Steve Jobs, iPad 2 and iPhone 5 included among Zeitgeist top 10 searches for 2011

Zeitgeist has published its annual list of top searches for 2011 which includes Steve Jobs, the iPad 2 and, interestingly, the iPhone 5 among the top ten.

Rumors of the iPhone 5 were running at full-force before Apple officially announced the iPhone 4S back in October. Apple likes to keep a tight lid on production and future product releases, which would be one of the reasons the iPhone 5 was among the top searches of 2011 as nobody really knew exactly what they'd be releasing right up until the announcement.

Here's the full top 10 list:

  1. Rebecca Black
  2. Google+
  3. Ryan Dunn
  4. Casey Anthony
  5. Battlefield 3
  6. iPhone 5
  7. Adele
  8. 東京 電力 (TEPCO)
  9. Steve Jobs
  10. iPad 2

Source: Zeitgeist

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Andrew Wray

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Steve Jobs, iPad 2 and iPhone 5 included among Zeitgeist top 10 searches for 2011

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