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How to get more out of Kindle for iPhone and iPad

Get the skinny on the little extras in Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS!

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How to use Amazon Prime Kindle First on iPhone and iPad

Get e-books for free before they even launch with Amazon Prime!

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Amazon offers Kindle e-book buyers antitrust settlement credit - did you get yours? has begun to notify customers who have purchased Kindle e-books from various publishers that they're entitled to a credit, as a result of the legal settlements reached with various e-book publishers in antitrust lawsuits.

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Amazon to offer discounted Kindle ebooks when you buy real, printed books

Amazon has introduced a program, called Kindle MatchBook, that will let customers download the Kindle ebook version of physical books that they have previously purchased. The price of the ebooks will range from free to $2.99. Books that customers have purchased in print at any point in the past will be eligible for MatchBook, according to the New York Times:

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iPad Live 76: Predictions

Georgia, Seth, and Rene discuss Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event, what it means for iPad, and our predictions. Plus, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung offering a settlement, top 5 RSS apps and our picks of the week. This is iPad Live!

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Amazon makes Kindle Fire iPad competitor official, also offers cheap new Kindle Touch

Amazon has announced their iPad competitor and as rumor had it, it's called the Kindle Fire. The biggest news is the price -- only $199 for a 14.6 ounce, 7-in IPS 1024x600 169dpi display. It's dual core, Wi-Fi only, and has only 8GB of storage (plus free Amazon cloud) but again -- $199.

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