Sprint to get iPhone 5 this October?

Sprint to get iPhone 5 this October?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint Nextel will get iPhone 5 mid-October, the same time TiPb reported AT&T and Verizon would be getting Apple's next generation handset.

Landing the iPhone is a big win for Sprint, whose results have suffered without being able to sell the iconic device. This February, Verizon Wireless began selling the iPhone 4, while AT&T has relied on versions of the Apple device to drive sales since 2007.

In all likelihood, this will be the same CDMA/GSM dual-mode world phone destind for Verizon's network. While the WSJ seems shocked and surprised at iPhone 5 coming in October, TiPb readers have known for a while now that Apple has been considering October 7, possibly October 14 as launch dates.

However, with Yukari Iwatani Kane and her excellent track-record contributing to their article, it's excellent confirmation and Sprint customers should have a lot to look forward to this fall.

Anyone going to line up for Sprint this time instead of AT&T or Verizon?


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Reader comments

Sprint to get iPhone 5 this October?


An iPhone with My SERO Premium plan will be awesome! Oh, and I have a two year old Palm Pre with my SERO plan.

DITTO. I too have a Palm Pre on Sprint with the SERO 500 Plan. All I really want is the iPAD 3 with 3G 32GB on Sprint. I'm happy with my Pre, not a fan of Android. Kinda love my Pre, but really really want an iPAD 3.

Uh, at&t and TMO will be one in the same within several months so says the current at&t commercials.

It might be slow but at least the calls don't drop every 5 min. Have an att iPhone but probably going back to sprint.

My iPhone works great on AT&T. It is fast and I do not drop calls. Some of these people live to attack anything positive regarding AT&T. It is annoying. Now watch them attack me.

Service varies by location and environment. People who criticize AT&T's network may do so for the same reason that you applaud it - personal experience.

I'm on Sprint and I'm looking forward to buying one, but I'm gonna wait to see if their are any bugs like the iPhone 4 had when it first launched

I was with Sprint for 11 years, and only left because of the iPhone. Their service was always very good, but I'd have to first wait for their iPhone users' feedback before ever switching back.

On Sprint now with the palm pre because I moved from AT&T because of their crappy customer service (and because the Verizon folks that I dealt with when investigating a switch were arrogant pricks). Now feeling like I may have a viable option if this is confirmed.

Just in time to replace my ailing Pre-. This would go excellently with the ipad2 I just picked up after returning my TouchPad.

This is excellent news. Having the iPhone on the top three carriers in the US will increase competition. That is exactly what we need to combat the duopoly that AT&T and Verizon maintain.

I've got an AT&T iPhin 4 and it works supper fast, plus I've never had a dropped call! My buddy has an iPhin on Verizon's network and it totally sucks. We've put them side by side to test the two networks, and AT&T is definitely faster than Verizon where we live. Not to mention you can't even talk and use data at the same time with Verizon, that is ridiculous! What's the point of an iPhin if you can't talk and surf! I wonder how an iPhin will hold up on sprint..

Sadly yes. Carriers need to step it up. People use data. Plain and simple and people want to be connected ALL THE TIME. not just at wifi hotspots that may be closed/locked/pay to use etc

I've been on sprint for over 6yrs now and i can really appreciate their unlimted plan everything plan, best thing that ever happened to sprint. But i hope with this new iphone 5 the same unlimited plan still exists and we wont have to pay anything extra just because its the iphone.

Problem is that if you get a new Smartphone while on that unlimited data plan, they sneakingly access an additional $10/month...Pisses me off..

I have been with Sprint for about 7 years after leaving Verizon. Never regretted the decision and this will be a huge plus for Sprint. I just purchased the new all touch screen Blackberry Torch 9850. So far I love it so I'll have to wait a few months before I consider the iphone as I get and upgrade every 10 months. But, I will be considering it come Spring 2012.

I'm not taking any sides. I'm just saying what is the truth. London shouldn't count since they are breaking the law and acting like idiots.

Yes the IOS on Sprint is my direction after the loss of WebOS. I waited over 6months to be disappointed by HP. (disappointment is a mild way of putting it). Can't wait for a great phone and apps, apps, apps.

I'll be lining up for the Sprint version, no question! I can't wait! :) I'm so sick of the craptastic unstable android system I could scream!

count this former webOS pre- user delighted. I can't wait for excellent battery life and the retina display. Will miss the cards and notifications but not as much as I anticipate enjoying such a fine device all day w/o needing charging. :) iphone5 :( webOS is gone.

You need to read about IOS 5 it has notifications. One of the head developers for palm (I said palm) went to Apple and developed there notifications.

yes, i forgot that the former palm employee was hired at apple.
i read the tipb.com post for webOS users switching to iOS. he wasn't overly thrilled with the way iOS currently handles notifications ... was more my gist. but he was quick to mention that iOS 5 will help eleviate any of my post webOS notification blues.

I'm a huge Android fan, i used to have an iPhone before Android, i never hated it but it was so limited. I'm on sprint, and if they release the iPhone 5, i believe i'll be going back to Apple! iPhone 5 sounds promising!

Same here but it needs to deliver more then what android does. I still like my Sense 3.0. (you have to use it to know what i'm talking about pictures or thinking of Sense 1.0 wont cut it kids!)

It won't help them. Yea they'll sell a lot of iPhones(at first),but you watch-they'll be a fee for this or a fee for that or the final insult-- no more unlimited data. I'm a former Sprint customer who came into VZW before July 7th.

and us who are already on Sprint will be grandfathered in. you know, it doesn't take a rocket scintenst to figure this out kid.
and they already have a fee. For premium data - $10 a month.

I've been with Sprint since 2000. While I don't care for their service that much and their 4G is nothing to write home to mom about; they offer some really good plans. Right now I have the Evo 4G, and enjoy a plethora of extras with this phone. But the iPhone has always been a better device and it's easier on the battery. Throw in Sprint's simply unlimited everything plan and you have a win/win.

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