up to find out that it is a scam.. My password was BETA..How do they get our numbers...

Got one today from Phone# 201-912-7384. Did a whois on the domain, found it was registered through GoDaddy. Filed a report at GoDaddy for spam/scam. Reverse searched the cell number and found it's on Cingular Wireless in ROCHELLE PARK, NJ, activated on 3/2/2011. Might call Cingular to report it, but not thinking it's going to do any good.

Just received the text: Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that enter the code BETA at will Receive it! It came from: (201) 268-4800

Just got this text:
Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the new iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Recieve it!
I have AT&T. I was filling out my name and address and phone numbers. Then I decided to Google if it was a hoax. IT IS! Can't believe I was suckered into it.

I got it as a text message which said the first 1000 ppl who responded got a free iphone5. What a scam

My boyfriend and I each got one of these messages yesterday (3/27/12) on our Net 10 phones. Still trying to figure out how they got our numbers, considering these are unlisted disposable pre-paid phones. >.< Ugh.

Got one from 201-360-9720 saying "Applie is looking for people to Test and keep the new iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will receive it!"
I have AT&T.

I just got an almost identical message today. It said "Apple is looking for people to Test & Kepp the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!" It came from the number (201)253-6455.

I just received that text message at 9:12 Pacific Time today. My carrier is Verizon. My phone is a couple years old, not an iphone. I am super disgusted because I typically use my texts for communication with my kids...what a waste of a text!

Just got the following message to my iPhone from phone number +1 (626) 586-0339 Message:Apple has selected you to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 people to claim it! Goto and enter code BETA

I am taking the Internet seriously now. I am retired and can dive into it. There are a lot of topics on the Internet and I am reading on many of those and commenting. I think that you have to put some attention on a blog to bring it above the dry and boring verbage that is common, and you have definitely accomplished that. I have started my own blog and website. There was a place to include an email and address, so I have done that. Is this acceptable? I hope this is allright. TheVeryBest2You 13 9

My message said "Apple is looking for people to test and keep the new iphone 5! But only the ist 1000 users that goto and enter the code BETA will Receive it!
Sent at 4:19 a.m. from 1-954-801-8351

Obvious spam. Unknown # sends me a text, problem is they misspelled half the words. The URL isn't even finished right. It's bad enough I don't have my # linked to my email but now I get spam ads every other day and I don't even reply to that bs.

Text message from 201-912-7598
Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!
Like I am dumb enough to fall for this, ha!

I just got the same text to my sell phone that said enter code BETA. It said the 1st 1000 users that go to will get it and enter code above. The number was 1-201-253-5118. I have better things to believe in than scams like this. People like this should be arrested!

I received the text while I was in bed and I get up pretty early so I decided to see if I qualify and (my sister says you can't cure stupid) I never made it to the confirming email saying my BETA iPhone 5 was on its way. Luckily they did not get my credit card information.

why do they send this stuff? Get a free i5 phone,just log on and enter 8529. what does this mean? What do they gain by this? does anyone know the answer why?

Received a text from (201) 912-9046 around 12:30 a.m. on April 2, 2012.
"Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto (website) and enter code BETA will Receive it!"
I actually assumed I had been spammed via Google Plus, as the telephone number was extremely similar to the messages I have received from Google Plus' SMS Notification service.
I did not attempt to visit the site. A general rule of thumb, is that if you ever receive a message about an Apple product, mobile phone, or weight loss; it is generally a serious scam. Don't visit the site.
ALSO, if you actually Google the term "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users," you will receive MANY results... from COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBERS. All 201 area code. New Jersey Scum--no surprise here.
I actually wonder if the spam is coming from the carrier. I use Verizon Wireless. This sounds like something Verizon would do.
Other information:
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Service: Mobile Telephone
Communicated: ASCII/Unicode (plain text) SMS Message, No attachments.
My Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Nick, I believe you answered my question in regards as to why they send these "test a free I pad". I have Verizon also and I'm on a limited plan so after awhile I get charged for txt's. They are to say the least extrememly annoying and remind me of "pop-ups" when I first got on the internet. Thanks for your feedback!

i just received this and knew it was a scam. 27 Mar 2012 443-433-6839
" Apple is looking for people to test & keep the new iphone5! but only the 1st 100 users that goto enter code BETA will recieve it".
i mean it is usually a scam when the message is poorly spelled out.

You guys do a great job many thanks many times over. However one thing niggles me I cannot get the animated boot-logo to work on my iPad 2 or my iPhone 4 both on ios5.0.1 anything daft I am not doing? Some activation required or what?

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Received a text from 515-779-8154 that says "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the iPhone5! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter code BETA will Receive it!"
The bad grammar, 4 am text and the fact that there is no way a T-Mobile user is going to be considered as a tester for the 5 were obvisouly big tip-offs. Do not respond to the text or go to the site!

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