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Everything you need to know about Apple's spring announcements

Apple recently announced a lot of product updates, from a red iPhone 7 to a new collection of watch band. Here's what you need to know about all of it.

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Tim Cook says Apple is experiencing strong growth in China amid concerns

Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to concerns over the company's growth in China, saying that they have experienced accelerated iPhone activations in China in July and August, along with improved performance in the App Store.

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Apple growing, Samsung slowing, and doubling down on the 'great product' strategy

Apple will report its first-quarter 2015 earnings later today, and analysts are expecting a blockbuster. That's in stark contrast to rival Samsung, whose profits have been stalling on both the premium and budget ends of market. What makes this remarkable is that Apple hasn't changed their product strategy to do it — they've doubled down on it.

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The APPL Q1 2015 consensus — betting on big

Following their Q4 2015 earning report last year, Apple gave guidance for the upcoming Q1 2015 quarter of between $63.5 and $66.5 billion. Given the success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the continued growth of the Mac, and the flat but stable position of the iPad, however, it seems most analysts are eagerly predicting more.

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Apple to host Q1 2015 earnings call on January 27

Apple will release its Q1 2015 financial results on Tuesday, January 27. It will hold the usual financial analyst call afterwards, which will stream live on Apple's website at 5:00 p.m. EST/2:00 p.m. PST.

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Tim Cook tells employees Apple has big plans for 2014, products customers are going to love

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has sent out an email to employees, thanking them for their hard work, listing off Apple's innovations for the year, and promising even more of the same for 2014. Mark Gurman obtained a copy of the full text. In part, from 9to5Mac :

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Wall Street vs. sanity: Painting a clearer picture of AAPL

In the few days that have passed since Apple’s latest quarterly results, people can’t seem to stop writing about the so-called stalled growth and “margin collapse” that hit the company. Ok, the term “collapse” is excessively stupid (you know who you are, stop it). Apple’s revenue is still growing, but profitability is down year over year. The profit decline is due to undeniably lower gross margin. But what does that mean?

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Q2 2013 and investing in Apple

On Tuesday Apple reported a pretty solid set of financial results for Q2 fiscal 2013. Revenue was $43.6 billion, which is up 11% year over year. But it’s also fair to point out that earnings were down year over year. In fact Apple posted EPS of $10.09 which is a decline from $12.30 last year.

There are plenty of industry observers and stock market pundits who are pointing out that “Apple is not a growth company anymore”. Factually, I think it’s better to say that Apple did not achieve earnings growth this quarter. They did achieve revenue growth (and quite reasonable growth), but they didn’t grow the bottom line.

Question is - can they get back to delivering growth? I think they can and I think they will. Let’s remember this is a long term game.

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Why Apple's stock dipped below $400 and what investors should do about it

Today Apple stock dipped below $400, and is down about 5% as I write this. Yes, the overall market is down today. But Apple is down a lot more than normal. The reason? Cirrus Logic, a supplier of audio chips to Apple, warned today. To “warn” is Wall Street speak for press releasing preliminary results that are crappier than people expected.

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Betting against Apple: Why stock swarms only work when we let them

Earlier this week, Mal Spooner from Money wrote a piece about the swarming of Apple stock. In the article, he equates street swarming -- when a gang surrounds and often attacks an unsuspecting victim -- to the swarming of a stock by short sellers. The main difference, he suggests, is that in a street swarming there is no real motive. Yet in a short-seller swarming, the motive is to rob investors by driving the stock price down.

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