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Apple Financial Results

This is Tim: Apple's CEO on the company's 2016 Q4 earnings

Check in for a live transcript of CEO Tim Cook, CFO Luca Maestri, and analyst questions over Apple's fourth-quarter financial call.

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See Apple's Q2 earnings in chart and graph form

Want to know what's up with Apple's financials in chart and graph form? Six Colors has you covered.

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Apple to host Q3 2015 earnings call on July 21

Apple has scheduled its Q3 2015 earnings call for Tuesday, July 21 at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET.

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Apple to host Q2 2015 earnings call on April 27

Apple has scheduled its Q2 earnings call for Monday, April 27.

The call will take place at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST, and audio from the call will be streamed on Apple's website.

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Apple to host Q1 2015 earnings call on January 27

Apple will release its Q1 2015 financial results on Tuesday, January 27. It will hold the usual financial analyst call afterwards, which will stream live on Apple's website at 5:00 p.m. EST/2:00 p.m. PST.

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Mac sales keep booming as Windows PC buyers stay away in droves

Good news for the Mac from Apple's third quarter 2014 earnings: Mac sales were up 18 percent year over year, a new June quarter record: 4.4 million units sold. As a market, Windows PC sales are on the decline, which makes booming Mac sales even more remarkable.

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Apple announces Q3 2014 earnings: 35.3m iPhones, 13.3m iPads, 4.4m Macs sold, $7.7 billion in profit!

Apple announced their Q3 2014 financial results today and the big numbers included 35.2m iPhones, 13.3m iPads, 4.4m Macs sold, $7.7 billion in in profit made. With no new product launches and no big holiday sales driving earnings, Apple still managed to improve year over year in almost all of their results. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, had this to say:

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Reminder: Apple Q3 2014 earnings call today, 5PM ET

Apple will be releasing their Q3 2014 financial results later today. Following the release of the results, expected around 4:30 PM ET, there will be a conference call, where we expect to hear from CEO Tim Cook and newly-appointed CFO Luca Maestri. The call will take place at 5:00 PM ET/ 2:00 PM PT, and will be broadcast on the web for from Apple's investor website.

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Apple to host Q3 2014 earnings call following financial results on July 22

Apple is scheduled to release its Q3 2014 financial results on July 22, and has announced the usual conference call will follow. The call will be streamed live on the Internet and will take place at 2 PM PT or 5 PM ET where Apple will "discuss the results of its third fiscal quarter."

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Cook confronts analysts on iPad sales

No sooner did Apple announce its second quarter 2014 financial results than financial analysts and reporters called it a miss, because iPad sales were lower than analysts' expectations. In his preamble during the conference call to discuss those results, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a moment to address the discrepancy.

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