The iPhone 13 is almost upon us!

Iphone 13 Bronze
Iphone 13 Bronze (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

Welcome back to another exciting weekly recap of everything Apple. And boy, it's going to be an exciting one for sure. Why? Because we're having the Apple iPhone 13 event in just two days! Let's get started!

First off, it's definitely a given: Apple's September event means new iPhones, and this year it's all about the iPhone 13, which will no doubt be the next best iPhone. From what we know so far, based on rumors, it appears that we will have four sizes, just like last year: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The mini will be the same 5.4-inch as the iPhone 12 mini, the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will be 6.1-inches, and the Max will be a gargantuan 6.7-inches once more. While some of us may be downgrading from a Pro to a standard or even mini phone this year, I am definitely going to be picking up an iPhone 13 Pro because, well, I want the best camera without sacrificing usability in terms of device size (sorry, Max fans, I just can't do it). After all, I have a baby arriving in November, so I'm going to need a nice camera for all of those spontaneous moments I want to capture!

Iphone 13 Mini Render Camera

Iphone 13 Mini Render Camera (Image credit: Svet Apple)

Now, while we're on the topic of iPhone 13 Pro, there have been rumors of the new color and storage options, and I gotta say, I may be disappointed or pleasantly surprised on Tuesday. For the mini and standard iPhone 13, we are looking at possible Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, and PRODUCT(RED) colors. However, for the Pro lineup, we may only get four: Black, Silver, Gold, and Bronze.

Honestly, what the heck? We've covered this a few times before, but for the love of god, Apple, why can't pro devices have color too? I'm not even a fan of bronze in general, and the renders I've seen do not make this new color very appealing to me, which is a shame. I have a Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro and got a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro, and these were some great colors to breathed some new life into the Pro lineup instead of the boring black, silver, and gold options (I still want my Rose Gold back). Plus, I feel like gold and bronze are pretty similar to each other in terms of family, so I am really hoping that Bronze isn't an actual thing. Or at least make it more orange or even more pinkish-like instead of, well, hideous? I would LOVE a pink iPhone, but I'm not going to sacrifice the better camera just to have my beloved pink. I guess in the end, it won't really matter because I'm just going to slap a case on my iPhone 13 Pro and call it a day. But still, I do use clear cases sometimes, so I would like a color that I actually like. Seriously, why does Apple think Pro devices should only come in boring, bland color options? Pros like to have some good colors too.

The other half of that report was the possibility of fewer storage options. For the mini, we may only have 64GB and 128GB. Standard iPhone 13 might have 128GB and 256GB, as well as the Pro. But the Pro Max could get 256GB and 512GB. I'm looking at these numbers with a sinking feeling — I mean, I had a feeling that 1TB option wasn't going to actually be a thing (but wouldn't it have been nice?), but really, cutting out the 512GB option for the regular sized Pro? I'm hoping this is not the case because I currently have a 256GB iPhone 12 Pro, and it's running out of storage with all of the photos and games that I have on it. I was hoping to get at least 512GB this year because I'll be taking a lot of baby pictures in the years ahead, so I needed more space. I would rather not have to go the Max route just for storage. I guess we'll find out on Tuesday, but seriously crossing my fingers here.

Other iPhone 13 reports this week included a better camera and battery without raising the price, but I don't think this is coming as a surprise to anyone. We expect these kinds of upgrades every year, so it's just pointing out the obvious. Though, maybe keeping the same price as last year part is nice to know, though I personally wasn't expecting a price jump anyways.

iPhone 14 render

iPhone 14 render (Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

But honestly, who cares about the iPhone 13 when we have some iPhone 14 rumors to talk about? Yes, even though the iPhone 13 has yet to be announced, there was a leak this past week about the iPhone 14 for 2022. I mean, why not, right? According to Jon Prosser, the iPhone 14 should be losing the notch and maybe have a new titanium design. Now, I know we're a year away from this, but if any part of this is true, well, I'll be one happy camper. I was never a big fan of the notch, and honestly, I would prefer a hole-punch design on the front screen any day of the week. This could even lead to a Touch ID or Face ID sensor under the screen, which is something we were hoping to see this year, but that appears to be falling through. I'm also curious about the titanium design — I enjoy the matte appearance of titanium more than stainless steel (I still rock a titanium Apple Watch Series 5), so I wonder how that will translate to the iPhone. Would it also make it a bit more lightweight? I guess we'll find out next September.

Other things we're expecting to see on Tuesday include Apple Watch Series 7 (but don't expect new health sensors, because that may be coming with Series 8) and AirPods 3. I am considering an Apple Watch Series 7 if there won't be any delays, but that seems to be a little iffy this year. We'll see. For AirPods, though, I'll hold out for AirPods Pro 2 instead.

What are you hoping for at the Apple event on Tuesday? Are you going to upgrade to the iPhone 13? I'm seriously hyped, even if I won't be loving the colors for the Pro.

Until next time!

- Christine Romero-Chan

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