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Editors Desk

Editor's desk: Happy year of the water snake!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hey Faat Choi, 恭禧發財! Happy year of the water snake! I spent most of my early twenties surrounded by Chinese culture, and spent many a Chinese New Year in China Town (or China block as it's probably better referred to in Montreal), on stage, taking part in the festivities and demonstrations. I even got to spend one in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The people, the food, the fireworks, and lion dancing, all if it holds a special place in my heart and my memories.

This year I'm going to get some Dim Sum, give out some red envelopes (hey, the new iPod nano fits perfectly in those!), and pay lots of respect to those who came before and have taught and given me so much. Then I'll probably watch a bunch of martial hero movies and blog the day away. Meanwhile...

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Editor's desk: Macworld|iWorld 2013 bound!

Early tomorrow morning I'm jumping in a plane and flying to San Francisco, California for Macworld|iWorld 2013. Since it's been well below -20 celsius in Montreal this week, I'm looking even more forward to it than usual.

Leanna Lofte, who usually covers the SF events with me, just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lucy Danae Lofte, so she's sitting this one out. There are very few people in our line of work with her camera skills, so to make sure we keep the level of quality you guys expect and deserve, we're bringing Martin Reisch with us this year. Yeah.

There'll be a lot going on, and we'll be doing our best to bring you with us every step of the way with photo journals, videos, podcasts, and a bunch of social sharing. Here's the plan so far:

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Editor's desk: CES 2013 wrap-up

CES is a strange show. Apple's never been there. Google stopped going a couple of years ago. Microsoft stopped last year. BlackBerry didn't even have a booth this year. Sure, the mega corporations that also happen to make Android and Windows Phones, Samsung and LG and Sony have massive booths, but they're filled with televisions, home appliances, and technology prototypes than new, hero-class phones and tablets.

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2012 iMore hall of fame

I've always been of the mindset that halls of fame should matter. It should take time to qualify, so impact and importance can be weighed with the full context and clarity of history. It should also be limited, so that those who change the way we think and feel, who inspire and innovate, who challenge and redefine, get the recognition they deserve, rather than simply getting lost in yet another list.

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Editor's desk: Debugged, Ad hoc'ed, and inspired

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the south, below The Wall, and while I'm busy still waiting on my iPad mini + LTE to ship, getting my snow tires on, and writing a bunch of l our 2012 gift guides, I know many of you are still in turkey-fed, Black Friday-fueled fevers, so I'll keep it short-ish and simply pass along an update on our Mobile Nations podcasts, going into the new fall season.

The Wednesday iMore show is still on hiatus. I'm spending a couple of hours every Tuesday talking Apple news with Leo Laporte and the crew on MacBreak Weekly and repeating that on Wednesday nights just doesn't seem fresh and exciting. I really miss the live chatroom community, however, so we'll be doing something interesting to tie that back in, and sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile the Sunday iMore show will continue to be a mix of special guests and iMore regulars, and will continue to vary from product reviews to deep dives on industry-spanning issues. But we've also got some new shows like Debug and Ad hoc, and new series on shows like ZEN and TECH, and I can't wait for you to hear them.

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Editors desk: Çingleton, Passbook, gripes, and giving thanks beyond the Wall

It's Thanksgiving weekend here beyond the Wall, in Canada, so I'll keep things brief. The iPhone 5 has launched and while we've done our full iPhone 5 review and iOS 6 review, there's still plenty left to cover. iMore has the benefit, and responsibility, of only having one phone to focus on a year, so we're going to make sure we do the best job possible for you. Top to bottom, inside and out, day one to year two, we're going to help you get the most out of your new iPhone.

Now, before the turkey...

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Editor's desk: No podcast tonight, we're upgrading the forums!

The bad news is, no iMore show Sunday edition podcast tonight. I have to finish our iPhone 5 review, and it's crunch time. The good news is, we're upgrading the iMore Forums!

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Editor's desk: Jeff Bezos vs. Steve Jobs, ultimate copy loop, and 4 years, 7000 posts, and 2 million words later...

Less. Than. Three. That's how many days remain until Apple holds their September 12 event and we almost certainly get our first, official look at the iPhone 5. I just put up a fancy new iPhone super page to keep track of all the action, and we have lots more coming this week.

Starting tonight as I talk geek-to-geek with Fox New's Clayton Morris about what we can expect at the big event. You don't want to miss that. But before we get too caught up on the week ahead, here are some final thoughts on the week that was, including Amazon vs. Apple, the ultimate copy loop, and a sentimental moment for yours truly...

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Editor's desk: Forumed, friendless, and fined

This week was a blur punctuated by something neither tragic nor triumphant. Part gut check, part gut punch. So let's spin up the FTL drives and jump right to it...

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Editor's desk: Training dragons

Been a busy week, so I'm going to rock the bullet points, Phil Nickinson style.

  • The picture up top is from last night. I went to see the live version of Dreamworks' How to Train your Dragon, and to say it was spectacular would be to do it a disservice. They combine 20 projectors (at $100k a pop), an incredible wire rig, and several full sized, brilliantly realized animatronic dragons into something you truly have to experience to believe. Watching Toothless take off did indeed make me believe a dragon could fly. If it comes to a city near you, check it out. And if you're up for it, stick around and meet the dragons afterwards. They're state-of-the-art-of-FX, and will not fail to impress.
  • Apple vs. Samsung is winding down in the U.S., but Motorola vs. Apple is picking up. While some may wish everyone involved would just cut it all out, they're big businesses and big money is involved, and until there's patent reform and much better precedent, it isn't going anywhere, any time soon. That being said, there's no way in hell I'm going to be writing about them everyday. We'll carefully pull the great stuff, like the iPhone and iPad prototypes, and highlight anything of significance, or that might have industry-wide ramifications, but otherwise we'll cherry pick the start and end points carefully.
  • As promised, we're continuing to roll out iMore 2.0 features. Here's the latest -- you can now subscribe to comments and get email alerts only when someone responds to you, or when any new comment is made on a post you've subscribed too. Consider it a beta for now, but try it out and let me know what you think of it.
  • So Twitter tightened the ropes on 3rd party client developers one step further this week. I've already given you my opinion, and linked to what other journalists and developers are saying. But to drive it home a little more sharply, I plan to crank up my app.net and Google+ activity from now on. Good services turn bad only when users sit by and do nothing. So I'll be doing something over at app.net as @reneritchie and Google+ as +Rene Ritchie for change, how about that?
  • The iPad mini looks like it's the real deal, but while we've learned it's going to be announced on September 12 alongside the iPhone 5, we haven't heard when it's going to ship yet, other than "October" (and that was a long time ago -- schedules can and do change). We also learned it was going to be $200 to $250, but that was back before the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 failed to achieve any significant traction in the market. So here's the next big question -- when exactly will the iPad mini hit store shelves and what exactly will be the price?

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