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Earnings Call

Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company's 2017 Q1 earnings

Here's our transcript of CEO Tim Cook's opening remarks and analysts' questions over Apple's record first-quarter earnings.

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Reminder: Apple Q3 2014 earnings call today, 5PM ET

Apple will be releasing their Q3 2014 financial results later today. Following the release of the results, expected around 4:30 PM ET, there will be a conference call, where we expect to hear from CEO Tim Cook and newly-appointed CFO Luca Maestri. The call will take place at 5:00 PM ET/ 2:00 PM PT, and will be broadcast on the web for from Apple's investor website.

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Tim Cook: it's going to be an iPad Christmas!

It might be October, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is looking firmly ahead to the impending holiday season. And so, what message, what words of wisdom does the CEO of one of the world's richest companies say when looking forwards to Christmas?

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Mac sales falling, but falling less than PCs

For Apple's fourth quarter for its fiscal year 2013, Mac sales were down year over year, but Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer says that the Mac is still doing better than - and gaining marketshare against - the PC. Mac sales saw a 7 percent drop year over year, but market research firm IDC reports that the PC market overall saw a 10 percent decline.

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Apple retail store numbers are up, 30 new stores for fiscal 2014

An important part of the Apple shopping experience is the retail stores, and during today's Q4 2013 earnings call Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer elaborated on how well the stores have been doing this quarter:

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Apple experiencing "pleasing growth" for iPhone in emerging markets

It's earnings day for Apple, and beyond just numbers it's also one of only a handful of days in the year we get to hear from such dignitaries as CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer. During the earnings conference call, Oppenheimer specifically referenced Apple's performance in the emerging markets, describing "pleasing growth."

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Tim Cook on Russia: 80% of iPhones sold from Retail, record sales figures for the quarter

Russia has been in the headlines recently, more specifically their carriers dropping the iPhone. On today's Q3 2013 earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook had a little to say about the story, with a little less of a doom and gloom angle on things. In short, Apple is doing just fine with iPhone sales there, reporting record figures for the quarter just gone.

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Apple Retail Stores see strong sales growth in Q3 2013, most successful MacBook Air launch yet

Part of the Apple Q3 2013 earnings call was dedicated to the Retail Stores, and on the whole it turned out pretty well for the quarter. Retail Stores saw strong growth in sales throughout, and saw their most successful MacBook Air launch to date thanks to the new Haswell machines unveiled at WWDC. The key figures:

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Reminder: Apple Q3 2013 earnings call today, 5PM ET

Today is earnings day, as later on Apple will be releasing full details of their fiscal Q3 2013 financial results. As ever, accompanying the results will be a conference call where we expect to hear from CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer. The call will be broadcast live on the web for iOS, Windows and Mac users to listen in to, but iMore will of course be providing full coverage throughout.

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Apple Q3 2013 earnings call to take place July 23, 5PM ET

Apple's next earnings call will be held on Tuesday July 23, at 5PM ET/2PM PT following the Q3 2013 earnings release that day. Typically on these types of calls, we'll be treated to a series of prepared statements by CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer, and it's always good to hear Tim Cook speak.

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