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Apple's court-appointed 'anti-trust' monitor now billing for reading newspapers

At $3 million an counting, with 27 new ultimatums on the table, Apple's 'legal monitor' still desperately needs legal monitoring.

Whether or not you believe Apple was guilty of anti-trust abuses during the launch of the iBook store in 2010 or not, the behavior of Judge Denis Cote and her friend and 'anti-trust' monitor continues to conduct himself in a way that should deeply concern every business in the U.S.

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Antitrust judge refuses to suspend Apple ruling, accuses Apple and publishers of "danger of collusion"

A U.S. District Court judge on Friday refused Apple's request to temporarily suspend her own ruling that Apple violated antitrust laws. She also admonished Apple and ebook publishers for what she calls a "seriously continuing danger of collusion," according to the Associated Press.

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AT&T, T-Mobile US merger opposed on anti-trust grounds

The United States Department of Justice has filed its opposition to the AT&T - T-Mobile US merger on anti-trust grounds.

AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent low- priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market

AT&T was pursuing the merger in an attempt to get T-Mobile's AWS spectrum to use for a bigger, better LTE 4G roll out.

(Probably smart that T-Mobile wasn't waiting on AT&T to get iPhone 5.)

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Investigating Apple

Government investigating Apple over iTunes music anti-trust?

The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Department is taking a look at Apple's conduct in the digital music space:

people briefed on the inquiries also said investigators had asked in particular about recent allegations that Apple used its dominant market position to persuade music labels to refuse to give the online retailer exclusive access to music about to be released.

This goes back to a story in March about Amazon asking for 24hrs of exclusivity on certain new music tracks in exchange for prominently featuring those tracks on Amazon MP3. Apple reportedly asked labels not to give Amazon that exclusivity, and withdrew their own marketing support for those who made the deal with Amazon.

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